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  1. Check the historical records- when President Trump’s campaign started gaining momentum in 2016- the markets surged ! Big business knew that the end of the Obama experiment was near an end. Now we see the exact opposite taking place as big business proceeds to shut down- cause here come the Demokrats- with all their over-regulation- their high taxes- their grip on the throat of the small shop owner ! Only this time you all have legalized dope to help you cope ! That industry has gone through the “roof-top-hits” just like when Obama was a teen ! Make no mistake- President Trump had the economy completely on track to roar outta the fake pandemic- and now the die is cast- yer gonna get four years of stumblin’ bumblin’ Joe and a nationwide economy that looks like Oregon and California- damn near bankrupt ! Good for you ! Votes have consequences- even illegal ones !

    1. Is that the same “big business” that can’t divest themselves of any possible connection to the obese orange anus fast enough? You should take up a different hobby, son. You’re not very good at this.

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