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WA, OR leaders skeptical about pausing gas taxes


SEATTLE (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday urged Congress to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes for three months and urged states to do the same at the local level.

But both the Democratic governors of Washington and Oregon indicated they were unlikely to pursue a similar policy – even if the federal gas tax is eventually temporarily halted.

At 49 cents a gallon, Washington’s tax is behind only California’s and Pennsylvania’s rate and almost triple the federal government’s 18 cents. Oregon’s gas tax is 38 cents a gallon.

The Seattle Times reports Washington Gov. Jay Inslee would need to call a special legislative session so members of the House and Senate could propose and pass a bill pausing the tax. Inslee signaled Wednesday he wasn’t interested in doing so.

“As for the idea of temporarily suspending the state gas tax, the oil companies would be the ones to benefit from yet another opportunity to pocket more profit at the expense of our ability to put people to work fixing our roads and bridges,” said Jamie Smith, spokesperson for Inslee.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown also said she was skeptical of a gas tax halt. Her office said in a statement that “with gas prices having jumped by several dollars per gallon over the last several months, it’s unlikely that Oregonians would see significant savings at the pump under this latest proposal.”

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  1. Because until we are willing to put more control on the oil corporations, they’ll be the only ones to see the profits from a gas holiday. Sad, but true. Freedom is so great, ain’t it?

    1. American oil and gas companies were shut down for two years- then Biden went on the attack- crippling their leases and sending one message after another that he was anti-petrol… You have all the freedom in the world to go buy a golf cart and get out on Highway 97 and take yer chances… Biden broke it- you all cheered it on- now pony up the bills to fill yer tank ! Votes have consequences. Go Jo-Jo 2024 !

  2. On the same day, the State announces a $600 free grant to
    lower income families, the Governor is unwilling to assist them to keep some of the money by a simple tax holiday on gas. Perhaps because someone outside the lower class gets a little tax relief, she doesn’t want to help..,

  3. The hell with what Kalamity Kate thinks- gimme back my 38 cents tax and go get some cash from Nike- St Charles- all your dope shops that remained open during the scamdemic… go get your insignificant cash from them and their illicit business practices that you propped up during your wild eyed dictatorship.

  4. Think about it, this is a non-issue to the overlords as they are either driven around in a state-supplied rig or they get a state-supplied rig with a gas card to drive around. They are not spending anything out of their pocket, they have the taxpayers footing the bill.

    1. I have noticed the number of government vehicles in private driveways has increased….. It appears the overlords in some government entities are now allowing the employees to drive the PF-Exempt as if it was their personal vehicle, except we pay for the gas.

  5. As with any tax Oregon enacts it happens ASAP ,but you really think they will give up one to ease the life of tax paying citizens? dont make me laugh…

  6. Giving pause of the tax on gas and diesel is not going to help anyone! Our government is the root cause of the current situation. The inflation is their fault, not the citizens. Over 6 trillion spent over budget on mis-managed COVID funds. Countless billions spent on frivolous investigations over accusations that, in the end, did nothing except for slapping the hand of some chosen scapegoat!
    If you really want to make a point regarding the price of fuel, quit driving! Stop the trucks from delivering. Do this for 3 days and the results would be something to witness. Sure the shelves in the stores would be empty, but imagine how deafening the statement would be!
    I’m over our government, or the sheriffs of Nottingham. Living like royalty and us peasants filling their coffers!

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