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CERT Team assists in Madras drug raid; apartment tenant arrested

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A drug raid on a Madras apartment on Thursday morning brought the assistance of the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team and led to the arrest of a tenant, police said Friday.

Over the last several months, police received "numerous complaints from local residents regarding the steady stream of foot traffic" to and from an apartment in the 200 block of Southeast Sixth Street, raising concerns about possible drug sales, Detective Brent Schulke said.

Madras police investigators sought and received a search warrant for the apartment, executed by officers around 10 a.m. Thursday, assisted by the CERT team, Schulke said.

Methamphetamine and paraphernalia associated with its use and sale were found in the apartment, and a 36-year-old woman was arrested and jailed on a charge of frequenting a place where drugs are used.

Police thanked the CERT team, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson County Adult Parole and Probation, and Warm Springs police for their assistance, "as well as the citizens of Madras for their continued efforts to report their concerns about suspected criminal activity to law enforcement," Schulke said in a news release

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    1. Possession of a small amount is no longer a crime but dealing still is and you know it. You seem to be compelled to take any chance you can to prove your misogyny and fealty to Trumpism to your bros.

      1. Since the manufacturing and selling of meth is still illegal, how did the arrested get possession of said product? And will the landlord be able to evict during this period of COVID-19 delayed rental payment? So many questions not answered in this story…

  1. How can frequenting be a crime when your allowed to have 2 grams of meth now and only get a referral to a hand holding counseling program with a 90% rate of failure?

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