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School security remains top priority for Central Oregon districts; more projects are underway, proposed

Update: Adding video, information and quotes

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Educating students is the main goal for public schools, but for Redmond School District Superintendent Charan Cline, keeping them safe and secure is the highest priority.

Cline is overseeing security improvements throughout the school district.

“It’s a high priority for us to get this done as quickly as possible," Cline told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday.

Funds for the improvements are from a bond measure voters passed in 2020. COVID-19 construction delays slowed down school improvements which is currently only happening at Obsidian Middle School.

The school's main entrance will switch from the south side of campus to the north side, where a more secure entrance is being built.

“The main goal is for the office staff to control who comes in and out of the school a lot better than they can now," said Chad Franke, a program manager for HMK Company, which in charge of the school upgrades.

Upgrades at Obsidian Middle School also will include more security cameras, an entrance televideo system and an electronic key fob system that allows the school district to control who has access to school entrances.

“If a coach who has practice in the gym from 4 to 5 (p.m.) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then we can set that," Franke said. "Then all those other times, they wont have that access, except for the time set in that technology.”

Upgrades at Obsidian Middle School will be completed before the start of the next school year, along with Vern Patrick Elementary, Tom McCall Elementary and Elton Gregory Middle School. Every other Redmond school will have upgrades completed before the end of the next school year.

In 2017, Bend-La Pine Schools voters passed a bond to not only build new schools but also modernize security systems."

The list of security projects in that bond measure have all been completed, Alandra Johnson, the school district's assistant director of communications, confirmed to NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday.

The $66 million Crook County School District bond that was defeated by fewer than 200 votes last week included security improvements for at least three campuses.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. I seem to recall the “peacekeepers” demanding all school resource officers be pulled out of the schools last year.

    Proving once again you cannot fix Stupid.

    1. C.O. “Peacekeepers” are anything but “Peacekeepers”. They are simply another bunch of Anti-Facist, Facists ignorant mordant fools.

      1. – what are you even doing here? – didn’t see anything in this article about who you don’t like and that you should probably rant about them – you pigpiled on an incongruous rant to do your incongruous rant – while you and your pal blather on kids will continue to be gunned down – good use of your time and energy

    2. – so, did it happen? – did a school resource officer prevent the latest killings? – your ability to recall is some pretty thin gruel – at the very least, you seem to be promoting the status quo – since that seems to be working so spectacularly, is that how you want to be known? – did you think about any of this before bellying up to the keyboard? – what’s your goal?

  2. How many of the others just like him are ready to snap? This is something that needs looked into immediately. The whole world is asking about it, yet the media is suppressing it

      1. Why don’t you want people talking about a trans kid being bullied to the point of popping? This makes exactly no sense at all. Why are you suppressing it and refusing to do anything other than delete comments? You want people talking about the problem, yet you refuse to asked it to be talked about. Unbelievable

          1. I’m not asking you to post pictures. All of those in that meme have been shown to be not him as far as I know. That doesn’t detract from the fact that everything I said was true. Nothing I said about him was misinformation. He was flat out bullied because of who and how he was. That’s a bunch of crap, and trans or not…. those people don’t deserve it. They have enough bs going in their heads and that’s a fact. Those kids over in the valley beat up that autistic boy a couple months ago, and there are examples of it all over. WE are building these monsters, they’re not just born

    1. – do you really think randomly blaming “the media” is at all credible, or productive in any way? – seems like behavior that will just contribute to the endless swirl of righteous indignation that will ensure that nothing changes

  3. – it has been said that, in order to understand any problem in our society, it is beneficial to examine who is profiting $$$ from it – might be a good place to start

    1. There’s definitely lots of money to be made from school shootings. Click bait articles, people arming themselves and their kids, protective gear, gun rights law suits, councilors for rich kids, campaign contributions, on and on. Sadly, school shooting is good for the economy.

      1. – take a serious look at the 10’s and 100’s of millions given to congress people – basic capitalism says that money isn’t given to promote civics and that the givers expect a significant return on their investment (purchase?) – gonna be working that grift this weekend in Texas, and they ain’t doing it for fun or patriotism or what have you – if it isn’t very profitable, they wouldn’t be doing it

  4. I just watched new video of Uvalde police with long guns keeping parents with no guns from storming the school during the shooting. I can’t understand how there can still be people out there who believe police are going to help in these situations. Arm yourselves people. Your children could depend on it.

    1. I agree, the police’s inaction of 40-60 minutes is just flat out unacceptable. They should have run after the guy once they saw him approaching the school. While I’m not anti-police in any way their job is to protect the citizens not to stand by and watch them slaughtered worrying about their own lives. They had the man power and equipment to go after the murderer right away yet they were just stood by, what the h3ll were they thinking?

        1. Thanks you very much for affirming that we MUST keep the 2nd in place to protect ourselves. If my kids was in that school, the police would have had to shoot me to stop me from going in. But we are not all the same.

  5. when the ballast doors went into the elementary school, it was somewhat unnerving, but also gave a feeling of security. as a parent, i could not get into the school. bullet proof glass in the lobby area with the ballast doors.

    in middle school, again, i am not allowed to enter – no one is but students and teachers. teachers have key cards to get in.

    schools in CO are pretty secure, which gives some comfort.

    if the US has 80 Billion to just give to Ukraine on a dime – why isn’t every school in the US secured?? one of the reasons i was pro-trump it MAGA – focus on us first. stop giving money to other countries until we’re taken care of.

      1. These people don’t want the consequences for their failures to be theirs alone. They want the total destruction of America. Like all the Celebs who were Canada bound in 2016 but are still here. There’s more virtue signaling and societal destruction to be had here for them then there is to move to a place aligned already with their twisted philosophies.

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