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Bend-La Pine School Board member raises reopening concerns

The Bend La-Pine School Board met Tuesday night to discuss schools reopening. One board member raised concerns on face masks vs. face shields.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



    1. Not really, this is just another liberal that is just worrying about nothing. A nothing burger if you will. There is no way in hell 30% of kids are going to wear a face shield over wearing a mask. You might get the oddball out person who does, that’s about it. She is also so concerned about CDC guidance, but the state doesn’t even care about CDC guidance based on own Brown’s policies.

  1. It’s ridiculous that my nephew who plays baseball for mountain view has to travel to redmond to practice and play games because they can’t use their own fields.redmond schools are starting to practice football.BUT NOT BEND kids shouldn’t be political pawns

      1. Hey Cramp, your white privilege and bigotry really shine through in that comment. How about you try practicing what you libs like to preach. You want everyone to sacrifice for your Covid fears and then treat people like that because they don’t share your views. What a dbag. No wonder there is such division.

      1. We can agree that the virus is NOT political, it just is and we will need to learn to live with it just like we do with all the other covid strains of the flu. The panic and the restrictions are absolutely political, the governor even admitted to it when she made the restrictions good till Nov 4…..

      1. With Demokrat supporters preferring unemployment- loss of businesses- closed schools- riots in Portland- a million acres of scorched earth…Yup- that’s how it’s worked out !

  2. Fire all teachers, bust the union. Hire back the ones that cross lines and want to work. It is ridiculous they are sacrificing our kids education because of their fear and laziness. Think any teachers are missing paychecks? Ridiculous!

  3. Ms. Tatom certainly does have a point. We have seen a rash of interrupted openings in schools, colleges, and universities nationwide due to immediately occurring Covid-19 outbreaks. Here in Deschutes County we are seeing another spike in cases–with a timeliness that suggests Labor Day weekend infections. Why subject students, staff, and the wider community to this disease now, when within weeks we will probably have a vaccine?

  4. WOW, that’s unfortunate that one of our own board members was not one of the 400 that logged on last week in a district webx meeting to address concerns. a better word would be anxiety. A doctor Logan from St.Charles who worked 15 years for the CDC during SARS and H1N1 viruses. He has more exposure to covid than any of us, including this young millennial. his words ” I wear my mask at work go home shower first, then LIVE MY LIFE. 2 points that were driven home from this 60 minute audio webex meeting were, there is 0 chance of having 0 risk factor, that is a huge point that she doesn’t get, the second. the most basic prevent is not a mask or shield, but wash your hands.
    And if your going to throw some number like 30 kids out there. you should not surround the statement with the word “if” .
    we can fix a lot about ourselves. but fear isn’t one of those things, especially when the fear has no data to back it up. the stat of not 1 person under 70 or 20 has died from covid in Deschutes County. doesn’t exactly put me in fear mode.

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