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Beaverton couple quarantined in Nebraska after traveling to China

KPTV Beaverton Couple Quarantined
Naskeh Habibi said her brother Amanj Habibi and his wife, Chunxiao, were traveling to China to visit with family.They are now being quarantined in Omaha, Nebraska.

BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV ) — A Beaverton couple is waiting to come home after being quarantined in Omaha, Nebraska.

The quarantine comes after the pair traveled to Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus has killed hundreds of people.

The husband’s sister says it has been a long journey for her brother and his wife, and it’s not over yet, but she’s glad they’re back on U.S. soil.

According to Naskeh Habibi, Amanj Habibi and his wife, Chunxiao, were traveling to China to visit with family.

“They were on their way there and the day that they got there, basically everything halted,” Naskeh said.

Naskeh says the two met at Oregon State University, got married, and were planning to visit Chunxiao’s family, but when they got to Wuhan, transportation was grounded.

They somehow managed to get on the last train out of Wuhan to another city, but Naskeh says then they were stuck.

“There was no way to get back into Wuhan to get on an American government flight,” Naskeh said. “And there was no way to leave Wuhan, so everybody was basically quarantined inside their own cities.”

Naskeh said it took a lot of leg work with the embassy and the state department, but they were eventually able to get on a flight back to the U.S. But the journey wasn’t over.

Now, the couple is in Omaha, Nebraska, quarantined for two weeks.

Naskeh says the man and wife are tired but grateful to be back in U.S. So far, she says they’re showing no symptoms of the coronavirus.

“Symptoms don’t show up right away and they’re with a bunch of people that, you know, somebody might be affected and they just don’t know so there’s a little bit of just being nervous and afraid that what if they do catch it,” Naskeh said.

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