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C.O. car availability affected by worldwide computer chip shortage

(Update: Adding video, comments from Robberson Ford President)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A global computer chip shortage is having far-reaching impacts, including on the High Desert, where customers for certain in-demand vehicles might have to wait longer to get their preferred new cars or trucks.

Jeff Robberson, president of Robberson Ford, says one major factor that’s contributed to the current car shortage was the months-long shutdown of factories that produce the chips.

“We still have them -- they’re still coming," Robberson said Wednesday. "It's just that if you are coming to get a vehicle, you may not get it today. You may have to wait weeks or months to get it.”

The lot that the dealership uses to keep a back-stock of their cars is nearly empty at the moment.

But even with the manufacturing issues, the demand for vehicles at Robberson Ford has not gone down. In fact, Robberson says his sales are actually up, even with his used vehicles.

Robberson added that anyone looking to purchase a car will need to be patient.

“We’re seeing about 58% of our incoming orders are pre-sold,” Robberson said.

Last week Ford, removed more than 70,000 vehicles from its production schedules. Experts say the semiconductor shortage could last into next year.

As a result, Robberson has cut back on advertising, for now. He plans on meeting with the Northwest Ford Dealers Advertising Association next Monday to further discuss what actions need to be taken with the ongoing car shortage.

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Leslie Cano

Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



      1. Just another catastrophe created by the Biden administration due to their inept handling of Covid. Meanwhile thousands of illegal aliens are streaming through our southern border daily many of which are infected with Covid.

  1. I don’t really understand this because I just came from the store and they had lots of chips in different flavors. Chocolate is my favorite!

  2. Wal-Mart has 1000’s of chips I saw one that went up to 254 gb that should power a car tell Ford to go buy them at Wal-Mart and forget about China. Lmao

  3. When they say “computer chips” they mean processors.

    When they say they are short on processors, they mean they are short on processors that also “fit” a certain socket.

    When they say “fit a certain socket” they are talking about transistor size which is measured in (nm) or nanometers.

    Now let’s look at all the factories that make these chips:

    Anything 16nm or less can make CPUs that fit in consumer electronics. For vehicles, I can’t find any information on new vehicles using anything larger than 7nm chips. There are basically 5 plants in the world that can make semiconductors this small, mostly in Taiwan.

    Add to that, these are the same plants on year long plus back order to produce chips for Bitcoin miners, consumer CPUs, graphics cards, etc.

    The fact that this is just now hitting the auto industry is nothing short of a miracle. Anyone who works in IT knows CPUs and GPUs have been over MSRP and at least 20% premium since 2017.

    Here’s some actual facts instead of the normal partisan douchebaggery that goes on here.

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