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Man arrested after a Seattle police SUV is set on fire with an officer inside

A man is in custody after he allegedly threw a flaming piece of wood into a Seattle police SUV while an officer was inside, authorities said Friday.

The officer was looking for a suspect reportedly carrying an item on fire in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Video released Friday afternoon shows a man walking down an alley when Officer Caleb Pomazon yells at him to stop. The man utters a profanity and keeps going. The officer drives toward the man, who turns around when the officer tells him again to stop, video from the dashboard mounted camera shows.

The man sprints toward the SUV with a burning object and body camera video shows flames inside the vehicle. The officer, who has been with the department for one year, fires multiple shots. Bullet holes can be seen in the windshield.

Police said earlier the man ran away but was chased by other officers into a parking garage, tased and taken into custody. He has not been identified and police said he was not hit by gunfire.

“He lunged in, he ran, and the driver’s seat was already in flames. I thought the officer was still in the car, the driver’s seat was on fire and then within minutes the car was engulfed in flames,” a witness told CNN affiliate KIRO.

Surveillance video shows the officer falling out a right side door and moving away from the smoking vehicle.

“All of a sudden the car blows, catches on fire. We’re like, ‘Oh snap.’ And then flames just started getting bigger and bigger,” another witness told KIRO.

Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette told KIRO the officer had “some minor burn wounds.” He is on paid administrative leave.

Aerial video from KIRO shows the police car gutted by the fire, with scorched paint and some external plastic components melted on the roof. The partially burned piece of wood is also visible hanging from the driver’s door.





  1. This will get censored but at this point, who gives a ****. The cop will be fired for discharging his weapon carelessly, and Ol’ Jenny Joe will see to it that the burner has a plea-down good time in court

  2. Liberals doing what they do best, destroying our country and hurting our police. Trump is an angel compared to the liberal’s hate. It has nothing to do with Trump, Trump doesn’t make you who you are. You make yourself who you are. They just need to blame someone for their pathetic lives and not getting what they want. Grow up!

  3. Comrades, our Brownshirts are winning! The USA will soon be ours! Our brave freedom fighters are committing acts of sedition and treason so this country can be a productive communist utopia!

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