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Some C. Oregon shoppers skip wearing masks on first day of renewed statewide mandate

(Update: adding video, comments from business owner and community member)

OHA issues new specifics: What are Central Oregonians doing?

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- If you paid a visit to various stores around Bend on Friday, you might think masks were still optional indoors, as dozens of people were not wearing them. But many were, as the statewide mandate took effect.

Indoor masks are required in public spaces for Oregonians, regardless of vaccination status, under a statewide order from Gov. Kate Brown.

The owner of Outside In in downtown Bend said her customers had been complying with the rule.

"Most people are coming in and preparing to put on a mask, and they're putting it on upon entry." Angela Salido told NewsChannel 21.

"A lot of people have forgotten them, and they're not in the habit yet, so luckily we do have some masks on hand to give them," she said. "And we've had very few people complain about it and walk out because of it."

But, Salido says local businesses -- like her own -- rely on foot traffic.

"I know that there is a point where people might say, 'I don't want to shop I don't want to wear my mask, I'd rather go do something else.' And I just appreciate everyone that does come downtown and shops local." Salido said.

"I know it can be a lot easier to shop at home, and when people make the initiative to come downtown it really does support local families and local businesses -- so I'm very appreciative for that."

Will Harris, born and raised in Bend, was shopping at WinCo Foods without a mask.

He says he doesn't wear one because he has asthma -- and said no one asked him to put one on while shopping.

Harris also said he believes masks should be optional, saying it's personal opinion.

"I feel it's a personal opinion, because it's dependent on how you deal with your health and the people around you." Harris said. "Your family doesn't believe in Covid or any of that sort of way of thinking -- then that's completely on you and your choice of life."

However, Harris says he will wear a mask inside if the business is facing fines.

Businesses can get fined up to $500 per day for not requiring customers to wear a mask and they must post a sign at the entryway, saying that face coverings are required.

Workplaces, businesses, indoor areas open to the public, building lobbies, common or shared spaces, classrooms, elevators, bathrooms, transportation services and other indoor space where people may gather for any purpose are considered an indoor space.

An indoor space does not include a private residence or a private automobile being used for personal use and that is not used for ride sharing."

The newly released Oregon Health Authority regulations show more details about the new indoors spaces requirement - and also show they will be in effect for nearly six months, until Feb. 8, unless revised or dropped before then.

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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



  1. I’m wearing my mask. I work with the public. Maskholes want to fight with us who work with the public and it’s beyond ridiculous. Your enemy is the virus, not the person at the insurance office, bank, deli, grocery store OR the Governor.

    The reality is = If others would get their damn shot like I did (or stay home) , we wouldn’t be still here dealing with this in August 2021.

        1. I just said the shot is not a silver bullet. Case counts are higher now than ever (with 68%+/- vaxxed). l
          Look at Israel, one of the most vaxxed countries in the world, and they are having a spike in infections. And, yes, they are mostly breakthough infections because most of them are vaxxed. This thing will not be going away and, as stated by the developer of the Astrazeneca shot, herd imunity is impossible now. You’d be better off loading Niacin which supports the imune system and practicing good personal hygeine. I’ll wear a mask to make other people feel better but, it does virtually nothing.

            1. Delta variant which is more transmissable but still has a 99.99% chance of survival and young healthy people generally just get minor symptoms if any. You can be afraid of the sniffles if you want but I’m not.

                1. Not citing Tomi Lahren. I’m citing the fact checker that refuted what Lahren said. But then you’d known that if you bothered to read it.

          1. “Let’s assume that you have a highly effective vaccine with 99% effectiveness. You have a population of 100,000,000 people and all of them are vaccinated. The virus however is so contagious that everyone will come into contact with it. 1% gets infected. 1,000,000 people get infected although they were vaccinated. That’s 100%!

            Prize question: does that mean that vaccine breakthroughs are very common and that therefore the vaccine must be ineffective? No, obviously not, because 99% of the population were protected. Therefore the percentage of vaccinated people amongst the infected alone does not tell you anything. It’s also important to know how many people are vaccinated. And with Singapore being, as you said, highly vaccinated, of course more people who are infected were vaccinated.

            So, no, the CDC is not wrong. Your reasoning is.”

        2. Harg, above you is right…. Had a small bbq last weekend, all fully vaccinated, half of us are sick and tested positive. All young and healthy. Some hospital friends are seeing some of the same and expecting to see more of these cases. Pro vaccine here but just keep in mind it is not the saving grace everyone wants it to be.

      1. Who said it was? No vaccine is 100% and neither is this one. But, right now the hospitals are filled with covid cases and the percentage of those patients not having been vaccinated is in the high 90’s.

        1. Martha. Actually Biden said during his town hall 2 months ago. “ if you get the vaccine you will not get Covid”. Wake up buttercup. Time to fly.

            1. Or that injecting bleach would be a novel idea. How about when Trump had Stella Immanuel as his medical liaison touting hydroxychloroquine as a cure. Trump sycophants are the most gullible sheep out there. Keep donating to the cause Sheep Hunter! Or is it Sheep Hunter as in you like to help the sheep over the fence?!?!

            2. Actually it should have disappeared with the summer sun- vitamin D- outdoor ventilation… but why didn’t it ? Because nimrod Demokrat Govs like Brown forced everyone indoors. research is clear- the #1 event to trigger the most Lab Bat cases in the summer of 2020- indoor Birthday parties ! Kate and Joey created this mess- now yer looking for excuses !

            1. Pelosi did one better- invited all her friends and family to Chinatown the first month of the skamdemic… now her state (California) is leading the nation in both number of cases and deaths ! #2 ? New York- home to the Demokrat love Guv (Cuomo)- who just resigned !

          1. Two months is an eternity in the life of a virus. It adapts by mutation constantly. Strategies must also change. Go back to sleep, poison ivy.

        2. It’s not a vaccine. It does not provide immunity nor does it prevent disease. The definition of vaccine is that is:

          From the dictionary, FDA, and CDC

          a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.
          “there is no vaccine against the virus”

          Sorry but you shot does not fit the definition of “vaccine”

            1. Barney, please at least read what I am going to write here. These vaccines are not vaccines. The solution they are suspended in is 99% graphene oxide. It is a poison that is labeled everywhere else as not to be used in animals or humans. The graphene oxide is an electrical superconductor used in making modern computers. The mRNA used in this shot is only the spike protein of the Corona Virus. It does not produce an antibody. It literally is the virus, the part your immune system will recognize as the virus. It is being replicated in every cell in your body after vaccination. When the body is then exposed to a cold or flu, the immune system will trigger a cytokine cascade (your white cells and T-cells) will attack every cell in every organ in your body. Normally, we do not see much virus activity this time of year. Wait until cold and flu season this year. The horror will be unimaginable. I learned about DNA and mRNA at OSU in Corvallis. The other information came from the Spanish researchers who have obtained samples of the vaccine and had it analyzed. De. Montague (not sure of spelling) who is the leading virologist on earth, Nobel Prize recipient, etc. has been very critical of efficacy of these vaccines, as well as many other respected doctors worldwide. Just because the media either covers it up or censors their voice, does not make them wrong. From your responses, I would guess you are fully vaccinated. If so, you should be terrified. This fall and winter will tell the tale. That is why there is a huge push by the government to get your vaccines now. How many people are going to get them after tens of thousands of vaccinated people start dying all at once? There is going to be a huge backlash over this. People who are vaccinated and have not yet died are going to be scared and angry, looking for revenge on those who did this to them. Healthcare people, politicians, and yes, media people who lied and lied, and lied some more. God help you, all of you.

        3. Where are the links (with facts) that supports your claim that hospitals are filled with covid cases and to what capacity. The St Charles Health Care System claims they’re at capacity. That’s the entire health care system.., collectively. 200+ beds at SC in Bend and not all are covid related. The real problem is inadequate hospital space. Another mid-sized hospital to cover S. Deschutes County, parts of N. Klamath County and Christmas Valley would lighten the load. Of course the ultimatum of get vaccinated, get fired for refusing or quit certainly will place a strain on the rest of the staff. Let’s not forget the 26% population growth increase. Did St Charles increase their staff and bed capacity by 26%? I think not.

          Your words, “No vaccine is 100% and neither is this one.” So, you’re saying the CDC is lying? “COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from getting sick. Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, people who have been fully vaccinated can do things that they had stopped doing because of the pandemic.” (Updated July 27, 2021) The key words are “vaccines are effective at protecting you” not protecting others from it. It’s not my responsibility to protect others from themselves. If someone is going to step out in front a moving vehicle are you going to step out in front of that vehicle to try and protect them by pushing them to safety? Doubtful and at best highly unlikely.

          Get your facts straight. On average about 98.2% of known COVID-19 patients in the U.S. survive, but each individual’s chance of dying from the virus will vary depending on their age, whether they have an underlying health condition and whether they are vaccinated.

          For those who choose not to get the vaccine.., that’s their call. If they want to take the gamble and roll the dice to see whether they live or die should they contract it.., again, it’s their call. Though I get tired of repeating myself saying “I spent seven days in the critical care unit and it was sketchy as to my survival” I didn’t have to get the vaccine due to my immune system producing the antibodies but I did it any way to help get things back to normal. A lot of good that did. Now, I won’t do any more than that. I will always support those who choose their “Freedom of Choice” regardless of my agreeing with their decisions or not. Even if it means I may die or they may die. There are more things that gnaw at me than when or if I may die. Dying is inevitable. We have no control over it. What we do have is some control over when it may happen and even at that we have no real control over it.

          1. First point – St. Charles has been very public with staffing issues, which are tied in large part to COVID’s impacts. If they can’t find enough staff, what would a second hospital do? Folks who think of simples answer usually mean simplistic. Why would another hospital chain that could make money here not come here? I don’t think there’s a law against it. They are struggling to hold it together, too.
            Your quote by CDC by no means disputes the fact that no vaccine is 100% effective. It just says it’s effective.
            So you should practice what you preach.

            1. I do practice what I preach! I preach that it is a freedom of choice. This is all political and has nothing to do with science and you know it. With all due seriousness Barney, are you going to run out to save someone else’s life when they walk in front a moving vehicle? If your answer is no, and I’m certain it would be, then then nobody should have t wear a mask to protect others against themselves. If the vaccine is so safe why doesn’t the FDA approve it? Why was Big Pharma exempt from any side effects it may have? That’s a no brainer. It’s called lobbying. Which is funded by large corporations to persuade politicians (by what ever means) to vote in their favor.

              I do believe with today’s technology & available data computer models it can be predicted what the side effects may be. However, like tobacco and other products that

              1. Once the FDA approves it, the critics will say it’s not enough time, we need 10-20 years of studies, etc.
                And they never explain why they disagree with our former president, who got the vaccine and has urged others to do the same.

                1. The former President got more than a vaccine- he actually had the virus- got Vit B12- Zinc- and other treatments that the left mocks… what exactly are you on about- cause it aint truth !

                2. Barney laments… “why so many supporters of the former president aren’t getting the vaccine”… Gee B- I dunno- why are so many medical professionals- certified scientists- and licensed practitioners not getting the non FDA approved chemical jab.

    1. But that’s not quite true, is it? We’re not being told to wear masks to protective ourselves, it’s to prevent the spread to others. The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from carrying or transmitting the virus, so being vaccinated doesn’t control the spread of the delta variant, so you being vaccinated doesn’t mean a thing with respect to to the mask mandate, regardless of how proud you feel about it.

      1. “We’re not being told to wear masks to protective ourselves, it’s to prevent the spread to others.”

        You’re being told lots of things, very few of which have any basis in science. Cloth masks and face masks do not stop aerosol-sized viral particles from being inhaled or exhaled. In fact, in one study, cloth masks resulted in MORE infections than no mask at all.

        “Cloth masks also had significantly higher rates of ILI (influenza-like-illness) compared with the control arm. […] Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.”

        This was all well known and understood before March of last year. Masks had been investigated in many settings all over the world, and in virtually all of them, either found no statistically-significant benefit or, like in the study linked above, found serious negative effects.

        Magically, that all changed last year. Not because there was any new evidence, but because the public health authorities needed to be seen as “doing something”. It’s actually perfect from the public health authorities’ perspectives, since their recommendations are non-falsifiable. If they institute a mandate and the case count drops, they declare victory. If they institute a mandate and the case number goes up, they simply claim that either we weren’t following the mandate properly, or the mandate was insufficient, and more interventions are needed. At no point will they ever admit that their interventions don’t work.

        The same phenomena applies to lockdowns — at best, they do nothing, and at worse, they are actively harmful. For example:

        “We failed to find that countries or U.S. states that implemented SIP policies earlier, and in which SIP policies had longer to operate, had lower excess deaths than countries/U.S. states that were slower to implement SIP policies. We also failed to observe differences in excess death trends before and after the implementation of SIP policies based on pre-SIP COVID-19 death rates.”

        1. Okay, since you have all the answers that public health officials don’t seem to know, what do we do to stop this? Here’s your chance, save us all!

          1. “Okay, since you have all the answers that public health officials don’t seem to know, what do we do to stop this? Here’s your chance, save us all!”

            See, you’ve bought fully into the false promises of the public health officials. They want you to think that if you just sacrifice something you care about, that this will all end. That’s not how viruses work, and it’s never worked that way. Doesn’t matter if you’re sacrificing goats, children, your freedom, or your dignity. People have been trying that for millennia, and it has never ever worked, in all of human history.

            Covid is here to stay, just like the flu. Vaccines won’t save you, masks won’t save you, and lockdowns won’t save you, because the virus is already endemic. It has been infecting animals, which means that now there’s a non-human reservoir. All we can do now is continue to develop treatments to mitigate the harm, and learn to live with it.

            1. Wow, I’m enlightened! thanks and I want to spread the good word to all who will listen. So where can I say my mentor got his medical research doctorate from? I want to have people believe me, you understand, so TIA!

              1. One poster uses peer-reviewed research and critical thinking to posit a pretty compelling argument. Another uses snark and sarcasm to insult said opinion, based on ad hominem (the other poster isn’t qualified to an argument, because he isn’t a public health official). Guess who looks smarter? Also, I think you missed the point, bro – there is no end to this. It’s endemic.

            2. I could not have said it better myself. But the ” be afraid, be very afraid” crowd want everyone to live in fear. I fear nothing but fear itself. Fear will be the weapon they use to destroy our country and our world. And, so far, it’ seems to be working. So go ahead and be afraid. Walk away from your freedoms. Personally, I may die, but I will die a free man.

                1. Barney- you are hater and a troll ! You spend hours re-directing posts you don’t agree with- then lie about it ! I hate to say it- but you have outlived your usefulness- time to move on- out to pasture- let Lee or Bob have a go at this before they retire too !

                2. LOL no one else at our station would ever agree to deal with the likes of trolls such as yourself. Sticks and stones, bghw. Nice to know you disdain personal attacks, except on me.

          2. Never Dumber asks… “what do we do to stop this?” A) Chill- it aint Ebola or Anthrax ! B) Protect the elderly and most vulnerable through better sanitation practices in nursing homes and hospice centers. Staff will live on site- 2 week or 30 day rotations- tested before shift changes. C) The rest of the public is on their own- herd immunity ! If you have underlying conditions- then you’ve had them through the flu season- no diff. Stay home- order take out !

          1. So, you dug deep and found no real argument? So you just typed yet another lame response because you have no truth to back you up? That’s using your brain alright.

        2. We know the states that had mask mandates had less loss of life, had less COVID-19 ICU and hospital stays. The current statistics show very clear delineation between states with higher and states with lower vaccination rates.
          Our doctors and nurses wear masks when they do surgery to protect us. Masks have been use to stop the spread of disease for decades and have become more effective during this time.
          Social distancing works, when we can’t do this we can add in the masks. I will wear a mask to protect others as it lets me shop locally and support local businesses. Having high COVID-19 numbers hurts our businesses. My sister just canceled her family’s trip here because of our COVID-19 numbers. That’s two hotel rooms and ten days of loss of recreation dollars to our community.
          There are many laws that society puts on us to protect us, like the simple line drawn on pavement down the middle of the road. Because we acknowledge it, and we stay on our side of the road society has less death. If we cross the line we can be given a ticket. Right now safety for society is vaccinations, masks, social distancing. These aren’t that hard to do. Period. If for health reasons you can’t be vaccinated I hope your family and friends are to help keep you less likely to have COVID-19 exposure.
          There are public numbers on cases and percent of cases vaccinated so don’t bother telling me they are the same. And don’t bother telling me about the “chip” and vaccines as you carry your phone around with you and drive your car. (I was literally told yesterday by a person they wouldn’t get vaccinated because they don’t agree with being chipped”.
          Why the rant? Because this spouting of lies is causing people to die. Some of the deaths are COVID-19, but some are because people can’t get the surgeries they need to survive cancer or get heart valves repaired because their friends and neighbors didn’t bother to get vaccinated and are now in the hospital taking up the bed for their life saving procedure.

      2. And your mask does not mitigate the spread. That is according to the CDC report on masks. The report stated that the mask only mitigated the spread 1.5% which in minimal at best. Yet they never disclosed how it was that they came up with that figure since you cannot predict who did not get the virus due to wearing a mask and who got the virus due to not wearing a mask. You bandana is not a mask unless you are in the old west robbing a train. Not is you t-shirt face covering either. You are fooling yourself into believing the dribble.

          1. On the contrary Barney. I caught Covid 19 from the DCSO when I applied for my concealed handgun permit. They wouldn’t let me wear my face shield so I had to wear the blue & white face mask. I had to read about how 2 DCSO employees had tested positive for Covid19 (8 days later, Dec. 9th to be exact) on the web site you maintain and how the DCSO was no longer issuing CHL . The night of Dec. 9th, I had a 101 fever and three trips to the ER before they kept me there. So don’t hide behind the lie regarding masks and what the CDC says and that no one can prove otherwise. I am the proof!!! You seem to have forgotten, the CDC is a government agency and that they are going to say what needs to be said to control the people. The first step to Socialism is to put fear into the people, and the best way to do that is to make them believe this is more serious than it really is. Yes, unfortunately, vulnerable people will die if they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. And some of those people would die anyway if they got the flu. Not dismissing their value in life, but it’s just the facts. More Americans die from heart disease (nearly 3x that of Covid19) each year and nobody is up in arms about it. Especially the government. The government isn’t forcing everybody to eat healthier to prevent this from spreading, and bad eating habits spread like wildfire amongst low income families and the elderly. (To get back on track) Sterilizing everything may protect the vulnerable to a degree, but what about those who will be made vulnerable because they aren’t being given a chance for their immune system to build up a tolerance through exposure or heard immunity. Small children, from the time they can sit up on their own, eat dirt (how gross) and other things, which is how their immune system develops immunity. You don’t see anyone trying to sterilize dirt now do you?

            You’re probably saying to yourself “How do you know you got Covid from the DCSO and not some where else?” Easy, that was the last public place I was at and I spent the rest of the time, up to the day I read this on z21’s site, hunkered down, like the good little robot lemming your control freak governor wants us all to be. This is all BS. The virus IS real, no doubt. But the overreach of power and the overreaction (at this point) is all political and nothing more. Be a good reporter Barney, oh!, that’s right you’re not a reporter (just the Digital Content Directer (no insult intended)) and post the studies that shows what the effectiveness of wearing masks do and which masks are rated at what percent of effectiveness. The only mask that will really help are the N95’s and better. And don’t hide behind the “We only report local news” rhetoric because this is local news worthy. Anything that educates the people of Deschutes County IS news worthy. That is, unless, z21 just wants to dumb down its readers and let them live in fear.

              1. I guess the “Whatever” means you’re not able to dispute anything I said. Didn’t catch the Sluka’s newsletter. Could post the link?

    2. Do you own your own business Libmaster? What will you do when your local quinoa salad cafe closes’ its door because they cant have customers? We are headed for another shut down

      Obviously you dont work for a living. Go climb a rock

        1. And what would you know about “pro life”? Apparently, the whole “my body, my choice” mantra only applies to killing my unborn child as a form of birth control. But choosing not to buy into a shot that was fast-tracked without any real testing, that requires 2 shots and oh by the way, now you need a booster 8 months later, makes me solely responsible for the health and well-being of everyone. Gosh. I sure do have a lot of power!

          1. You’re using “my body, my choice” as an argument against getting vaxxed but also arguing that a woman shouldn’t have the same choice. You don’t have a lot of power. You’re just an absurdity trying to prove a contradiction.

          1. And 2 individual who passed WITH Covid in our care had several underlying conditions. 1 was on Hospice at 88, the other was 96 with CHF, Dementia, Diabetic and didn’t want to move out of state with family since they lived in Bend their entire life. They passed away in peace and on their own and their creators timing, Covid was just the excuse. In any other year, pneumonia or the common flu would have done the same thing…… usually acquired during a stay at the hospital.

        2. Never said that. Most Americans have to work to eat. Unless you are one of he ones not working. My point was that closing down businesses will be next and that will be tragic for small businesses.

        3. Shutdowns-lockdowns-meltdowns have all contributed to suicides- drug abuse- alcoholism and domestic violence… guess there’s not much to do when the office closes for 10 months !

    3. It wouldn’t matter one bit. Supposedly, Oregon is at the heard immunity level. So why the masks? If people don’t want to get vaccinated.., that’s their call. As long as Big Pharma is held unaccountable for any long term side effects then no one should have to be vaccinated by force. Currently the air quality is CRAP! Those who have respiratory conditions are having difficulties as it is and now you want to try and suffocate them with a mask? Liberals are so brilliant their light bulb only goes to 7 watts. READ THIS you just might learn something. And there’s a lot more good reading on the subject on the second link.

    4. Oi Lerten- you banned this word weeks ago- “Maskholes” ! You said you were sick of the over-use… why the sudden change of heart- because it’s one of your idiotic liberal friends using it ??? Make a decision now- “maskholes” is approved or it isn’t ! Damn dude- this aint that difficult !

    5. “The reality is = If others would get their damn shot like I did (or stay home) , we wouldn’t be still here dealing with this in August 2021.”

      What makes you so sure that this will go away? So far we accomplished flattening the curve, we reached 70% heard immunity, we’re still getting vaccinated and now another mask mandate through Feb. 2022.

      We’ve reached 70% heard immunity, everything is being sterilized so your own immune system will have to work harder to fight off any infection caused by the common hangnail or wood splinter.

    6. makholes? ok… if we read this study on mask efficacy on containing aerosol “An N95 respirator blocked 99% (standard deviation (SD) 0.3%) of the cough aerosol, a medical grade procedure mask blocked 59% (SD 6.9%), a 3-ply cotton cloth face mask blocked 51% (SD 7.7%), and a polyester neck gaiter blocked 47% (SD 7.5%) as a single layer and 60% (SD 7.2%) when folded into a double layer. In contrast, the face shield blocked 2% (SD 15.3%) of the cough aerosol. Our results suggest that face masks and neck gaiters are preferable to face shields as source control devices for cough aerosols.”

      masks people are wearing in the public are as affective as fliping a coin, so calling me a ass for understanding statistics because you are gaslighting the public to wearing one with no actual evidence to prove they are effective, actually makes you the ass.

    7. The virus is being passed and the mutations come from the people that have been vaccinated. Viruses mutate It’s in their nature. The people that are vaccinated are the ones shedding your own mutations. Stay the heck home for 2 weeks after your vaccination and you will not be shedding your mutations. Simple Virology for dummies.

      1. Perhaps you should peddle your misinformation for dummies elsewhere.

        Please note from the article: “We know that most of the variants we see emerge from people who are not vaccinated,” said Dirk Dittmer, a virologist at the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine who is currently working on a variant tracking project in North Carolina.

    8. Folks with common sense, which you do not have, just have to look at the invasion obiden has allowed at the southern border and then obiden busses and flies these infected invaders all over this country.

        1. Barney ! Why are you taking sides in any of these comments ? As the Moderator you are required to maintain a neutral stance and simply enforce the TOS. Your personal comments have become completely un-acceptable as you appear to be bullying many who comment here- Stop it now !

          1. I am trying to refute dangerous misinformation about the COVID-19 situation and its many facets, as many worried audience members have urged, pleaded with us to do – that or don’t allow them (since I don’t have time to fact check all the claims). This is a life-or-death matter and to just allow people to put up any YouTube video or whatever up without a simple fact-check about their background would be irresponsible.
            Sharing factual information isn’t bullying. It’s more vital more than ever.

            1. Did you ever consider that your comments are “dangerous misinformation” ? No- for 97% of the global population- this is not “life or death”… it’s a mild virus- as defined by the WHO- the CDC- and the OHA. Anything else is “dangerous misinformation” ! Factual information includes the side effects of the vaccines- please show me where you have linked a story to the massive number of people suffering from the complications- many who have died- have suffered through enlarged hearts- blood clots- hypertension. You continue to promote a vaccine that is not FDA approved- stop it- Your liberal agenda is killing people ! 7000 to date- logged and documented… this is not in your job description- so again… Stop It !

          2. Why can’t you read the info and post your links to refute it instead of being a whiny b**** all the time? You must have a massive ****-** for Barney to rag on him like you do.

  2. Imagine if we had two hospitals. One hospital has 100% vaccinated employees and the other zero %. Guess which one the MAGA Clown anti-vaxers would be crying to get into when they get sick.

    1. Are you suggesting there is a big covid transmission at st Charles from staff to patients???? Oh man. That would be terrible. Now, please post links. Look forward to seeing no reply you bozo.

    2. Maga Clown anti-vaxers? Remember which administration brought us the vaccine. And which opposing candidate sowed public doubt by saying, “if and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests … and trials that are needed to be done.” (J. Biden, Aug. 6, 2020) Harris said she would not trust the vaccine if it was approved prior to the election. (Test results came in for the first vaccine six days after the election …. so that made it okay, I guess.) It was not the Trump followers who first made it political. Plus, one of the largest groups rejecting the vaccine are non-white. Are you bashing them too?

  3. I went into Lowe’s this morning prepared to wear a mask. Maybe, 20% of customers had them on. I expect the new mandate will mostly be ignored and Kate can stomp her feet.

    1. And which business is that, Never Trumper? Clearly, you don’t want any of us in your business, so tell us which one it is, so we can avoid it, and you can be comforted in the knowledge that no unvaccinated knuckle-draggers are secretly defiling your inner sanctum.

      1. No employee wants to be the governors little gimp and enforce any of these illegal mandates. If you want to wear a mask cool. If not, then don’t. You will have very little push back.

    2. What is your business there tough guy? Make a comment like that, you should advertise to get the customers you want, and let us others choose another.

            1. Google it.
              There are quite a few studies linking masks on children to learning problems, diminished social skills, even higher suicide rates in some age groups.
              Not to mention medical issues aggravated by reduced airflow and higher concentrations of bacterial and viral populations.

        1. Dude are you really that stupid? This guy says he will escort you out by essentially assaulting someone, and the person that says try me, you accuse of violence. How stupid are you, Barney? You liberals are so demented.

  4. If sheep stopped being sheep and followed the trail to the real reason we are where we are more people would take off the mask. But…. people will continue to follow guidance from criminals because they have really neat titles behind their names that has led you to believe they are the experts. So you listen to these so called experts who spoon feed you everything they want you to hear. This crap started a long time ago, well before 2020 but I can’t expect sheep to figure this out. Their job is to follow their master, never defy orders, never question them, just follow them because they mean well….so you are to believe. Well I will NOT comply as mandates are just petty mandates issued by lawless politicians that don’t give two craps about your health. I am saddened to see that people actually think corrupt politicians that have exposed themselves on numerous occasions would actually believe these people mean well and have good intentions for you. Its not going to stop unless the people make it stop and that’s not by wearing mask, that’s by standing up against the criminals. Stop following the various rabbits trails and numerous red herrings…..follow the money trail and you will see. Oh and to think a shot, something that was once labeled as a bio weapon is the cure, you have seriously lost your mind. Wake up people!

    1. Oh goodie z21 is having a reporter do an expose on whether or not businesses are adhering to the 👹 mandate. The ones that aren’t are they gonna get reported to Kate? Z used to be down the middle but boy have they gone to the left.

        1. Amen! It didn’t work very well the first time everyone was shamed into wearing the mask in the first place. This time around more people are questioning the motives because it’s insanity to think that trying this path again is going to result in anything different.

        2. So I take it you don’t approve of neighbors turning in neighbors for having an abortion, the other neighbor who drove her to have the abortion, the nurse in the room, or the doctor performing it, all in the name of the repressive authoritarian State of Texas?

      1. Biden literally said if you get vaxxed you can’t get covid. Enjoy being part of the experiment….looking forward to studies in 5-10 years like they do on all other new medications. Peace out.

        1. Difference is that when Biden says that, the left realizes that he’s not a medical doctor. Now when your Cheetoh Jesus told you it was going away when the weather warmed up…….

        2. SH ~ and Trump suggested bleach/ disinfectants were a possible cure and the virus was a hoax. His admin team /doctors lied about the seriousness (specific to covid related and his hospitalization). But yet he and Melania were vaccinated ~ with zero fanfare (atypical of DT).

          This (to mask or not to mask, to vax or not to vax) has turned into such a tiresome conversation.

          It’s called preventative healthcare. And nobody knows what the long-term effects are. And no I’m not paranoid.

          1. Biden read Fauci’s e-mails criticizing masks- yet went right out and lied about their effectiveness. He mandated masks for all US national parks- then went out and was photographed- family and all- maskless ! Biden has since done absolutely “nothing” to improve on what President Trump “gifted” him- no ventilators- no disinfectant from whiskey companies- no mass triage centers- no nothing… yet the media sold you a buncha lies about bleach- seems you forgot all about Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin- which doctors world-wide now sing the praises of ! Yer a complete idiot who’s allowed this forum to demonstrate your stoopidity.

        3. He said that a couple of months ago based on the info that was available. The virus is active and changing constantly. As new info is gathered, change in strategies is needed. If you go to battle, you don’t stick with the same battle plan if your troops are overrun do you? Oh okay, maybe you would. But hopefully most rational people won’t.

          1. Great analogy! People are talking about how the guidance has changed over the past months as if this is bad. As we gain more knowledge about the COVID-19 virus the medical advice SHOULD change and be updated. I would be freaked out if it wasn’t.

            1. But as the guidance changes- shouldn’t the number of new daily cases “come down” ? Not surge for the 4th time since Biden took office ? To date- what exactly has Biden introduced to support all this new “change” ? Answer- Nothing ! The guy doesn’t even tell you to wear a mask anymore- he’s gone turtle- in hiding- where’s the leadership- the comforting tone…. Damn we need President Trump back right now- we’d be outta this mess by now !

            1. Gee Beej- I dunno- do you think Biden is lying to doctors- nurses- health care professionals and board certified scientists- millions of whom have passed on the Jab ?

  5. You’re the maskhole… Basemap… Or the unadvice and unintelligent… If the vaccine is a true vaccine why you have to wear one… It’s not because it’s an experimental mRNA gene therapy… It’s killed lab animal they’ve ever tested it on… And where’s The science show mask work… It’s all political theater for our Lib-Tard governor… To keep the fear mongering going for the administration. Wake up sheeple! The virus is real it’s no more deadlier than the flu… But the Fakedemic… Is a sham and hoax! In 1976… The US tried to put the same fear mongering with the swine flu and vaccines… and back then vaccines we’re total disaster.. do your homework.

    1. Says the bonehead who can’t figure out ‘reply’. lol
      When you say ‘do your homework’ did you ask your actual family Doctor, or did you scan Facebook for other Q dorks who will bolster your conspiracy theories?

            1. KS and FC- same old garbage- no links- no data- just personal attacks… all with the approval of the guy sitting at the desk across the hall- the “Digi-Con-Tator” ! Shameful skam !

              1. Where the h*** are your links? I post links when the person I’m replying to is misinformed and might be receptive to the info I link to. You definitely aren’t that and have proven yourself worthy only of disdain.

  6. yes we would. Depending on the vaccination you get, people need booster shots now, the Delta variant would have still morphed into what it is ( you can’t expect the whole world to be vaccinated, and a virus will mutate one way or another, slowly but surely), and the world is over populated, people will be near people. Some of us have reasons for not being vaccinated that don’t involve a political stand point, or “an attack against my rights”. I myself, believe in natural remedies, and don’t trust rushed vaccinations, but i also don’t shame others for their choice (my wife chose to be vaccinated).

    1. Well said. I know plenty of medical professionals that have chosen to just get the COVID flu and let their bodies fight it off as they do every year instead of being a test subject for the government. If i can give any advice to anyone who wants to stay healthy and let their bodies fight off this flu instead of get injected with MRNA, its to never tell anyone when you are sick. Call out of work for 3 days or so with “back pain” or maybe a “family emergency”. Otherwise, the scared members of the community will freak out and rat on you and your job will make you stay home for 10 days possibly with no pay. It’s messed up to advocate for lying, but there’s a lot of people who blindly trust the government because they don’t know any better. It’s not that they are inherently dumb, but their choice of information gathering sources come from a place of fear and misinformation instead of following the science. Oh, and the Delta variant is super mild. I’d say 25% or less of the main COVID of last year. So don’t be afraid, unless you’re overweight, a smoker, have underlying conditions, or are super old. In those cases, you should be afraid of everything all the time because those risk factors increase your chances of hospitalization from even the seasonal flu.

      1. You absolutely don’t. If so, you know a disproportionate amount of idiots. I worked as a practicing physician for 20 years and in research for another 20 or so. I have almost no former colleagues that I am aware of who are unvaccinated. Now, that’s a long time and I don’t keep the best track of people, but you are flat out lying.

            1. And from the res. All the government assistance available and still …in the words of Donald John Trump…a **** hole! Drink up buttercup!

          1. There are no Trumplicans who can recognize a lie when they hear it. Half the time you won’t even believe your own eyes if it doesn’t fit the prescribed narrative.

              1. “Masks” weren’t the question… it was… “Where did the flu go?”… As of last week- we now know where- the flu went no-where… Contrary to what KTVZ stated about the shift from ILI to CLI- the test doesn’t identify the difference. So the OHA has deceived the state of Oregon and should be hauled in to explain… a Good question for Bentz when he comes to CO. If the PCR test doesn’t differentiate between the flu- a cold virus- or covid- why did the OHA change the terminology to insinuate it did ? This is the basis for daily new cases- which is inherently not a fact- but an assumption ! That’s not the science BL has been promoting here at Z21- this is your hoax in full view !

        1. Sticks and stones love, but i don’t need to lie. The fact that you called my friends idiots and me a liar without even knowing me tells me right away that there’s a good chance you are on the democrat/communist political side, therefore i expect nothing less than your assumptions and name calling. But, I’m sharing my personal experience with everyone and if that bothers you, I’m not losing sleep over it.

          1. Perhaps you crave attention like Wish and the rest of the brain trust here? It’s rather obvious you made up a bunch of crap now you’re back peddling so just stop digging a bigger stupidity hole. Feeling sorry for you and the rest of the trolls for your ignorance.

          1. Says Keysore….the meat cutter who instructs us all to get the experimental jab and use masks that don’t stop viral transmission. Yo….I need a pork chop stat!!!

        1. Agreed. Mine said I don’t need the vaccine since I already had COVID. Funny how that is never discussed by the media, our president or Governor. All we hear is “get the vaccine”, with absolutely no clarity on your personal medical situation. We are being lied to.

          1. “Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again. Studies have shown that vaccination provides a strong boost in protection in people who have recovered from COVID-19.”

            1. I’ll go ahead and listen to my doctor. The CDC has flip flopped on every issue related to COVID. They have become a political body rather than a reliable source of medical information.

        2. When their doctor tells them to get vaxxed they wont listen then either. They will just claim their doctor is part of the conspiracy. Nevermind the fact that once they DO get sick they will coming running to that same doctor begging for him to save them.

        3. Yes ! Ask your doctor if the PCR test will confirm covid- the seasonal flu- or a summer cold ! If your doctor cannot answer- walk away !

      2. “I know plenty of medical professionals that have chosen to just get the COVID flu” No you don’t, you made that up so the rest of you post is nonsense. Who would be stupid enough to risk this? This kind of stupidity is why we are masking again and you made yourself look foolish.

        1. We take the medical training we got and follow the science, not the CNN. “This kind of stupidity is why we are masking again and you made yourself look foolish” says THE STONER to the doctor,

            1. Real doctors- and nurses- are posting a lot of stuff- explaining why they won’t get the jab. Heart inflammation- hypertension- blood clots in the lungs- no long term statistical data- You are risking your long term health over a mild virus with a 99% survival rate among the healthy population- maybe that’s your real concern- yer simply not healthy- I know your mind isn’t !

      1. Me too….let’s see what happens to these dumb people getting a new type of mrna med. Only 7,000 died in the US so far. Worldwide much more.

  7. And on February 8th Brown will have another press conference saying that the mask mandate
    will be continued for another 6 months. If she is honest about it, which she isn’t, she would tell people that the mandate will continue indefinitely.

    1. This literally could have been over months ago. We all could be completely over it, but 3 in 10 people decided that they are more important than the rest of us, so we have to keep reliving this ridiculous unnecessary groundhog day over and over every day. You complain that it keep going and going, but you are the reason it keeps going and going. Holy crap dude.

      1. Really? Keysore…another dumb post without any links???? Oh man, you are easy to tear apart. I said I need a pork chop cut now, STAT… MEATCUTTER.

        1. I’m learning to live without it, thanks. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, so I’ll let you learn to live with it as I look on from the sidelines, in wonder of the stupidity.

  8. “Inflation is only temporary…trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “Afghanistan won’t fall…trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “Our southern border is secure. There is no crisis. Trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “Any old mask or face covering will protect you. Trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “The vaccines are safe even if not FDA approved. Trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “Well, some of the vaccines work better than others. Just get a booster. Trust me.” – Joe Biden

    “Trust but verify” – President Ronald Reagan.

      1. Do you have a “link” to this accusation that “anyone” is a “Trumplican”… you should be able to find them in the Z21 archives- LINKS Bubba- we need LINKS !

  9. So, just how many of these “variants” will there be before it is mandated for everyone to be masked permanently? Just how many “booster” shots will we be subjected to as an experiment to see which ones work and which ones do not work? This whole thing reminds me of a Bugs Bunny Yosemite Sam cartoon, cross this line, cross this line, cross this line, etc, etc until we all fall off the cliff.

    1. It is a shame that you can not see the bigger picture here. This whole thing is a rolling target that is constantly moving in different directions. All the supposed experts are trying to do is guess which way it will go. You are right, they are experimenting to a large extent. So far they have been at least mostly right, and also partly wrong. To throw out all the information based on a few mistakes and claim that they have no idea what they are doing is very dangerous.

    2. I can’t wait until we get to the BETA variant!!!!! I will unleash on you all daily. BTW, the delta was originally going to be called covid 21….FYI.

        1. Quoting the Huff Post ? Radical Left Wing Propaganda Cesspool that peddled you “Hillary in a landslide- Russia-Russia-Russia- Brett Kavanaugh raped women- Bill Klinton didn’t- Come on down to Chinatown with Nancy Pelosi- Biden’s 100 days to flatten the curve” ??? That’s yer LINK ??? Bwahahaaaa ! Remind me to simply ignore your existence- whatta complete loser ! More Lyin’ Cryin’ and Dyin- From Afghanistan to Hunter Biden’s latest paint by numbers- you bought it all !

  10. So cry about freedom and your rights while we DON”T end up like the MAGA trolls in Texas and Florida filling hospitals. The whole masks thing sucks but I would rater wear one than get Covid. Don’t get vaxed and stay at home then morons!

      1. You didn’t hear years ago? Seatbelts don’t always save lives and drunk drivers don’t always die. Now, go!! Preferably in a lightly trafficked area.

    1. Mark my words, Texas and Florida infection cases and hospitalizations will drop faster before any other states drop off from the surges, even democratic states that have implemented lockdowns/mask orders/etc…

        1. California and New York lead the nation in deaths related to the Wuhan Lab Bat… Both Demokrat strongholds- both with failed policies- both looking to get rid of their Governor’s… the people have spoken !

  11. There are a few simple truths that can be easily laid out here, when viewed as a whole perhaps they can help people understand the current situtation:
    Covid 19, wherever it came from, is a more leathal version of a flue virus. The people it affects most severely are the elderly and ones with pre existing conditions. Some healthy people also die and others are left with lingering problems for the forseeable future.
    The new Delta varient is more contagious.
    The more people that contract the disease the more likely new mutations will develop.
    Most of the people who are vaccinated are democrats, independents and progressive thinking people.
    Most of the people who are unvaccinated are young, republican and living in very red conservative states in the south, but lets not forget good old Idaho.
    Most of the people landing in the hospital lately are from this last unvaccinated group.
    The rate of new vaccinations in this group is suddenly surging. Whether it may be too little too late will be determined pretty soon.
    Vaccinated people can still get sick (breakthrough cases) but they will usually only have mild symptoms.
    It has now been determined by current research that the vaccinated people can carry as much virus in their sinus as an infected person. But they aren’t aware of this since they are vaccinated and assymptomatic.
    Masks can help stop the spread of the virus through the air to others.

    Lastly, as an American I value my freedom tremendously. I served our country and I know what it means to sacrifice. But I am also well aware of the fact that with the freedom I fought for comes responsibility. I fought for all Americans, not just the ones I agreed with. Growing up listening to bible stories I was always struck by the constant mention of brotherly love and responsibility to our community. So with that in mind I have to ask why your supposed freedom to infect others takes precedent against the well being of our entire society?

  12. Only idiots will continue being sheep for the entire lives. How about stop the invasion at the southern border, where demonrats are puttting infected people from all points on the planet that are infected with who knows what onto busses and planes and dropping the infected invaders all over the United States of America? DEMONRATS continue to be the enemy of this country.

    1. I was just going to comment about this myself. The Moron in Chief put his Vice Moron in charge of the border. She didn’t want to go within a 100 miles of it, basically told the Moron in Chief to pound sand. Now the director of DHS lies to America when he admits off camera that he doesn’t have a clue how to stop this migration. How many other diseases are coming into our country that we have all but eliminated here, but still exist in other parts of the world? We heard 4 years of how the Democrats would do so much better than Trump – Well, how is that going?

      1. Believe what you want. Those articles written by far left liberals don’t hold any more water than the articles you say are false written by far right nut jobs. When the DHS secretary get caught on a hot mic saying he doesn’t know what to do, that is bad. Late today a judge ordered the Trump “Remain in Mexico Rule” back into use. Biden made a huge mistake taking that away. Instead of just posting liberal writers, tell us what Biden has done so well? Your thoughts, why are you a Biden supporter. Don’t mention Trump, this has nothing to do with Trump. What has Joe Biden, or the people pulling the puppet strings for him, done positive for the USA?

        1. What difference who the authors are? Facts are there and easily verified through other sources. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as an “alternative fact.”

  13. Welcome back depression and anxiety. Oregon was the last state to be able to go maskless, and now a little over a month later it’s back………..for six months. Why not start with a month by month basis?

    1. Are you kidding? The Demoncrats would go totally ballistic with the lack of control. It’s their way or the highway, A.K.A., the steps to financial ruins, then prison for being conservative and protesting against this. Any way you look at it Socialism/Communism is on the horizon. Wait until the fools who voted for this dimwit decide they made a mistake after it’s too late. I guess small businesses will suffer because I will not go indoors so I will shop on line. The wicked Brown of the west is on her rampage and wants to destroy this state. If it’s Brown flush it down.

      1. Why is it always the Democrats upsetting your apple cart? You say the left voted for a dim wit. What did you vote for? A freaking moron who actually attempted to overthrow the government. Woo looks stupid now?

      2. Why is it always the Democrats upsetting your apple cart? You say the left voted for a dim wit. What did you vote for? A freaking moron who actually attempted to overthrow the government. Who looks stupid now?

    1. It’s till the Superbowl unless we do the right thing and comply. We’ll have the national guard at St Chuck’s next Friday. The picture for this article has to be taken at Wally world.

    1. Covid can, has, and is in many areas. Central Oregon has been lucky, but last Sunday’s concert at Les Schwab and other events might change that. It was a country concert, so most likely unmasked Trumpers. We will see is our cases go up.

    1. Sniffle. Oh man, no one to make outrageous complaints about while he’s not even posting. He owns space in your mind…………thing about that.

      1. ” Oh man, no one to make outrageous complaints about while he’s not even posting. He owns space in your mind…………thing about that.”

        2014 called. It wants it insult back.

    2. Nope- not in DC- but I clearly reside in your head ! Thanks for the shout out- and you all just keep reading my posts- you just might learn something !

    1. I will not care when your friends/family are in the hospital.
      I got the shot. I wear my mask. I will not be part of this train wreck. You will.

        1. When you type a response do you look back and think “Oh man, that’s awesome!”, or do you just type random words and hit enter and then go back to watching FOX? Shouldn’t you have at least called me a racist or something? Pretty weak response, try harder.

          1. After the jab of non-FDA approved chemicals went into your body- did you look back and think “that’s awesome”- now I can walk around like an idiot- not realizing I can still catch and spread the virus ! Yeh- Man- Awesome !

            1. Yes. Yes I did.
              I got both shots, and I’m even awesomer than I was before.
              Soze 2.0

              Yes, I can still catch Covid, though the odds are way less now. I also can still die in a car accident when I’m wearing my seat belt, but I keep wearing it none the less. See how that works? Awesome, huh.

              1. What you are saying is that life is full of individual risks- and people will make decisions based on the law (wearing your seat belt), social norms (wearing clothes), or personal liberties, freedoms, and beliefs (protected by the US Constitution) … You are trying to eliminate that last piece by arguing in support of Ex. Orders and Mandates enacted by a single individual- and that’s called a dictatorship. No Thank You- too many Americans died to preserve our Constitution and way of life- you might want to try your hand in North Korea- China- Cuba.

      1. I’ll eat just fine. See, I’m what you call “rural folk”. So I make dinner for myself and family most nights. I have plenty of food stores and plenty of livestock. Good luck to you my Bendite friend.

        1. Without take-out… Bluenoob is a complete mess. Explains all the hysterics about the Wuhan mild virus- dude must have some serious underlying conditions !

  14. If I’ve learned one thing, the vast majority of people posting here watch conservative media. Disproportionately misinformed. They keep spewing the same nonsense they watch on faux news and other vile fake news sites. I’m all for letting people go maskless as long as they are willing to sign a waiver that allows the hospital to refuse service for said virus. Let nature take care of them

    1. Absolutely. If you willfully not vaccinated, as in not a child or a person with a physical condition that prevents you from getting vaccinated, but an adult who simply refuses to take the vaccine, you should absolutely be denied covid treatment if you catch it.

      1. You got chronic obesity- poor heart condition due to bad life choices ? No hospital for you ! Sounds great… should clear out the beds by noon !

    2. Conservatives here cant accept losing so they make up garbage and make lots of noise. There’s a fine line between being amused by this or seeing how pathetic their reality is.

      1. Last I checked- “ALL” of America was losing ! Losing the battle at the southern border- losing the economy- losing to inflation- losing the peace through wars (Syria and Afghanistan)… and of course losing the ability to control a mild bug- the Wuhan Lab Bat virus ! Yup Lyin’ Cryin’ and Dyin on Joey Bidens plantation of despair !

      1. Speaks volumes about you ! Try a garden- catch a fish and gut it- go trap a rabbit and BBQ the little guy ! “No Service” ??? Whatta snowflake !

    1. An employer (And hospital of all places.) doesnt want its employees to go on the record endorsing conspiracy theories advocating endangering the health of the general public?

      You dont say?

      I can see the headline now “Local Hospital Acts Logically and Responsibly”.

  15. The best thing that could happen to this website is a system where everyone in the comment section has to reveal their actual name so they are exposed for the morons they truly are. 80% of this section would clean itself out in 24 hours.

  16. No selective enforcement! Either force all merchants to require mask or remove customers without them or force none of them too. Its not fair for the state to bust the backs of some businesses for not forcing customer compliance while turning a blind eye toward others!

    The rules should apply to everyone or they shouldnt apply to anyone!

  17. We are where we are today because of Donald Trump the republican party and a whole boatload of lies. 600,000+ people are dead because the former president chose to weaponize and politicize the virus and then use the situation to line his pockets. Like it’s coming out many other Republicans have done. They put more effort in working to destroy our democracy than in saving people. Then left an utterly gutted system for the incoming administration like they were intentionally setting the country up to fail just for spite. Now of course the Republicans are more concerned with rigging the next election than saving people. Now it’s coming out like we didn’t already now that Afghanistan was a bunch of crap. The American people were bullied into a endless war that saw thousands of lives lost over 3000 people dying in the world trade center. If you are not on board you’re not a patriot we were told. But it’s not patriotic to save 600,000 of your fellow citizens.


    2. You and all the rest of the liberals that post on this site have drank so much koolade that you should be picked up for WUII ( writing (while) under the influence of intoxicants)

      1. Please keep donating to Trump and the Repuke party. You must be happy that he was re-instated as President Friday with his crackhead My Pillow goon as VP, oh wait?

  18. I don’t care what you say about the liberals every time a Republican becomes president. People Die.
    What would you prefer? Universal healthcare. Or dead people?

        1. To date- almost twice as many ‘Merikans have died since election night 2020- almost 400k. You can blame a Dem (like Cuomo and Brown) for inflating the misery.

    1. Your name is a recreational activity in prineville 🤠. Passports are probably coming here as California has then and Brown follows their lead. The lambda variant will follow the delta and delta + so the left will embrace the virus till the midterms next year.

      1. Is that the latest Republican rhetoric? Reminds me of Trumplicans saying Covid would disappear after Nov 3, 2020. Failed rhetoric then, doomed to be failed rhetoric again.

  19. Only people kill people. Like the creation of the virus. Wear the mask you bunch of nuts. All sicknesses come from bad families leaders and followers. Don’t forget that when the next sickness comes. Sighed. The slave markets life.

  20. Let’s just break it down for the dimwitted:
    If businesses are going to be fined, wear a mask or shop elsewhere or pick up curbside. If schools require masks your kid should either wear a mask or you can homeschool them. Sometimes it’s a matter of the bigger picture, it’s about the group not the individual. Practice your freedoms from the comfort of your own home, go get your coffee at Kevista! go eat at Black Bear but please for the love of God, stop your GD whining!!!!! It is just a mask! Think of other humans, some of you act as if real freedoms are being taken away, calm down no one is coming to take your guns, it’s just a wee mask ********!

    1. My taxes go to support public schooling- Last year they were closed- where’s my cash back ? You want kids home schooled- then I want a check for every kid that leaves public schooling…

  21. First of all, people who wear masks should not be ridiculed or looked down at for doing so. For Gods Sake People act like an adult and let them do what they choose. Just like your choice not to wear one.
    Second, the guy they interviewed saying he has asthma and the mask affects him? Well you shouldn’t be walking around outdoors with the smoke either. Which is far worse than the mask.

  22. The problem of people rejecting masks and the vaccine began with the lies and inconsistencies from the government and the media. If they’d been completely honest about what they knew, and what they didn’t know, and if there’d been no coverups nor funding of dangerous medical experiments IN CHINA WHERE THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED, we’d all likely believe more of what we’re told.

  23. Exercise can’t prevent all heart attacks, yet we still exercise.
    Locking your front door can’t prevent all burglaries, yet we still lock our front doors.
    Seat belts can’t prevent all injuries/deaths in auto accidents, yet we still wear our seat belts.
    Not smoking can’t prevent all lung cancers, yet we still refrain from smoking.
    Dressing warmly in the winter can’t prevent all head colds, yet we still dress warmly in the winter.
    Wearing bicycle helmets can’t prevent all brain injuries, yet we still wear bicycle helmets.
    So why is it when scientists make the statement that wearing a mask or being vaccinated can’t prevent all cases of COVID, some people interpret that as meaning masks and vaccines make no difference at all? Anyone who believes that wearing a mask and being vaccinated doesn’t significantly eliminate the risk of contracting and spreading the COVID virus is someone who has no interest in the truth or in facts.

    1. Your analogy is blatantly missing a scientific fact… that your non FDA approved chemical laced vaccine cannot prevent you from catching or spreading the Wuhan Lab Bat. Now what ?

  24. “I am the Government who brought you up from the land of Oregon, to be your God; you shall be holy, for I am holy” “Anyone who touches something unclean—whether human uncleanness or an unclean animal or any unclean creature that moves along the ground —and then eats any of the meat of the fellowship offering belonging to the Government must be cut off from their people.”
    UNCLEAN!!! UNCLEAN!!! Burn the filthy unmasked disobedient unmasked monsters.

    1. Barney argues from the bully pulpit… he feels the need to protect the regional idiots trying to support Z21’s agenda. imagine if you had the likes of Kuya-Neverdumber-Tio-Fester-FC-Martha… on your team ! You’d be the Washington Generals- the Blazers after picking Sam Bowie.. you know- “Doh for 16” ! That is why Barney targets conservative posts- it’s his ball- if he doesn’t like the score- he takes it and goes home to sulk… hoping that when he returns- Michael Jordan has left the court… Nope- Still Here !

  25. Humm… I’ll just say that no one came in with masks at the place I work. Many of our customers thanked us for not feeling pressured one way or the other.
    I’m certainly not going to play cop, not my job. I don’t get paid enough. We can barley meet staffing requirements.
    Even our county commissioners can’t agree. 2-1 no enforcements.
    Not enough man power to enforce.
    Don’t like that people are taking there power back? ….Then stay home in your bubble and let Kate Brown tell you how to live your life. As if she cares. As if she’s not just waiting for more federal money.

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