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KTVZ hosts wide-ranging debate by all 5 Fifth District GOP congressional candidates

(Update: Adding video of debate, in 2 parts)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The campaign season is ramping up for the May 17 primary election, and NewsChannel 21's Decision 2022 coverage also hit high gear Monday evening with a live, 60-minute debate featuring the five Republican candidates for the newly drawn 5th Congressional District seat.

Lori Chavez-DeRemer, Jimmy Crumpacker, John Di Paola, Madison Oatman and Laurel Roses were in the KTVZ studio for a face-to-face forum that covered a wide range of issues, from the deficit, homelessness and immigration policies to the Jan 6, 2020 attack on the Capitol.

(FYI: We plan a similar debate on Wednesday, April 20th featuring the two Democratic candidates: Incumbent Rep. Kurt Schrader and challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner.)

In addition, NewsChannel 21 has been interviewing numerous gubernatorial candidates as they visit the area, also reaching out to the more than three-dozen candidates with a four-question Q&A that we're posting in full as received to our Decision 2022 page.

Our reporters also have features planned in coming days on the top local races and measures, to air between now and Election Day.

Turn to NewsChannel 21 for unmatched Decision 2022 coverage, this spring -- and this fall!

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    1. Yes, vote Republican and save Oregon from the horrors of prosperity–We can be free of the burdens of wealth like they are in Malheur County where the median income is $16,339

    2. Republicans may not have all the answers, but the Democrats create all the problems. So even if one of these nitwits get elected, we still have a long way to go in making changes for Oregon.

  1. For maximum entertainment value, be sure to ask all 5 of them who won the 2020 Presidential Election. I’m sure their responses would be comedic gold.

        1. Tiny hands needs help over her right now!!! NO JOkE he even says he has tiny, little hands. Quick, he has 3 soy lattes to carry and has Tiny Hands!!!!

      1. The results were accepted, but in modern America many people question the concept of the Electoral College. Every elected position goes to the winner of the popular vote, why is the presidency still using a system designed to give a minority of voters the possibility of power?

  2. Yep – if the Democrats take over AGAIN, Oregon is probably lost FOREVER like California. VOTE EVERYONE – and PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN so we can bring some fiscal SANITY back to Oregon as well as SAFETY. Please LISTEN to not only what each person says… but check out their BACKGROUND. Lots of people who want to win in politics LIE to get what they want and then don’t follow through on their supposed promises. VOTE YOUR COMMON SENSE GUT FEELINGS as to whether someone is being truthful OR just telling people what they think WE want to hear.

    1. Yep. California is definitely “lost”. A GDP of $3 trillion, where home prices have risen 55% in the last 5 years. A abject failure where no one wants to live. 🤣

      1. Name one good thing democrats have done tiny. Antifa Portland DA not pressing charges, BLM domestic terrorists allowed to burn portland, legalized hard drugs (nice job), vaccine mandates, lockdowns, healthcare with no staff, housing unaffordable, inflation, gas prices, HUNTER BIDEN!!! BTW you see those pics with hunter and all those underage girls? You probably support him too, you dingbat.

    2. “PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN so we can bring some fiscal SANITY back”? That’s really funny!
      Oregon is facing a $1.5B budget SURPLUS, even with all of the childish tantrums which the GOP of Oregon had in their attempts to obstruct legislation with their walkouts. HorsesenseUSA, do you know what a “budget surplus” means?

  3. Democrats have done such a bad job with Oregon that people are moving here in droves. Cue Wishy and the rest of the brain trusts here to keep crying.

      1. You write that like it’s some big secret. Inbound are from Cali, Washington, and Arizona. Outbound is Washington, Cali, and Idaho. This isn’t news.

    1. quick jump in the electric car and go to Starbucks to get a soy latte, you man bun. You think you are so clever, yet you are washed up liberal trash. BETA

  4. The GQP is having a debate at the same time as the NCAA championship game? Wow, they must love the poorly educated voter?

      1. I wasn’t educated by any political party. That’s the difference. I’ve been educated by books, teachers, family, friends, experience and along the way earned accreditation. You know, educational degrees, business licenses, work awards, etc.
        There is a definite correlation between education and monetary success. It is always better to read as many books as possible, instead of focusing on the multiple translations of a 2 millennia old fictional story book.


  6. GOP = climate inaction. This party can’t acknowledge the existential threat that Global Warming poses. Why would I vote for theses kinds of people, that put their political and financial fortunes ahead of the only planet that supports human life? These people’s entire party platform is based on denying science that has been proven more right than themselves, yet we should elect them so they can waste yet more precious time we don’t have pretending Global Warming is all a hoax? No thanks! And God help you people for you will be judged for your selfish, self-serving deeds. And that brings up another thing, these people act like they’ve got some sort of monopoly on morality when they are the very people that are willing to kill millions of human beings when it turns out that Global Warming is precisely what we have been warned it is. The GOP has no purchase on morality, just the opposite in fact.

    1. “monopoly on morality” So much challenging nonsense you spew on here everyday. I will just leave you with this instead. Which party kills more babies?

      1. “Which party kills more babies?”
        Religious ideology has killed more people than any other concept, second only to individual greed and thoughts of superiority.

          1. I’ll let you answer your own question.

            What religion has forced slaves and indigenous people to convert or die? What religion has fought multiple wars of crusade? What religion only wants their beliefs enforced by law? What religious ideology has attempted genocide?

  7. According to the Madison kid, “illegal immigrants are going to take all the jobs.” Also, the economy is going to suffer because “no one wants to work.” He really knows his economics. Macro and micro. Laurel Roses was the only cohesive speaker of the bunch.

      1. If we pay for illegal immigrants healthcare, but allow veterans to live on the streets, we should all up our game. It’s disgusting what the demonrats have done.

    1. These candidates: Dey took are jerbs!
      Their solution: close the border, build the wall!!!!!

      Here’s an idea… go after the businesses/owners hiring the illegal workers.

  8. VoTe BlUe No MaTtEr WhO. The biggest cult of them all. Educated by the same party they vote for every single time without question. We call those brainwashed lemmings.

  9. Vote Democrat…I mean Republican. Whatever you do, don’t listen to their position statements cuz the Grand Cheeto was a Democrat for awhile and then became a hateful Republican as the election was stolen from him by Democrats.

  10. Wasn’t impressed with any of them. I think the Oregon Trumplican Party is throwing the 5th to the Dems. I thought I was gerrymandered to the 5th, but they just sent me a new voter card that says I am still in the 2nd. (Only a half mile south of the Bend City limit). I guess I will have the anti-pot Cliff Bentz for my rep.

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