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Cuomo says New York followed federal guidelines when sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office deflected questions about a report from The Associated Press that the state sent more than 4,500 patients recovering from coronavirus to nursing homes by saying they followed guidance from federal agencies.

“I just want to reiterate once again that the policy that the Department of Health put out was in line directly with the March 13 directive put out by (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) that read, and I quote, ‘Nursing homes should admit any individuals from hospitals where Covid is present,'” said Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa on Saturday during a briefing. “Not could, should … that is President (Donald) Trump’s CMS and CDC.

“There are over a dozen states that did the exact same thing, many of whom were concerned about hospital capacity. … Obviously any death is an unfortunate death,” DeRosa said, listing the totals from other states amongst New York’s. “It’s been a national and international tragedy that everybody has had to grapple with, and it is something that we’re trying to learn from every day and move forward.”

Cuomo, a Democrat, said later in the briefing that he was trying to depoliticize the issue by saying, “New York followed the President’s agency’s guidance, so that de-politicizes it. What New York did was follow what the Republican administration said to do.

“So don’t criticize this state for following the President’s policy.”

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a memorandum on March 13 stating, in part, “Nursing homes should admit any individuals that they would normally admit to their facility, including individuals from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was/is present.”

New York’s Department of Health issued a statement Friday saying it was still compiling its data and followed the guidelines from CMS about nursing homes admitting people who had Covid-19.

A March 25 order by the state’s Department of Health mandated that nursing homes must not deny readmission or admission to people “solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.” Cuomo announced a new policy on May 10, saying a hospital cannot discharge a person who is Covid positive to a nursing home.

As of March 22, at least 5,700 in New York nursing homes were confirmed or presumed dead due to Covid-19, according to data from the state’s health department. The data does not break out the number of coronavirus patients who entered nursing homes following the state’s DOH order.

As of Saturday afternoon, New York had at least 358,154 positive coronavirus cases and at least 28,853 deaths, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

This story has been updated to include additional comment from New York’s Secretary to the Governor.

CORRECTION: This story has been corrected to reflect the March 25 order came from New York’s Department of Health.

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    2 days ago – WATCH: Pennsylvania Democrat Health Secretary Rachel Levine SLAMMED For Quietly Removing Own Mother From A Nursing Home After …

    Just to be on the safe side this lady removed her mom from the nursing home before moving in covid patients to be with our mom and dads. If she knew then Cuomo knew what would happen

    1. If you find any actual errors in the selected CNN news stories we post to top stories, please advise. We review them closely because many unlabeled commentary pieces do appear in our automated CNN feed, but never in top stories.

        1. I disagree, in part. I know on the air a lot of their stuff is biased. We avoid promoting much of the automated feed, but tell me anything not factual in this article, like the few we post to top stories, and will pass it back to their news desk. We do the best we can with our company’s choice, and as far as I know, the only news network to offer a similar text-based wire service. (AP would be an option but is… well let’s just say you pay a LOT, and it probably would bring just as much grief – they, too, do a regular “fact check” of the president’s own words, for example.

          1. Two reasons that I know of that keeps CNN from going under is they’re being subsidized by cable subscribers and airport waiting areas. The current agenda driven,bias network is a shell of itself compared to the Ted Turner days. No surprise that the Communist News Network coverage consistently ranks at the bottom.

            1. I like a LOT of what they do, even on-air, the films, the Heroes, the decades series. I used to say they were the moderates between msnbc and Fox, but during the current era… yes, they frustrate me a lot. But I also think the critics over-generalize, like always.

          2. Barney, you keep deflecting asking about factual errors. We aren’t questioning the facts (well… Except some). You can have articles be agenda driven yet still only contain facts. The articles CNN puts out has been researched to show that they are more bias (thus agenda driven) than a lot of other mainstream media outlets.

            1. I’ve said for many years that on local stories, we have to take full blame (or credit) for what’s ON the lines and can only go so far to what people read between the lines, bringing their OWN biases to stories. The same is true to a lesser degree with CNN. The more I ask about specifics of what’s wrong, the thinner the ice – the “what-about” isms, the “they never say anything nice” etc. Long before our current president, I said that one of the worst things we as journalists can do to people some times is to quote them accurately. I don’t think any source we could use would please a lot of critics — AP, Reuters, etc.

              1. Barney, it’s far more than “they don’t say anything nice” or what I think. Their coverage has been researched and it was shown they are indeed heavily biased and one of the most biased outlets. It’s not just me saying it. I could do some googling and provide links….but you can do it yourself.

                This puts EVERY article you put into the top story from CNN into question when it is seen by people.

                1. I don’t generalize. I read each article on its own merits. Feel free to provide a neutral, objective research source if you wish. I have no impact on what CNN writes, and little on the fact it’s our company’s source, for reasons I’ve explained.

                2. You read each story on its own merit, yet you fail to see that most of the stories you put in the top stories from CNN are written in a left leaning way and it’s a provable fact that most of their stories are left leaning. And you chalk it up to “your interpretation”. That’s flat out ridiculous.

                  By your logic you should be okay with putting in top stories in from theBlaze if they provided a text wire service. Guaranteed you’d see massive complaints if you were able to put in ANY story from theBlaze on this site.

                  I know you’d never do that though because you would criticize the outlet but not put that same standard to CNN.

                3. We’re not about to start cutting and pasting ANY national/state news to please one segment or another. We focus our resources on local news, as most people here understand.

                4. Whoosh..over your head…

                  that’s what you chose to respond with? You completely missed the point.

                5. You have a person at a local news source who took time to have an extended conversation with you and talk to you like an adult and give what appear to be honest answers. That kind of local, personal, professional interaction is becoming much less common in this era of media consolidation, and I appreciate it even if you don’t.

  2. I don’t know why but I watched his daily diatribe on Saturday. When the question came up about the seeding of the nursing homes and I’m paraphrasing him, ” I refuse to politicize this horrific tragedy, but Trump’s CDC guidelines made me do it”. How can the liberal dominated population of NY not be insulted that this guy considers them to be that dumb.

      1. Headline- “Cuomo says New York followed federal guidelines when sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes”

        Then Cuomo changes the terminology- in essence- lying !

        “So don’t criticize this state for following the President’s policy.”

        So “Yes”- The biggest error or inaccuracy is the clear difference between “Policy and Guidelines”… they are not the same !

  3. Amazing how much smarter, empathetic, caring, and thoughtful he is than our clown in the white house. Probably would’ve saved thousands of lives if he was president!

    1. In some respects Cuomo can be thought of as guilty for negligent homicide in that he knowingly returned sick patients to be housed with the most vulnerable of people, the elderly. To say that Trump told me to do it means he is not only a bad leader, in that he cannot think and decide issues for himself but then like a little kid with a hand in the cookie jar he blames big brother for his actions. Man up Cuomo, if Trump said jump off a bridge is that what you would do. Why do the Dems seem to feel the need to follow such obvious losers.

      1. Common sense leads one to ask who the loser is. Cuomo searched for guidance and, knowing the consequences of contradicting Trump and his minions, followed Trump’s agency guidelines. Trump claims “absolute” power, so logic dictates absolute responsibility is also his whether he embraces it or not. Therefore, it follows Trump “can be thought of as guilty for negligent homicide” as you put it. I might add that Trump on a daily basis blames everyone and everything for his own misdeeds, but you find it unacceptable that Cuomo points out the obvious. Why do you Cons defend and follow such an obvious loser, idiot and liar? Bleach injection, hefty dose of hydroxychloroquine, or a UV light bronchoscopy anyone?

      2. Not sure about about “homicide’- but a good lawyer could argue- a certain degree of manslaughter.

        “Nobody’ in their right mind can justify the moving of virus carrying individuals into a nursing care facility !

        To then mash-up “guidelines and policy” (two words that have very different legal meanings) is a clear attempt to avoid responsibility.

        This has been the “Democrat Way” for decades now- and now with a complicent media- they think they got the American public by the short-hairs !

        Think again !

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