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Conservation groups sue to rewrite bull trout recovery plan

Bull trout US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — A trio of conservation groups are suing the U.S. government over its plan for the recovery of threatened bull trout.

Save the Bull Trout, Friends of the Wild Swan and Alliance for the Wild Rockies filed the lawsuit against the heads of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Department of Interior in U.S. District Court in Missoula.

The recovery plan for the fish, which is listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, was released in 2015.

Among their arguments, the plaintiffs say the plan doesn’t have population targets, so there’s no objective criteria in it to measure the species’ recovery.

Federal officials declined to comment.

It’s the second lawsuit to attempt to force a rewrite of the plan. The first was dismissed by a judge in Oregon for a lack of jurisdiction.

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  1. “the plaintiffs say the plan doesn’t have population targets” is their reason for filing this lawsuit. Seems to me these groups want to set a target but when said target is meet, they want to set new target numbers higher yet. Wolves are a prime example of this issue.

  2. I see your point with regard to wolves, but I am an advocate for more fish, period. Too little has been done to protect and restore anadromous species and bull trout.

    1. Most likely, they were at the table helping to write the plan in place now, knowing full well they would be suing later on over “items” left out. After this rewrite, there will be more lawsuits over the next “item” left out. Delay tactics and a way to fill their bank accounts at the taxpayer expense. I wonder where the top dogs in that puppy pile will have their next “leadership” meeting, Hawaii or Tahiti.

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