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COVID-19 outbreak at Employment Dept. office may delay claims processing

Oregon Employment Department

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Officials say an 11-person COVID-19 outbreak at the Wilsonville office of the Oregon Employment Department will likely cause further delays in the handling of claims.

David Gerstenfeld, acting director of the department, says health authorities have not advised the office to close. But Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 safety orders require employers to allow work-from-home options when possible.

Gerstenfeld says he expects hundreds of Wilsonville employees to work from home in the future, but some can’t because they lack adequate internet service.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,244 new confirmed cases Wednesday, bringing the state’s total to 78,160. The death toll is 953.

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  1. What a epic disaster. Thanks Brown. Imagine being a 35 year old single mom that is a waitress? The governor shuts down work, then doesn’t have a real plan to help you get unemployment. Bet Ol’ Kate hasn’t missed a paycheck. Merry Christmas to everyone out of work this year.

      1. C’mon man, the real moochers reside in the faceless cubicles of government agencies to populate the swamp. They used to fake providing inferior service to their employer, us taxpayers ,but don’t even bother to show up at this point🤠

  2. Dear God,

    Grambling, unlike The Oregon Health Plan and Trail Card(welfare) unemployment is actually insurance. The employment department is an absolute failure! Now that a few of them have the sniffles I’m sure it will be a complete shutdown.

    What a joke our state government has become the last 30 years.

    Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly find a way to be lazier, Ta Da, Telework for everyone!!!

    1. 30 years controlled by Democrats, go figure. On the up side pot sales are doing great and the state is collecting lots of money. Keep them stoned and stupid so they vote correctly. It’s all good. Right?

  3. Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah. It’s all planned. Survival of the fittest these days. Anyone think it will be better once you are in a socialist nation? hahahah!! This is how it works. They take away everything and then they go for your life. Biden said it would be a long dark winter. For everyone, that is, but himself and rest of the AOC’s in the government and the wealthy 1%. You thought they were going to “even out the money”. LOL wrong again.

  4. So this means that whoever have filed for partial unemployment benefits will now have to wait longer for the process to go through then huh. 2020 has seemed to enjoy slapping people around.

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