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Gun used by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha shootings to be destroyed

<i>Mark Hertzberg/Pool/Getty Images</i><br/>The gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used in the Kenosha
Getty Images
Mark Hertzberg/Pool/Getty Images
The gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used in the Kenosha

By Brad Parks, CNN

The gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shootings will be destroyed, Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said Friday.

“The parties — the defense, the state, and also Dominick Black, who purchased that firearm — have all signed off on a stipulation whereby the Kenosha Police Department and Joint Services will destroy that firearm, as well as the magazine, and the scope,” Binger told Judge Bruce Schroeder at a hearing Friday. “It will not be in anyone’s possession.”

Rittenhouse, who was acquitted in November of killing two people and shooting another during 2020 unrest, asked the court earlier this month to order the release of the gun because he wanted to properly destroy it, according to a court document filed by his attorney.

“I have discussed this with my client and it meets his goals, and we’re in agreement,” defense attorney Mark Richards told the court Friday.

Richards also confirmed the rest of Rittenhouse’s property that was seized when he was arrested was returned earlier this week. Rittenhouse was not present for the hearing.

The AR-15 firearm used in the shootings was purchased by Black, who was dating Rittenhouse’s sister at the time. Rittenhouse was too young to purchase and possess a gun, but he agreed to pay for the firearm, Black testified in November at the trial.

Rittenhouse is the lawful owner of the firearm “per the verbal contract enacted with Dominick Black,” Richards said in his filing requesting the release of the gun.

Binger said he will inform the court once the weapon has been destroyed.

“The destruction will be recorded and we’ll provide that to the defense at that time,” Binger said. “The state crime lab has machinery to destroy them. That will happen probably towards the end of April.”

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  1. Should have auctioned it off and used the money for something good. Maybe to help pay his defense. Or for some continuing education for the DA, so he can learn not to waste tax-payer money on politically motivated prosecution.

    1. – really? – what sort of person would be attracted to compete for the purchase of such an item? – “something good” like maybe aid to victims of gun violence and their families? (not sure why you would throw up a false flag like “Maybe to help pay his defense” when you know as well as anyone that Rittenhouse is sitting on millions in donations)

      – seems like young Rittenhouse was praised and lauded by a certain segment of our society for a while – not so much now that he has publicly declared his support for BLM, his distaste for violent groups like Proud Boys who he said used him – makes one wonder who would covet the gun, and why

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