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Prineville police cite, remove woman from fairgrounds after mask incident

Prineville police car 2019

Officers say she refused to leave barrel racing event, had not worn mask properly

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A woman was placed in handcuffs by Prineville police, removed from the Crook County Fairgrounds and cited for second-degree criminal trespass after she refused to wear a mask properly at a weekend barrel racing event, or to leave the property, police said Monday.

Police responded around 2 p.m. Saturday to the fairgrounds, the second police call to the facility regarding the woman, Captain Larry Seymour said. The first time, officers contacted the senior security official at the event, who said police response wasn’t needed, as the woman had left.

But the woman returned, Seymour said, and refused to leave. Police recorded the incident on body cameras and spoke to all involved, including the woman’s husband and security personnel.

Two officers “did their best to encourage the female to leave on her own, but she refused and told the officers to take her to jail,” Seymour wrote in a news release, adding that she refused to leave the property for the remainder of the event.

After all attempts to resolve the incident failed, the woman was placed in handcuffs and transported off the property, Seymour said. At that point, he said, officers asked her once again if she would stay off the fairgrounds property, and she said she would.

Arrangements were made to get her vehicle off the property, and she was cited for the Class C misdemeanor and released.

Seymour noted that police routinely respond to businesses when a patron is disorderly, not abiding by rules or laws, or violating OLCC or OSHA rules, and also when they refuse a business owner’s request to leave.

The original reason for the request by security staff to have the woman cited was that she was not following rules for the barrel racing event, by “not wearing a mask and-or partially wearing a mask,” Seymour said.

The Central Oregon Barrel Racing Association posted a note to Facebook, reminding everyone to follow the fairgrounds rules in order to continue having events, Seymour said. He added that the case was sent to the Crook County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Seymour said he issued a news release (which did not identify the woman) “in an attempt to clear up some non-factual FB posts that have been shared” and to answer reporters’ requests for information.

The woman told NewsChannel 21 that she felt singled out and claimed others at the event were not wearing masks, but others who said they also had been at the fairgrounds disputed her statements.

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  1. This is classic Trump follower behavior. Ironic that those that scream law an order are the same that want their rights when they don’t believe in what’s happening…like a pandemic. Yeah little whiner girl, I am sure they singled you out because you sound like an idiot that was likely screaming and yelling. But of course you will be invited to the next rally of idiots of America to be their speaker.

  2. Classic *********!!! Look up ********** on wikipedia and there’s a picture of this woman!!!- What the heck is the story with this barrel racing? Are they like motorized barrels or something?? Are these street legal racing barrels?? If I were to get a racing barrel where could I get it worked on around here?

    1. unclefesturd, stirring up trouble with his/hers/their typical fake stupidity, at least I hope it is fake as I can not see any adult not knowing what barrel racing is. He/she/they need to back off on the “intoxicants” and look it up on Youtube.

    2. There is a barrel race every Thursday night at Pilot Butte.
      Bring your own barrel, and at exactly 11:11 pm climb inside your barrel and roll down the hill.
      We will all meet at the bottom of the hill.

    3. You can now get your hotrod barrels worked on at trumps new job. “Hotrod barrel mechanic”, he’ll have your racing barrel tuned and ready to roll faster than you can say “pandemic”. And don’t worry, “no mask required”.

  3. Stupid Redneck Trump Supporter thinks the rules don’t apply to them, and then when the rules are applied fairly lies profusely to justify their toxic behavior.

    How is anyone surprised the majority of America has had enough of Trump’s childish behavior? The people that feel empowered by that stupid goon are some of the most disgusting examples of humanity, and this piece of trash is no exception.

    1. Seems as you forgot to prove she is a supporter of President Trump so I guess the moniker you are using is for a reason. Just goes to show how stupid and one-sided Hillery – Obummer – Sleepy Joe supporters are. You come across as someone who had a scratch on the head and someone tried to help with a tourniquet around your neck, they should have loosened it more often.

      1. “Just goes to show how stupid and one-sided Hillery – Obummer – Sleepy Joe supporters are”

        Stupid? I would suggest you look up the average educational levels achieved on each side of this mess and then tell me again who is smarter……

    2. Oops,

      Couple thoughts. I agree she should just follow the rules. Whether you agree with masks or not right now doesn’t really matter. The establishment requires them. Just like shoes and shirts.
      I know nothing about this person at all. Right, Left, Drama Queen, BLM or Trump supporter. What i do know for sure though is this. The most disgusting pieces of trash and lowest forms of humanity were on full display all summer long in Portland. They were low life, Covid Spreading, business burning, garbage. Not one of the were Trump supporters.
      That is fact. Not opinion.

  4. Considering this took place outdoors, where social distancing can be kept, the mask was actually not required. I cannot believe that my home town would stoop to this. The Sheriff publicly stated in a letter that he was NOT going to enforce the mask mandate. I have a feeling there is more to this story and they are just using the failure to wear a mask as another form of fear mongering to the public.

    1. I would not be surprised if it turns out to be Prineville’s local BLM female “activist”, given the “singled out” and reference to inaccurate FB comments…

      Just say’in.

    1. probably another self important cali transplant who thinks rules are meant for everyone else. masks have been mandatory everywhere for well over 6 months, so it isnt her first rodeo. anti gov activists would have had way more cameras going and made a much bigger scene

  5. When I’m in Prineville I rarely see masks worn. Maybe there is some validity to others not wearing them. Usually, patrons are given reminders to wear a mask appropriately before police involvement. Seems there was plenty of opportunity for her to comply.

  6. I always say we need to talk to someone who was there before we believe an article verbatum. This headline and article is written to lead us to believe this was all about wearing a mask. However when you talk to the folks that were there this was about removing someone who had been asked to leave. While the mask may have been there the police were involved because when she stayed after she was asked to leave she became a trespasser – wouldn’t make any difference if she had a mask on or not or if she was dressed or not – trespassing was the legal issue but the mask inference fits the narrative better and judging from the comments on here, successful.

    1. Are you serious? They were called in the first place because she was not wearing a mask. How are are you seriously going to ignore the facts to spin this in a different direction. What is wrong with you??

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