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Gov. Brown declares ‘abnormal price disruption,’ targets price gouging for baby formula amid shortage


(Update: Governor issues declaration; Sen. Wyden news release)

Attorney general asked governor to take action; Wyden, colleagues urge stepped-up production

EUGENE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Friday issued a proclamation declaring an abnormal market disruption due to the baby formula shortage ​​in the United States and in Oregon, resulting from recalls, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages.

The proclamation is in response to reports of unusual increases in baby formula prices.

“Many Oregon families across the state rely on baby formula to nourish their newborns and children, and it is critical that they can easily access this nutrition without abnormally increased prices,” Brown said. “This proclamation empowers the Attorney General and the Oregon Department of Justice to investigate instances where price gouging on baby formula may be happening, and to take appropriate action if businesses are found to be in violation.

Oregonians who believe they have been subjected to excessive prices for essential consumer goods and services due to this disruption can report these instances to the Oregon Department of Justice through their Consumer Protection hotline at 877-877-9392. Oregonians can also visit for more information.

The Oregon Department of Justice has the authority to investigate unlawful trade practices.

With increased shortages of baby formula due to recalls, labor shortages and supply chain disruptions,  Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sent a letter to Brown Thursday night, asking her to immediately declare an “abnormal disruption of the market” in Oregon, pursuant to ORS 401.965.

Oregon law authorizes the governor to declare an abnormal disruption of the market in response to “any emergency that prevents ready availability of essential consumer goods or services.”

This declaration will allow the attorney general to take action against any business, or online vendor, who upsells the price of baby formula — an essential consumer product — by more than 15 percent.

The Oregon Department of Justice is aware of reports of baby formula being sold online for prices far exceeding its retail value. Rosenblum urges Oregonians to be on alert for potential price gouging of baby formula and to report any significant price increases to her office.

In addition, she encourages parents having difficulty finding formula to speak with their child’s health provider before attempting to dilute formula or make their own, either of which, according to health authorities, can be potentially dangerous to a child.

Rosenblum also encourages anyone with extra breast milk to consider donating it to their local milk bank.

“If Oregonians see significant price increases for baby formula, I encourage them to report it to my office immediately,” she said. “Anyone who tries to take advantage of this shortage by gouging parents desperate to feed their babies is on notice.”

Due to the nationwide shortage, the Oregon Department of Justice advises consumers to buy only as much formula as they need and not to unnecessarily stock up; panic buying may intensify the shortage and could encourage sellers to engage in illegal price gouging. It is not price gouging for retailers to limit the amount of formula they sell to individual consumers.

When reporting price gouging to the Oregon Department of Justice, consumers should:

  • Get as much information as possible before reporting by taking a picture of the posted price, advertisement, or online listing, including the product name, brand, size or quantity, and unit price;
  • Keep receipts for purchased items.

Report suspected violations to the Attorney General’s Price Gouging Hotline at (503) 378-8442 or online at and attach your pictures, receipt, or other information.

More information on Oregon’s price gouging statute can be found here:


News release from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.:

Wyden, Colleagues Push Infant Formula Manufacturers to Address Crisis, Get Formula on Shelves ASAP

Senators: “There is no easy substitute for infant formula, and this shortage has left families across the nation scrambling to figure out how they will safely care for their children”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden today joined colleagues in a letter calling on infant formula manufacturers to make every effort possible to get parents and families in Oregon and nationwide the formula they need to feed their kids.

“We write to express our concern about the infant formula supply shortage which is making it harder for parents and caregivers nationwide to get their children the nourishment they need,” Wyden and the senators wrote in a letter to Mardi Mountford, President of the Infant Nutrition Council of America. “Formula is a critical source of nutrition for newborns and infants, and this supply shortage has put their health and development at risk. We are calling on you and your member companies to take immediate action and ensure that infant formula manufacturers are making every effort to mitigate this dangerous shortage and get children the nourishment they need.”

Over the past several months, partially due to a massive recall following contaminated formula from major supplier Abbott Nutrition, it has become increasingly difficult for families to get access to infant formula. In the letter to the Infant Nutrition Council of America today, Wyden and his colleagues stressed how dire the situation is for families, and urged formula manufacturers to take action to increase infant formula production and distribution, and prevent future supply chain disruptions.

“This shortage has placed an unacceptable burden on parents and caregivers and has put the health of babies and infants at risk. For many families, infant formula is critical for ensuring their children receive the nutrition they need to grow healthy and well-nourished” the letter continued. “This shortage has been especially challenging for some of the most vulnerable infants, with particularly acute shortages of specialty formulas to address health needs such as allergies, gastrointestinal issues, or metabolic disorders. There is no easy substitute for infant formula, and this shortage has left families across the nation scrambling to figure out how they will safely care for their children.”

The letter was led by Senators Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Bob Casey, D-Pa. In addition to Wyden, others signing the letter are U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Cory Booker, D-N.J., Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, Tom Carper, D-Del., Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, Tim Kaine, D-Va., Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Ben Ray Luján, D-N.M., Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., Alex Padilla, D-Calif., Jack Reed, D-R.I., Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Tina Smith, D-Minn., Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., Jon Tester, D-Mont., Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., Mark Warner, D-Va., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Reverend Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.

Full text of the letter is HERE.

KTVZ news sources



  1. But the government has lots of baby formula. Oh wait…never mind they sent it to the southern border to give it away to the illegal alien’s children.

      1. That’s true barney. However I’d be willing to bet there is no shortage of formula at these processing sites. After all… nearly 250,000 illegal aliens entered the United States last month. That’s a lot of mouths to feed at the expense of the American taxpayer.

          1. 7-10000 a day cross dude. Do the math bro. And as soon as biden ends title 42 that number is expected to increase to 20,000 a day.
            And I don’t shut up. I grow up. And you come around the corner and lick it up like 7-up. 😀

                1. How is asking for a source ignoring the problem? Its literally seeking to be informed.

        1. You poor thing, you should be refunded for the portion of your tax money used to feed those poor people. Where would you like your 1 tenth of 1 cent sent?

          1. It’s not so much the taxes blue. It’s the people entering our country illegally. Could we just enforce our immigration laws? I know how much you democrats despise law enforcement and the rule of the law. Youve made that painfully obvious over the last 2 years. Defund the police. No cash bail. Early release for violent criminals. An open border. Could we just enforce our immigration laws? Or is that to much to ask from a radical woke leftist administration that is hell bent on destroying America?

            1. “radical woke leftist administration that is hell bent on destroying America?”

              I more worried about a SCOTUS that is reducing women to state owned brood-mares.

              1. If and I say again, “IF” SCOTUS overturns Roe vs. Wade, all they are saying is that it IS NOT the ones to make that decision and that it should/is up to the individual states to decide on abortion. SCOTUS decision is not saying it is legal or illegal from their point of view, only that it should be decided by the individual states.

                1. @sharder8 Exactly what I said. State owned broodmares. The state will decide what they can do with their bodies, hence the state owns them.

                1. but but but this is JUST LIKE handmaid’s tale!!!!

                  You can’t reason with these people

              2. The irony and contradictions of liberals is excellent! They objectify everyone by identifying them by their race and gender, and then complain that the state is objectifying women as brood mares. While framing the abortion issue as being all about women’s rights, but liberals claim they can’t even define what a woman is. How can you create a woman’s right when you haven’t defined the biology of the being it applies to? The law would have no meaning because there was no defined entity for whom it applies. Trust the biological science, oh wait, not that science, only the science that liberals say you should believe.
                And liberals are supposedly so concerned about rights but believe in the philosophy of repressive tolerance, which is anti free speech.

                1. ^^^ VERY well said. the liberals live in a paradox and they can’t have it both ways. they busted themselves with this one after brown was “unable” – errr unwilling – to define a woman.

          2. Nice shifting the argument. From illegal immigration to feeding people. Bonus points for ignoring illegal immigration evidence from CBP, and combining a guilt trip and a virtue signal into one comment.

      2. Typical Barney eluding that any claims of formula being sent to the border are not true. Wash Post isn’t denying that formula is being sent to the border only that it’s not biden’s fault. The model of the US media both local and national is not only ad revenue but also to pit one side against the other. Problem is by using these half truths, fear and manipulation to make more money the media is also doing detrimental harm to American’s psyche. I think though people are waking up and realizing that our traditional media has become an untrustworthy worn out brand.

          1. Okay Barney . . . Explain the pallets of baby formula being sent from the US to Ukraine? There isn’t a shortage any where else in the world, than the US. Change Amazon location to Canada or Mexico and you’ll find no shortage, only the US. The US government is also talking about shipping formula in from Ireland . . . Why not Canada or Mexico? Why not buy and ship baby formula from Ireland to Ukraine?

            1. Not spending a moment doing research on such stuff. Feel free to provide links from reputable sources, otherwise it’s just more anonymous stuff folks can look into on their own, if they care. Or judge from who said it.

                1. Excellent long list of “FACTS” ! So good- it has shut down those mouthy naysayers who have no response but to deny that list exists… Nice Work !

                2. No, the “naysayers” are the ones who see only negative. Most folks are wiser than me and have learned engaging in dialogue with you is useless.

            2. He’ll defend everything this administration does till his dying breath as everyone who has their own opinion of Brandon isn’t worth his time if the opinion isn’t favourable. No matter what link any of us provide it will be infallible in his eyes. The tireless protector of truth and ⚖️ that he’s taken on is a knee slapper. When they do the 25th on him and we get president harris barney will wipe a tear from his 👁️ and still defend her and pelosi to the bitter end.

          2. At least you’re being transparent Barney. Your job isn’t to disprove people’s opinions, it’s to report the damn news. As much as it pains you, people are free to have their own opinions regardless of what’s on your website.

            1. Never ever tried to change or disprove one’s opinion. But when their “facts” have no source, sometimes are reckless and are easily refuted, I might provide a link that folks can judge for themselves. But when falsehoods are said about me/our organizations’ reporting of the news, it demands the facts in response. Or deletion under Terms of Service, if offensive.

            2. A very good point ! This is a “comments” board- where free speech and opinions are not to be censored- deleted- arbitrarily criticized by any single self proclaimed intellectual. This whole concept scares the left- to the point that they will argue all day that free speech has limits… the ol “shouting fire in a theater”… Well… what about the millions that die each year because nobody shouted “fire” ? The evidence is clear- millions more suffer from those who were afraid to speak up- (Covid19-VAERS-The Steele Dossier-Russian Collusion) all examples. We now have a completely dysfunctional government in DC because cooler heads were silenced- now what ? The nation is a wreck- our state in violent turmoil… why ? Because free speech and our constitutional rights have been trampled upon- lets start there and fix this muck up !

                1. “Love it or leave it” went out with sixties bell bottoms and “groovy” ! Nobody will change you because of an over-inflated sense of self worth- ego- or esteem… only you really know why you can’t admit personal failure. I wont bother to analyze anyone here- I have my opinions- many have evolved- you insist you won’t… go ahead then- live in the sixties when Ed Sullivan brought the Beatles to America and Batman was now seen in living color !

                2. See what I mean folks? No wonder the many who disagree with this person don’t dare engage – it’s a waste of time and just brings toxic untrue hate-fire your way.

                3. “Love it or leave it” went out with sixties bell bottoms and “groovy” ! Why block the rest of my post ?

          3. Unlike the police and government huh Barney? You just take what they spoon feed you as fact. Gotta keep that cash rolling. Greed is a mother.

            1. Yes, we trust and report our local officials’ info, as does every other reputable local media here and across the country, unless there are valid reasons to question them. It’s called responsible journalism.

          4. Barney – president and chief of the KTVZ disinformation board. You comment more than some of these people with their outlandish ideas. Sometimes no response to their claims is better than your constant tit for tat with them

            1. I have to defend my profession and myself, and yes, I do defend facts. And yes, it is often a waste of my time, but swallowing my pride and letting others beat me up with words isn’t the right answer either. Perhaps the Viafoura system with its added tools like a return of upvote/downvote to promote civil dialogue and send trolls into invisible negatives will move us forward. Or we may join the many who have given up on allowing hate and blame to dominate their comment system and shut it down. Apparently Fox News lets folks say whatever, considering the sample shared here was anything but an objective news article.

              1. Yer missing the point- simply moderate fairly- objectively- without your silly judgement calls… you’d have great dialogue. Your crisis is self made.

                1. I am fair and objective. You clearly don’t know the meaning of the words, and prove it daily. The false claims that the country is “destroyed,” etc. etc. I’ll try harder to let them stand — or fall — on their own.

                2. That’s great B- now feel free to offer up as many examples as you want that support your personal opinion that this country is not destroyed. Go ahead- the floor is yours.

                3. That’s a very sad opinion I’m not engaging in, other than to pray for you.
                  Babies are born, birds sing, your toxic depressing view of a country or state “destroyed” is proved wrong millions of times an hour.
                  Thank God you are wrong. I do.

          5. Why are you working to disprove people’s opinions? You just revealed your true colors. Maybe you should vacate the position Barney, you’re not to be trusted.

            1. We thankfully are trusted by many 1,000s of people who know better than to read, much less debate with the hateful trolls here.
              I don’t care about people’s opinions, but when they constantly state untruths or ridiculous statements like the country or state is “destroyed,” etc. etc., I do try to inject a few facts, for the record if nothing else.
              It’s useless of course, like the old saying about wrestling with barnyard animals. You just get dirty – and the animals like it.

              1. It’s not your job to revoke the opinions of others. You do not get to decide what is truth and what is not. You sir are part of the problem and a component of why the MSM is not trusted.

                1. I try to change no opinions, but to counter the over-the-top 100 pct. negative picture of America, Oregon, etc. with some reality. And we have many, many friends and viewers who know that to be true.
                  If only the people with very valid points to debate and stand for didn’t so often take it to ridiculous extremes, for purely political reasons. Others have wisely learned to walk away, ignore and not waste their time. As moderator, I don’t have that option.

              2. The only time you ever try to interject facts. Journalism is dead at KTVZ #FACT. You tale what your corporate oligarchs say and run with it as fact WITHOUT vetting a single word in them but, on the comment sections you’re all fired up to disprove just about everything. Face it Barney it’s time for you to hang your hat up and let bi partisan person take over. Your liberalism is showing and I feel you’re running down the path of mental illness.

      3. I’m guessing ya’ll weren’t paying attention when White House press secretary Jen Psaki was just asked by a reporter about this. Not only did she not deny it, she went on to justify it! She stated it was the governments responsibility to ensure infants at the border are properly fed. Who ya’ going to believe now, Barney??? White House press secretary or Wash. Post?

            1. The truth is what dictates my day job, and I work many hours a week on local news. But complying with online commenters’ directions is a waste of time, by and large. We welcome helpful tips and suggestions, not endless arguments with people who hate govt., media etc.

            1. Watch out Barney doesn’t like “real” facts. He reports what the corporation tells him too for a monetary award. Let that sink in. Barney is bought and paid for 100%.

          1. Maybe those parents should be more responsible and not try an illegal entry into the US- we do have legal channels for immigration you know.

      4. Did you even read the article you linked? The article states the everything “not fooling “ said is exactly true. The only reason that it gave it any Pinocchios is that they have to do it to follow the law. The joke is that the admin is complicit in creating the southern border crisis to begin with CAUSING the feds to send pallets of baby formula to the immigrant processing plants.

      5. You block my comment stating that your linked fact check which confirms there are pallets of formula sent to the illegal aliens at the border? Read your own link. The “pinnochios” are given for the “faux outrage.” Not the FACT formula is being sent to the southern border.

    1. I havent seen any disasters Id lay at Biden’s feet except for his being far too soft on conservatives and refusing to pass more liberal backed legislation. The SCOTUS is doing more to destroy the US than even Trump himself did.

      1. I’m still waiting for someone to point out all the GOOD things old joe has done since becoming POTUS. I know some seriously left left wingers and they are all very quiet on that subject.

          1. Yes but you need to add intolerent if someone doesn’t agree with that. That’s sounds more like Nazism than socialism and certainly is not progressive.

      2. Afghanistan, record number of illegals entering the country at the southern border, and printing an exorbitant amount of cash to create the inflation we see right now. Are you unaware or just ignorant due to bias?

      3. No disasters at Biden’s feet? Are you kidding me?
        Botched Afghanistan withdrawal leaving American behind
        Inflation higher than in decades predicted and a direct result of printing trillions of dollars
        Shutting down Keystone pipeline, approving Russia pipeline to Europe creating oil crisis
        A disgrace of a son and colluding with him to illegally profit
        Letting millions of illegal immigrants come into the country without proper channels
        Largest fentanyl crisis ever in the US because of a open border for the cartel
        Continuing to defund police with largest murder rates in cities ever
        COVID still being tried to be an issue
        Looking like the demented idiot he is on the world stage when it comes to Ukraine
        Failing to protect our Supreme Court justices so they can do their job

        No, he hasn’t been responsible for any disasters in his incompetent presidency

      4. SCOTUS? Really? If you knew what you were talking about you’d know that they would give abortion rights decisions back to the states, not take them away.

  2. So where is this ardor against price gouging while the rest of society is getting bent over for everything from food to electronics?

    Its another case of parents being given special treatment over everyone else.

    1. Is paying $5/gallon for your Subaru with the “Bend” sticker sending you over the edge? Last I checked, food was not “special treatment.”

      Declarations and Proclamations are nonsense — Brown needs to just get baby formula back on the shelves and quit talking.

      1. Isnt the government taking control of the private sector communism? But hey Im all for that as long as she gets everything else back on the shelves as well, not just baby food.

        1. Didn’t the government take control of the private sector by shutting down- locking down- melting down the state for two years… in Oregon… that was all- 100 percent Kovid Kate Brown… what else you got ?

          1. Well, considering the government did not seize control of any business and force them to work while setting the prices for their goods, I dont really see how I need anything else. But keep comparing those apples and oranges and pounding away at your keyboard.

            1. Yeh- apples and oranges- your comment was about “government control”- not seizing or forced labor… why the spin ? Poor Joey would love to force the US oil and gas industry back to work- truckers who drive around DC instead of delivering goods- union dock workers who he claims are the real problem behind his supply chain debacle… Yeh- poor Joey Biden- now considered the worst US President ever… and you admittedly voted for him ! Ya Clown !

  3. Forget arguing with the smartest planet in Bend Oregon. Barney is dyed blue and would make a great replacement for Jen Saki. He could lie every day and get away with it.

    1. I never lie. Ever. No one has ever proven it in their smears. They just keep repeating the falsehoods. Our stories are factual, and if there are errors pointed out, we correct them. Always. And it rarely happens, because we do pretty well, as do the vast majority of targeted journalists.

        1. Unless you or others disprove it, yes, they have accurate info and quote folks by name and reputation. To me, it’s far worse to reject everything they report, without proof it’s inaccurate. Most folks judge article by article and get specific with criticism.

          1. I’ve posted links to back up my statements further up in the discussion. Now, will you post them or delete them? As they disprove what you’re backing/saying.

      1. Factual my heiny! You don’t fact check jack. You take whatever is spoon fed and run with it and make retractions later if necessary and you well know it.

        1. Feel free to dispute any info in local stories. Instead, the same ol’ broad claims without foundation. Reporters for centuries have done what we do, and do well, and we are still respected by many- MOST – for doing so. The volume of hate without proof is all that’s new.

      2. Cmon Barney ! You lie about the content of my posts- my intentions- and my overall good manners all the time to justify TOS approved comments. Your actions are lies- intended to fool the public and manipulate your messaging… yer simply dealing with smarter people here… no need to keep the charade alive- it’s not a good look.

            1. I give my opinion of your hateful attacks on me (and others who dare disagree – some deleted as truly offensive) and your untruths you claim are facts. Your words constantly prove I tell the truth, as always.

              1. However your opinion is always about how conservatives are haters. You’re always fact checking their comments. I haven’t seen a single comment where you argue about facts when it’s from the lefties (your tribe). I’ve gone back on many subjects here and I’ve never seen any responses from you that point out your not a blatantly left-wing moderator.

                1. I have given warnings and deleted comments from people on all points on the political spectrum. You feel free to believe what you wish.

                2. “I haven’t seen a single comment where you argue about facts when it’s from the lefties (your tribe).”… You are absolutely correct ! Even perusing this thread- you will not the numerous threats- defensive- or wild eyed justifications for arguing with- belittling- or challenging those who dare disagree with Brown or the position this outlet has taken to constantly support her liberal agenda- one that has created economic ruin- increased crime (dramatically)- seen our environment mismanaged to the point of hazardous conditions- social lockdowns akin to third world dictators… cooler heads and intelligent dialogue is being censored- and it’s not just here- nationwide (under Biden) the US Constitution is under attack.

      3. Dude, Barney, CNN is a dumpster fire and you post their stories constantly. I think your presence on Reddit has rotted your brain.

        1. Point me to any specific factual error in a CNN article on our site, and we’ll review it. Reddit is a totally separate deal and a wonderful place for civil dialogue among open-minded people (yeah they have trolls but they can be more easily ignored.)

    2. Hate saying it but would you rather look at barney over big red or aqua net. Somebody will complain say that’s hurtful giving them ladies those nicknames. Like her or her replacement will read this forum but supporters of the left don’t find anything funny unless it’s the plight of the right’s suffering

  4. It’s the usual crybabies who complain about the gov being in their business until they don’t get what they want because of capitalism and then the blame goes to…..the gov? Wait until the Republicans gain control again and raise taxes, then the same morons will blame liberals for it, lol!

    1. The massive increase in inflation rates “IS” a tax increase ! Your record high gas prices at the pump “IS” a tax increase !! The cost of basic necessities reaching 20-40 year highs… IS A TAX INCREASE !!! And none of that hurts your millionaires one bit… this is an attack on the middle class ! Yeh- morons- blame the libs- blame the Dems- blame Joey and Hunter Biden… why blame DJ Trump ? Ya fool !!!

        1. Once again the moderator has stepped in to protect you from the tongue lashing I posted- why don’t you stay on the porch if you can’t debate the facts on your own… Or do you still need your Momma here to wave her wooden spoon around. Another example of personal bias by the one who claims it doesn’t exist.

  5. Meanwhile, the FDA approved formula recipes early on for safe formulas. That was before all this of course. Don’t belly the tricks that have been sold.

  6. At least in this article, not a single case of retail ripoff found in Oregon. Why get all upset without a single example of price-gouging? and what is 15% upsell that constitutes a crime? What if the wholesaler raised the price 50% and the retailer just passes it on to the consume?. As usual, a government action without any real logic. btw Biden is now claiming that he took action as soon as he was made aware of the problem. If he had any kind of smart people in his administration, they would have known three months ago, that the biggest factory shutting down, in an industry with way too few suppliers, would cause a major market disruption. This is Business 101. If he didn’t know it was going to happen, then anybody in the industry could have told him last Winter. This is actually a problem of government being run by lifetime politicians, as opposed to people who actually know how the economy works.

    1. Starting as a whistleblower complaint in Sept/Oct, Feds investigate in December, Fed shuts down plant in Feb. 2 infant deaths and a few being sick based on less information than when we have a Spinach Scare and a truck load gets recalled from cow contamination. The 2 deaths were not attributed to formula and the FDA has continued to hold up plant production.

    1. And for those that are allergic to human breast milk or require special formulations? You comment makes less sense than telling pregnant women to buy goats for milk for their babies.

        1. Patently false. My son was allergic to any egg based product and that is transferred through breast milk. We lived through what you say is impossible.

            1. Thanks genius. Had no idea after thousands in medical bills spent to find out. The point that gluten was trying to make is that all kids could just drink breast milk and be fine. Egg allergens show up in the breast milk when eaten by the mother.

        2. Both my youngest daughter and I were born lactose intolerant . . . Both of us still are! I was fed goat milk and she was fed baby formula designed for lactose intolerant babies. There are actually quite a few babies that can’t drink breast milk or cow’s milk OR formula made from cow’s milk.

      1. The number of infants who actually need specialized formula is not remotely high enough to discount the idea to “just breast feed”. And goat’s milk isnt a bad idea either. Remember, before the 1970s people routinely gave their babies cow milk and they turned out just fine. Is it ideal? No. Will it work. It worked for generations.

        1. True form to your good friend Joe….what did he say? Oh right Americans just need to “lower our expectations.” Now that’s a campaign slogan if I ever heard one!😂

        2. Generally, regular cow’s milk formula is recommended for infants who are not breastfed.4,5 However, there are multiple types of other infant formulas. Some have clear clinical indications for use, such as special formulas for prematurely born children (eg, Enfacare, Neosure), protein hydrosylate or elemental formulas for children with cow’s milk and soy protein allergies (eg, Nutramigen, Alimentum), or formulas for other specific nutritional needs (eg, Pregestimil for fat malabsorption; Lofenalac for phenylketonuria). Other formulas have rare true clinical indications (soy formula for galactosemia; lactose-free formulas for true lactose intolerance among infants)

  7. kalamity Kate needs to “prove” this… “Many Oregon families across the state rely on baby formula to nourish their newborns and children”… Nope ! This is out of convenience- not necessity- and that is where the conversation should begin ! Americans need to understand that the nation is regressing- moving back towards the horse and buggy days under Biden… adapt accordingly- you’ll do just fine. Grow yer own- hunt- fish- gather- repair your own homes- churn yer own butter and ice cream- go back to home deliveries and breast feeding… this is Joe Biden’s regressive America- and it aint that bad- for those of us who’ve never depended on Government before- go ahead city slicker- live off the grid- it’s what Joey and Hunter want.

  8. Price gouging? Uh how about just the inflation brought on by the moronic policies of this admin. Remember when they all claimed it was “transitory.” Has anyone ever asked them about that false claim? Amazing how when you continually print money and flood the economy with cash inflation happens. These people are idiots along with everyone who voted for them. Biden’s America. Mass migration, record inflation, stagnant economy, Afghanistan withdrawal, record gas prices, …killing it dems.

    1. And lot of the lib supporters will chirp is there any proof of any of what you say or gas ⛽ prices need to be this high cause what trump did.

    1. I don’t see anyone else’s name in the headline ! Brown needs to shut her yap- go take an anatomy physiology class or two ! I’m sure Planned Parenthood can help her understand how the female body works during pregnancy !

  9. All of this nonsense begins to end this November…

    Opinion WAPO –

    “The depression-era comedian Will Rogers once famously said he did not belong to an organised political party because he was a Democrat. Yet today the traditional factiousness of the Democratic coalition has been engulfed by an almost Stalinist attitude that brooks no dissent on its most treasured policies – even though these do not resonate well with the bulk of the electorate.”

    And –

    “President Joe Biden’s pollster John Anzalone had some blunt warnings for Democrats ahead of November’s election, saying the party should ‘just compete to not get our a**es kicked.'”

    1. You are entitled to share such opinions here. We are striving to continue to provide a forum for people to speak their minds, with some basic rules we enforce to the best of our ability.
      As for our station’s great news content, again, you are entitled to your opinion, and our reporters can give it all the attention it deserves.
      Have a good weekend.

    1. Trying to please the anonymous troll-filled hateful attackers is a waste of time. My supervisors differ with your opinion, as do many I meet all the time, online and in real life. In other words… I know better than to accept the foul opinions of nasty hateful people as anything close to reality.
      But feel free to go on and on – your time spent here supports our efforts! Thanks so much.

      1. And that boys, girls is why people become journalists! To please their Supervisors and promote the content their paymasters desire. You heard it here first! Just make sure to use a style book or you could end up working the 188th largest market in the Country! Just behind Lafayette, IN and right above Lima, OH!

        1. Do you work to DISplease your supervisors? Sure, my supervisors are glad when we have great factual content – often the first such reporters. If you think they have some agenda they tell us to promote, that’s of course false.

      2. You are proving many of his points by purely engaging with it. Most journalists and moderators do not immerse themselves into the discussion and continually slant one way nor do they engage in childish comments like you ended with. This is in part why a large percentage of Americans do not believe journalists, moderators, nor their institutions they work for have integrity anymore. You would help yourself tremendously but moderating and nothing more.

          1. You don’t slant the news ??? This site was one of just thousands across the US that engaged in 97% negative coverage of the Trump Presidency… one that had Oregonians paying $1.88/gallon for gas and a nation that was energy independent- no wars to speak of- covid on the run- consumer confidence roaring as much as the economy was- Police were respected and supported- our borders ten times more secure than now… really… You don’t slant the news ???

              1. Your almost learning but not quite. Does writing a response really just make you feel better about yourself? Just ignore it man. It is so darn easy.

                1. If you were personally attacked with lies 1,000s of times a month here, you’d never respond? Guess you’re just a better person than I am. (And now… you’ll respond?)

          2. I do. Are you that weak minded as a moderator? If so you are just lighting the fire like so many other childish adults on here. But, but, he called me a name! Give me a break man and come to the realization that it does nothing for you to respond. Behavior 101. You are giving them exactly what they want and you don’t even see it. Sad.

      3. Barney, what you are not good at is ignoring the trolls. A comment such as thatguyoverthere says above adds nothing to the conversation, and is not germane to the baby formula discussion. Either delete it and move on, or simply ignore it and move on. Either way don’t respond. Some will cry foul at you over censorship. So be it. That comment is in no way on topic. Deleting it would in no way shape or alter the conversation. Careful though, it is easy to get a heavy hand. it gets trickier when that comment is in the midst of something that is on topic. Probably better to simply move on. Don’t take the bait.

        1. “Off-topic” is not a Terms of Service violation. Years before toxic trolls started attacking here, we said our comment system would “err on the side of free speech.” And of course, it’s been abused by those who cry “censorship” when they can’t say whatever they want, true or not, launch offensive attacks, twist the truth etc.
          I bite my tongue a lot, but every human has limits. Don’t you?

          1. That is true, this used to be a pleasant community based message board until the Moderator allowed a small group of progressives led by Ringo, to start making personal attacks. Now they have slung back into the shadows because they accomplished what they wanted. And we are left with this. Remember, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was getting people to believe he doesn’t exist!

          2. Change the TOS then. Honestly, I don’t get too worked up about online bovine excrement. None of these people would say squat in real life. I’m not sure what enables (encourages?) humans to spout garbage online. These spats add nothing to the forum. This station lacks the resources to do much hard hitting deep investigative reporting. That is not what it is for. I enjoy the forums ability for people to add a bit to the story, perhaps through a different lens. Pointless name calling and wandering off topic adds nothing.

        1. Comments such as that have given me a thick enough skin to reject baseless attacks without foundation. Nasty words without proof, as always. I allow most of your remarks, some go too far and are deleted as TOS violations.

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