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Neighbor speaks out against proposed mine NW of Prineville

(Update: Adding comments by opposing farmer, others)

'The level of dust ... is unbelievable. It travels for miles.'

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bryan Zednick, a hay farmer in Crook County, is upset with the idea of another mining site bordering his farmland — and he says he’s not the only one.

"I have not spoken with a single person that is not In opposition of this mine," Zednick said Wednesday.

Zednick says he is opposed to adding a new sand and gravel mining mining site because he believes the one currently operating beside his property has been violating regulations.

"Until recently, when I received a copy of the comprehensive plan that they're currently under, and in reading that; I noticed (violations of) hours of operation, traffic, mining depth, and most importantly the reclamation of that property," Zednick said.

He added that the piles of dirt from the mining site have become a nuisance.

"The level of dust that comes off of those piles and out of that hole in the ground is unbelievable. It travels for miles," Zednick said.

Zednick has put up a banner urging his neighbors to oppose the future gravel mine.

"The border of it will be within 100 feet of a drainage that runs year-round through here. That drainage passes through 44 domestic well properties and then dumps into the Crooked River," Zednick said.

NewsChannel 21 reached out to Knife River, the contractor for the project, to see if they were aware of any violations, but did not get a response.

Matt Ropp, a representative for the company, said the nearby residents he's spoken with have not raised concerns with him.

The Crook County Planning Commission is holding a public hearing July 28th -- here's a link with more information on the proposal.

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  1. Considering that mining laws are the scaffolding upon which even the Magna Carta was built. I fear that once again A C.O. NIMBY, will be disappointed.

    1. Given the environmental damage, noise pollution, and danger from trucks and equipment; I dont blame them one bit! Bend gets more and more beautiful while the rest of CO gets turned into a landfill.

      1. well the gravel for the concrete to build out your beautiful city full of tract homes and traffic has to come from somewhere now doesn’t it? The folks I know in Central Oregon dread having to go to bend. I know I do.

      2. Being that the land that has sand and gravel extracted and then reclaimed with nothing more than existing soil back to farming land is well a far cry from a landfill. You need to get your facts right before spouting off about something you know nothing about.
        Where do you think all that rock that goes into the concrete your precious Facebook facility comes from? How about all of your fancy colored concrete in the endless roundabouts? The asphalt roads you drive on? The foundation under your house?
        You can find the landfill on knott road, by the way…

    1. Just another Human, that for some reason has the idea he/she is better than another, will soon die, and turn to dust, the same an any other human, and all of his/her thoughts, will be lost.
      Actually no one cares? For you that may be correct, and so with that, I feel sadness for you.

  2. A farmer complaining about blowing dust, now that’s some rich irony. I say approve the surface mine. When the resource is extracted, the land will be reclaimed.

  3. What are they digging for ? Gravel ? Don’t the government have inspectors ? Now they 2 gravel pits ? You would believe what happened in Canada with “”diamond mines”” you better take pictures and get copies of the proposal. Gravel mines ? Come on .

    1. Well, gravel does have value…in road construction, for example. Or driveways. But, I would want to know something about impact to the area if I lived nearby.

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