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Oregon corrections workers 50% vaccinated as mandate deadline nears


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Officials said on Wednesday that around 50% of the roughly 4,500 employees at the Oregon Department of Corrections are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the DOC also has approved exemptions for nearly 16% of its workforce, or 713 employees, mostly for religions reasons.

The reported vaccination rate comes just before an executive order signed by Gov. Kate Brown goes into place Oct. 18, which requires some state employees to either be fully vaccinated, request an exemption, or risk losing employment.

Corrections officials say in contrast, 80% of the adults in custody across the prison system are now vaccinated.

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  1. So what does Governor Brown plan to do on MOnday? Are the 50% going to be fired and 50% of our criminals released to re-offend and terrorize our communities? She has such a wonderful plan forcing Oregonians to get a jab that is killing so many. No wonder no one wants it. Just take a look at this:

    1. If we released all the drug & non violent criminals we’d still have more people incarcerated than any other country on Earth. Screw these republicans living off my tax money, go find a job doing something productive, moochers.

  2. Kate will fire’em and send in the OR NG . . . If so, I hope they don’t screw the pay/travel/housing/benefits up, like they did with the nurse replacements. Speaking of which, I don’t remember KTVZ running that story . . . I guess it didn’t fit with the stations agenda.

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