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Portland police training material included far-right meme


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland Police Bureau’s Internal Affairs department is investigating a police training presentation that ended with a slide showing a right-wing meme endorsing violence against protesters. Mayor Ted Wheeler called the slide “unauthorized” and said it was discovered while the city was reviewing and preparing documents to be turned over as part of discovery evidence in a Black-led nonprofit’s legal case. The group has sued the city in federal court alleging officers used excessive force responding to protests in 2020. Officials say it’s unclear who added the slide or if it was used during officer training.

Associated Press



  1. Great. Some RWNJ racist trash losers in administration just cost Oregon taxpayers Millions, at least. Sounds like something out of a toilet faced tRump speech, word for racist trash word.

  2. Interesting bias tag line. Far Right wing meme….good job media outlets make it as political as possible to help further divide the people. Has to be far right or far left can’t just be a meme about protesters and violence…

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