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Trump campaign to seek partial recount in Wisconsin

The Trump campaign filed for a limited recount of two Wisconsin counties on Wednesday in a long-shot bid to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

Wisconsin election officials confirmed on Wednesday that they received a partial payment of $3 million from the Trump campaign. These officials said last week that the price tag for a statewide recount would be approximately $7.9 million.

“The Wisconsin Elections Commission has received a wire transfer from the Trump campaign for $3 million,” the election commission said.

Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official, said in a statement that the Trump campaign’s petition for a recount appeared to meet all the requirements. The state commission will meet Wednesday evening to discuss the request and would issue a formal recount order on Thursday.

“We understand the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties over the next few weeks,” Wolfe said.

CNN projected that President-elect Joe Biden will win Wisconsin. According to unofficial results, Biden leads President Donald Trump by 20,470 votes, or 0.62%. Trump has refused to concede and instead has promoted conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

The Trump campaign is limiting its Wisconsin recount requests to Milwaukee County and Dane County, according to a press release from the campaign. The money paid by the Trump campaign would be enough to pay for recounts in these counties, which are Democratic strongholds.

Milwaukee County contains Milwaukee, the state’s largest city and home to the largest Black population in Wisconsin. Biden beat Trump by 317,251 votes to 134,355 in that county, according to unofficial results from the Wisconsin Election Commission.

Dane County includes the state capital of Madison, home to a many college-age voters at the University of Wisconsin. Biden won that county with 260,157 votes to 78,789 votes, according to unofficial results from the Wisconsin Election Commission.

Counties that undergo a recount will have 13 days to recount all their votes, starting on Thursday, according to procedures announced by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The commission must certify the final results by December 1.

Scott McDonell, the Dane County clerk, said his county would start counting ballots on Friday and the recount would likely take most of the allowed 13-day period.

“We have been planning for this for several days,” McDonell told reporters Wednesday. He said that it was unlikely his county’s recount would lead to significant swings in votes, “certainly nothing anywhere near what would be required for a change in outcomes.”

The recount will be conducted at least partly with ballot scanning machines. Poll workers will be socially distanced and the space will be set up with plexiglass and police security, McDonell said. Observers from the Trump and Biden campaigns will be able to watch proceedings and challenge ballots, and the count will also be livestreamed online.

“This was a really clean election from our point of view,” he said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, blasted the Trump campaign’s recount request, calling it a racially biased bid to subvert the will of voters.

“It’s a very futile attempt to try to disrupt democracy in the most Democratic counties in the state of Wisconsin,” he told reporters. “This is flat out an attack on democracy in cities and places where people of color live.”

He said that Milwaukee County would start the recount on Thursday using ballot tabulator machines. Hundreds of people will be involved in the count, and while social distancing procedures will be in effect, Barrett said he worried about the potential for coronavirus to spread in the indoor counting facility.

“It’s not surprising at all that Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, wants to have one last mass gathering that’s going to put people’s health in peril,” he said.

Experts have said it’s extremely unlikely that the recounts will shift enough votes to overturn Biden’s lead of 20,470 votes. (In 2016, a recount requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein ended up increasing Trump’s margin by just 131 votes.)

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican and Trump ally, has previously said that Trump faces slim odds of prevailing in a recount, calling Biden’s margin a “high hurdle” to overcome

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  1. More states should require payment for recounts. In this case it’ll be another futile effort to try to prove the unprovable. At least the $$ will go toward employing middle and lower class workers instead of Dump’s lawyers.

  2. A loser trying to overturn a legitimate election. This is what a banana republic looks like, and 73M ‘Americans’ voted for this dictator wannabe. What’s next Trump Republicans? Will you take to the streets shouting “Down with Democracy”?

    1. I don’t see the republicans taking to the streets shouting “ down with democracy”. I have seen it a lot lately however. Mostly from your side of the aisle. In fact when the republicans did take to the streets not a single building burned. Irony.
      I’m certainly not lumping you in with that crowd but surely you see the vast difference in protests.
      And biden harris call for unity. Clean your own home first before you preach at us old man.
      We are not the same.

      1. Hahahahaha that’s funny! What about the 1000 man March in DC. Just because the signs say “blacks we are coming for you” and not down with democracy, that’s what you idiots are preaching! We lost and can’t accept it so we will March and cry foul.

      2. What do you call it then? What are the Republicans shouting for? Trump has declared himself the President elect when he did not win the election and his base supports this.That is not Democracy, that’s a dictatorship.

  3. Selective recounts in particular areas at the choice of a candidate (rather than state-wide recounts applying the same procedures), seem like an opportunity to game the system (and if I remember 2000 properly, Florida was forced to scrap the initial recount in specific counties in favor of a statewide recount).

    1. That’s hillarious. First, there is zero evidence of cheating or fraud. If there had been, the GOP would have made headway in court. Trump spewing false claims and allegations doesn’t make a thing true or accurate. The fact you believe it is actually kind of funny. Second, the only case in litigation (20+ others have all been dismissed) that could is capable of being heard by the supreme court, is the case in Pennsylvania. That case only has 10,000 ballots in question which were received after November 3rd and 10,000 votes isn’t enough to change the outcome. On top of that, in order to decide whether to hear a case or not, the supreme court puts it on their calendar to discuss and they haven’t done that. It is likely before they could even consider hearing a case, the election results will be certified by the states and the electors selected. It’s pretty much a done deal. He lost in an honest election.

    2. Of course, there seems to be one thing that is missing and that’s evidence of the widespread cheating. And firing federal officials that say there is no evidence makes you look real dirty.

    3. How is it Trump is claiming widespread fraud only where he lost? Doesn’t “widespread” mean everywhere? Also, if the Dems cheated, why didn’t they take the Senate and a bigger majority in the House? And why stop there? Lots of state offices to steal too. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of support from friends when you finally realize how you’ve been deceived.

    4. I’ll bet you a beer it won’t. SCOTUS doesn’t want to get within a mile of it, and will figure out a way to stay clear (like state’s rights to determine how they run a fair election).

    5. @realworldman: Apparently you are not, in fact, living in the real world. The chances of this election going to the supreme court is practically nil, and even if by some warped instance of unreality it DID get to SCOTUS, the justices aren’t going to overturn the election results and appoint Trump to a second term as el presidente. But hey, keep dreaming, pal!

    6. One thing is for sure and that this will not be settled here in the court of public opinion. I agree that this will be settled in the SCOTUS. The analysis of the statistical record and the corresponding data will show how the dominion machines were highjacked in an attempt to steal the US election. Has anyone asked why the voting count was stopped in the key states only after showing a Trump victory. Then when the counting starts again the records show massive data dumps all for one candidate. Why did they stop counting? has anyone asked? answer. despite the built in algorithm that was designed to switch a percentage of votes from the GOP to Biden, the GOP was still pulling ahead. They underestimated the surge in GOP votes. The vote count was thus stopped in key states to adjust the totals and when it was turned back on you can see a massive voter dump to the Biden side. 146 thousand votes can be seen on the data records as a massive shift all happening in a nanosecond which is statistically impossible to account for and happens nowhere else but in the states that had shut down their computers. This will be shown in time.

    1. I think maybe it’s his “battery” body beliefs – that his body is like a battery and it’ll run down naturally no matter what one does (like a BMI of 30+), and afterwards one simply dies and leaves nothing behind. He doesn’t care about history – only grabbing as much as he can while he can, and then die (the one with the most toys wins). Not really accepted by the scientific community, but Pillow Man probably supports it.

    1. Correction – that’s ‘Trump Republican’ moral terpitude. There are principled Republicans like the GA Sec of State who still honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

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