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Oregon landfill took 2M pounds of radioactive fracking waste

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ARLINGTON, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say a chemical waste landfill in Oregon near the Columbia River has been accepting hundreds of tons of radioactive fracking waste from North Dakota, in violation of Oregon regulations.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that Oregon Department of Energy officials a violation notice to Chemical Waste Management for its landfill near the small town of Arlington on Thursday for accepting 2 million pounds of Bakken oil field waste delivered by rail in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

Arlington is about 140 miles east of Portland.  

News about the waste has alarmed environmental advocates, but state officials say the company won’t be fined because they believe operators misunderstood state guidelines.

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  1. “State officials say the company won’t be fined because they believe operators misunderstood state guidelines.”

    Sorry- that is not an excuse ! Oregon OSHA expects every company in the state to understand the regulations governing transport and storage of radioactive materials.

    Just off the top of my head I can see numerous holes in this lie. It starts with the paperwork for transport. If this is indeed “radioactive waste”- then it must meet adequate handling (hazmat) signage (hazcom) transport (across state lines- DOT) and discharge (EPA) regulations- claiming “ignorance” at all these stages doesn’t seem rational.

    The Office of Kate Brown has been notorious for shutting down whole scale refineries- denying rail transport- and refusing to build large tanker or storage facilities for all kinds of oil and gas projects- all of them eagerly accepted by our good friends to the north in Washington. For her to allow “radioactive waste” in the state seems completely hypocritical. I say there is much more to come on this !

    1. I completely agree with your first part. How in the world does this get discovered at this late stage and be allowed an oops slip? Someone got paid beyond the company that took this toxic waste. But not to worry all, Trump is rolling back all PEA regs so we won’t have to worry about these meddling kids much longer. Let the free market work it out!

      1. What a moronic knee jerk reaction, many of the same things happened under the last administration, and the one before, you can’t just jump out with it’s Trump’s fault, that demeans the fact that ALL government, is in itself corrupt. who are you going to blame when Trump is gone, and the same stupid government agencies are still doing these same foolish things?

        1. Sure, sure they did. President Obama “drained the swamp” just like little lyin donnie did by installing carbon industry lobbyist in his cabinet and appointing them to run regulatory agencies pertinent to the carbon industry. LOL!!! Oh, and also tried to reduce and repeal environmental protection regulations. ROTFLMAO!!!! you should’ve stayed in school!!!

  2. “Someone got paid beyond the company that took this toxic waste”

    I would say a lot of people got paid. I mean how does a tanker truck like this get past the numerous weigh stations with paperwork that should say- “Warning- Biohazard- Radiation” !

    This is obviously a large scale smuggling operation- and whatever transport company is being used (name with-held for unknown reasons here at Z21- so much for protecting the community) should have an APB out by state and local police throughout the west.

    Wyden and Merkley need to stop spending their days bashing our President and should be looking into these federal crimes ! I’m not a huge environmental nut- but radioactive waste material will seep into the water ducts pretty damn quick… “radioactive waste is clearly not chemical waste”- this is some serious krap.

      1. This materials is transported by both- rail and truck- and both go through the same paperwork provided by the DOT regarding the transport of hazardous materials. Lemme guess- you believe that from North Dakota to Oregon- there wasn’t a single stop along the way- no inspection of documentation- no nothing ? Just someone clearing the hobos off the rail lines with a cattle prod ?

        Sounds like another tough day at the office for the states “OK-Boomers”- that group that fails to heed the hazards of transporting oil/diesel on slick mountain roads- only to dump their fuels into the waterways and close down long stretches of road for hours on end… when the solution remains the same- pipelines !

        I see no need to be trucking or shipping this by rail anymore- If you want to check the effectiveness of pipelines- just go look under your house- it’s called plumbing !

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