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Redmond councilor urges preparation for marijuana dispensaries, runs into opposition

(Update: Adding video, comments)

Mayor Endicott set to appoint councilor to fill vacancy from among three finalists

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- If you live In Redmond and you're looking to buy legal marijuana, you'll have to head to Bend or another city to do so.

Attitudes on marijuana and marijuana legalization have come a long way since President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, with legal marijuana sales reaching a record $17.5 billion in 2020, a 46% increase from 2019.

In Oregon alone, sales hit $1.1 billion, a 29% increase over 2019, according to a report from BDSA, a cannabis sales data platform.

This national shift has caused Redmond City Councilor Clifford Evelyn to try and take what he says is a proactive stance in preparing for dispensaries in the city.

He urged fellow councilors during Tuesday evening's meeting to get ready, if or when federal law changes, but was met with opposition from a majority of colleagues, as well as a city staff member.

Evelyn said he believes federal legalization is "inevitable," but City Attorney Keith Leitz says the city should not try and get ahead of a possible change.

"My recommendation would be not getting out ahead of it," Leitz said. "I do think we'll have some time. We really don't even know how, if it does happen, how that affects the state structure that's already in place." 

Councilor Jay Patrick also voiced his opposition.

Patrick says he's not in favor of marijuana legalization at all, and is concerned that dispensaries in Redmond would only worsen addiction problems in the state.

Councilor Krisanna Clark-Endicott echoed those sentiments, saying there's no point in discussing the matter because it's preemptive at this point.

The city is also on the hunt for a new councilor, after Jon Bullock resigned last month.

Mayor George Endicott say he received 17 applications by the end of November, the hopes of establishing a replacement by the end of the year.

Endicott says he narrowed it down to three finalists who already serve on committees or commissions for the city.

He says he then conducted interviews alongside Councilors Jay Patrick and Shannon Wedding.

"Really impressed with all three," Endicott said. "I can tell you that we're in good hands, if they're any indication of the quality of the people that are serving on our committees and commissions. So from those three, I will pick one to appoint." 

Mayor Endicott says he'll make the announcement next Tuesday during the council's next meeting.

This will be the seventh councilor appointed by Endicott during his tenure as Mayor of Redmond.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



  1. Pull your head out Lietz. Let the people in the community vote on it. It should be put to a vote, not decided by a few who don’t even respect state law.

    1. The people did vote on it. We voted to keep mayor Endicott because he best represents the majority. So go drive to bend and get stoned with all the other bums on the side of the road.we dont need more drugs, we need less.

      1. Correct on all accounts. The legalization of drugs is lroof that the politicians have been purchased. They promise that it will lessen the interest and addiction by both lroducers and purchasers. Oh, but the money will be spent on rehab….whatever. Like on a new computer system for the state to operate/function in any normal capacity. Money has been there for years but not being used. I guess Oregon just cant get enough attention from the rest of the country for all of their progressive ideas from their great leaders.

        1. You can’t just substitute an “I” for a “P” when you feel like it. That’s not how the English language works. COCC has a great ESL program. You should check it out.

        2. Oregon sells literally tons of pot to Idaho each month!!!ROTFLMAO!!! I hear its nicely disease ridden and backwards there this time of year!!! Perhaps you’d enjoy it there sweetie!!!

      2. He was voted for, so we’re those who are for it. To call those who use this “bums” speaks volumes of your understanding. The decision to have dispensaries in Redmond should be put to a vote. Redmond is losing out on funds that could benefit the community as a whole. Not all of us have to go to Bend. I never said I use marijuana myself. I can see the bigger picture and this decision is hurting Redmond. Why isn’t it allowed when both county and state have made it legal? Why are so many outlets for alcohol okay, but not this?

        1. Funding from drugs and addicts? Why would Redmond want that? There is no bigger picture for you to see. Neither the state nor the county made it legal. The voters voted to make it legal. And it’s legal in Redmond as well. Redmond has a regulatory statue that prevents retail dispensaries in Redmond. We like it that way. Marijuana is a recreational drug. If you want it, it’s a short drive to Bend.

          1. Please explain why alcohol is not included? Those funds are used in many ways. These decisions to keep it out are not based on fact, but stem from bias. Again, I never said I use it. I know many who do and thrive. I know many who don’t and thrive. The decision doesn’t make sense on many levels. Time for change. If you don’t like it, move to a dry County or state (I only use this statement to show how asinine it is to say “go to Bend.”) Prescription and over the counter drugs have a much longer list of side effects. What about addressing that? Should they be banned by Endicott too?

      3. Meanwhile, Booger eating moronic Republicans in Redmond are making sure Bend collects the tens of Millions in taxes from the sale of marijuana , while it doesn’t stop a single person in Redmond from using a LEGAL product. If you ever wondered how Republicans could be STUPID enough to support a two bit lying New York con man like Trump, well there you go.

      4. We don’t need government telling people what and what not to do.

        What are you, a nanny state loving Lib?
        Or do you just for select freedoms for certain people?

    2. Our Governor doesn’t even respect State law, IE: Oregon’s Capital punishment to start, if you want to go there, lets start at the top. openeyes, but looking through a narrow tube.

  2. Its fascinating that a city councilor that owns a business that directly profits from drug and alcohol addiction wants to legalize the sale of more drugs in Redmond.

    1. that’s because he understand what it is. It is non addictive to the majority of the population. In all scientific recent research it has been shown to only create a specific type of addition for less than 5% demographic. That is pretty small, especially when compared to alcohol or over the counter drugs. Marijuana has a laundry list of medical benefits and this too has been proven time and again through scientific research. It’s people like you that took to the Nixon effort to control hippies and those of color and simply can not receive new and true data or information. I assure you my wife and I make your salary, or what was once your salary as you are likely on governmental benefits in less than a month as we have very strong work ethics and are good local people of decades that help our community and yes, we use marijuana mostly to sleep. It also helps with GI issues, anxiety and stress for us. Lastly, yes I also use it for recreational benefits at times as well, but that is much more rare and no, I don’t need it for that. I do need it for sleep where all other prescription meds and OTC meds have failed. Grow up and try to learn something new bud. The line you have been fed is a lie. This will help the city with funds that are only going to Bend and Madras.

      1. Then are you saying he is running a scam business? How can you offer addiction services for something that is so healthy? Also, why does a retired pro basketball player Like Norm Nixon have to do with this? Did he retire to Redmond?

  3. i can’t believe people are in the stone age, with their views on dispensaries here. “It’s drugs! It kills your brain cells!” I swear, people either refuse to learn the medicinal properties behind it, or it doesn’t compute. Running on Dial up internet. I occasionally smoke prior to bed time, due to my pelvic bone going out of alignment, arthritis in my knee and big toe, and other so i can sleep. It’s like, you purchase marijuana and you are instantly a “stoner”. Eventually, it’s going to happen, the elderly won’t live forever so get used to it

    1. It’s like talking to a stone wall with these guys. It’s been proven that the R’s, which comprise all of these ancient beings stick with their original beliefs despite evidence to the contrary. It simply does not matter what the truth is, it is all about what they believe. Faith based and religious followers do not question what they were once told. Pretty sad.

  4. People just need to educate themselves and stop whining all the time. You have the right to believe whatever you wanna believe in, even if it’s not true. But don’t force your opinion on others just cause you think you are right. The City of Redmond is loosing out on lots of money that could be spend on roads, schools…ect. Yes we do have a general drug problem in the united states, but Marijuana is not the problem. Education vs Ignorance is a big issues now these days.

    1. Not only is the city losing out on tens of millions from sales, but how many tens of millions will we be on the hook for from lawsuits over preventing a legal business from opening?

  5. Unless they rid the teen of any and all alcohol weed should be as easy to obtain as booze. Booze causes vastly more deaths violence rape and accidents

  6. “Councilor Jay Patrick … says he’s not in favor of marijuana legalization at all, and is concerned that dispensaries in Redmond would only worsen addiction problems in the state.” OK, I’ve never known anyone in my life with “marijuana addition”. OTOH, alcohol addiction killed my dad. I don’t use pot, but I really don’t care if anyone else does. I hope Councilor Patrick is not a hypocrite and is in favor of banning alcohol dispensaries as well.

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