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Decision 2020: NewsChannel 21 sets seven debates with candidates in top local races

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – NewsChannel 21 will broadcast and livestream seven half-hour debates among candidates in top Central Oregon races this month.

The 7 p.m. broadcasts, without commercial interruptions, will be a good opportunity to hear the candidates address the top issues of the day and why they feel they would be the best person to hold those positions.

Here’s our schedule:

Monday, October 12th 
State Rep. District 54
Cheri Helt (R) incumbent
Jason Kropf (D)

Tuesday, October 13th
 Oregon Sec. of State

Shemia Fagan (D)
Kim Thatcher (R)

Wednesday, October 14th 
Redmond Mayor

George Endicott (incumbent)
Charles Baer
Tanner Robertson

Monday, October 19th 
Deschutes Co. Commissioner

Phil Henderson (R) incumbent
Phil Chang (D)

Tuesday, October 20th
Oregon Senate District 27

Tim Knopp (R) incumbent
Eileen Kiely (D)

Monday, October 26th 
Deschutes County Sheriff
Shane Nelson incumbent
Scott Schaier

Tuesday, October 27th
Oregon Senate District 30
Lynn Findley (R) incumbent
Carina Miller (D)

We hope you'll join us.

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  1. Thank you ktvz! I hope you ask the deschutes sheriff candidates about oregon precedent regarding legal and financial exposure to the taxpayers, related to this racist propaganda painted on our county squad cars

    1. And i hope you dont accept this pretend answer weve all heard before, that dcso is displaying a “thin blue line” fake flag, not a “blue lives matter” fake flag- even the most basic image search shows the two symbols are identical

  2. Three good questions for candidate Scott Schaier during his debate with Sheriff Shane Nelson –

    1. Were you the actual arresting officer, as you told the Bend Bulletin this past June, of Ms. Paris Hilton on August 28, 2010, while you were a police officer in Las Vegas? Or were you actually called to the scene to inventory her boyfriend’s SUV and wait for the tow truck per an LVMPD public records request response?

    2. You have recently claimed the new DCSO “Health of the Force” wellness program initiated by Sheriff Nelson was cobbled together as a result of you raising this as a campaign issue. As a candidate how is it you are not aware of the documentation beginning in 2016 of Nelson’s groundwork, to include interfacing with then Chief Jim Porter, on just this program?

    3. You claim the Sheriff’s Office has no strategic plan yet the public records request your campaign filed now months ago saw copies of past and current strategic plans created and approved by Nelson and his command team provided to you. Did you read them? Where is your strategic plan and why have you not shared it before now?

    It would be great to hear candidate Schaier tap-dance around all three of those on live tv.

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