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Oregon lawmakers seek extra $18m for refugee resettlement

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — As Oregon prepares to take in approximately 1,200 Afghan refugees in the next 12 months, state lawmakers are asking the Legislature’s emergency board for an additional $18 million to expand services and capacity. A letter issued last week by state Rep. Khanh Pham and state Sen. Kayse Jama outlined the need for the state to invest in everything from housing assistance and case management to legal services for newly arrived Afghans. State Sen. Kayse Jama said there isn’t a firm timeline on when the 18-member emergency board might meet to consider the request.

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  1. This is good news and is shared with the Exodus Project which has to date rescued over 1000 vetted Afghan families.

    Exodus Project is staffed by former/retired US Special Forces/Special Operations soldiers.

  2. This is utter BS when US Military Vets are living on the street, Senior Citizens either pay for the prescriptions or heat, and the homeless crisis in Oregon is over the top. Biden is a clown and Brown is a witch.

  3. Remember the $18 mill isn’t all going to the refugees. Most will go to the 30 full time $100k a year salaried public employees that will help the refugees. These jobs will then become vested with PERS pensions and we get the pleasure of paying the tab long after any Afghan refugee has received their last penny of assistance. We are ruled by a government class people. Our government got us into the mess in Afghanistan with our money then brought the problem home for us to pay for.

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