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Deschutes County Parole & Probation Most Wanted List – Dec. 2019

Tamariah Adams
Tamariah Adams, DOB 7/15/93, drugs
Clifford Beers
Clifford Beers. DOB 4/14/82, sex abuse
Brownfield, Michele
Michelle Brownfield, DOB 8/19/76, UUMV
David Cook
David Cook, DOB 12/6/81, rape/sodomy
Angel Crow
Angel Crow, DOB 7/25/90, burglary, robbery, ID theft
Sheena Cullins
Sheena Collins, DOB 10/7/80, drugs
Sheldon Davis
Sheldon Davis, DOB 10/8/95, UUMV
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia, DOB 7/10/67, DUII
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez, DOB 11/30/80, drugs
Thomas Grande
Thomas Grande, DOB 9/10/73, drugs
Amy Hawkins
Amy Hawkins, DOB 5/8/86. theft
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson, DOB 11/30/71, drugs, theft
Shawn Kennedy
Shawn Kennedy, DOB 9/15/97, assault
Kimler, Katelyn
Katelyn Kimler, DOB 8/15/89, drugs
Justin Lampke
Justin Lampke, DOB 9/1/73, sex abuse
Martson, Bradford (1)
Brandford Martson, DOB 8/15/80, drugs
Jeremiah McKay
Jeremiah McKay, DOB 3/14/78, elude
Michael Murrin
Michael Murrin, DOB 4/3/67, sex abuse
Anna Newlin
Anna Newlin, DOB 1/26/90, drugs
Joshua Pickles
Joshua Pickles, DOB 9/3/78, burglary
Polich, Amanda (1)
Amanda Polich, DOB 11/2/88, drugs
Rahn, James (1)
James Rahn, DOB 4/27/84, weapons
Tyson Rausch
Tyson Rausch, DOB 12/23/98, coercion
Stephen Rechner
Stephen Rechner, DOB 9/6/78, sex abuse, rape, failure to register as a sex offender
Ashley Roop
Ashley Roop, DOB 8/7/92, reckless endangering, drugs, UUMV
Kaeton Rose
Kaeton Rose, DOB 6/21/92, drugs
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval, DOB 4/11/98, sodomy, drugs
Kenneth Steele
Kenneth Steele, DOB 3/2/62, assault
Dallas Urig
Dallas Urig, DOB 7/1/89, drugs
Sara Valdez
Sara Valdez, DOB 7/21/84, felony driving with a suspended/revoked license
Matthew Young
Matthew Young, DOB 11/30/68, sex abuse
Vierra, John
John Vierra, DOB 7/10/92, theft, drugs

Here is the list of individuals wanted by Deschutes County Adult Parole and Probation for December 2019. Contact the agency at (541) 385-3246 with any information.

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