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New California condor population coming to Pacific NW

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday that it will establish a new population of California condors in the Pacific Northwest under the Endangered Species Act.

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Ben Steen

Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



  1. “we” need to?,I see you dont understand firearms and regulations as to where lead bullets or ammunition are not allowed to be used.
    As for the major past-problem with Condors and other birds was DDT(eggs had very thin shells) which has been banned for a very long time.

    Time will tell how these birds will fare the first few long frigid Oregon desert winters,then again thay can fly wherever they want for warmer climates.
    It will be cool to see these birds flying with our vultures in the summertime.

  2. Then again (to continue my comment) Im afraid of further land closures based on nesting areas for the condors-I see problems coming.
    I have seen it happen many times with Bald eagle nests near roads which have been closed upon discovery-other nests I have watched for 25 years (only known to me) have been fine with dirt roads right under them in all that time MUM’s the word.

    1. 100% right, that’s what’s happening with the Plover at the coast in Oregon. The inland bird finds it’s way to the coast now it has to be protected (The New coastal Plover) areas of beach are closed to access months of the year. The bird is common in the western US.

  3. Pray one doesn’t land on your ranch or you’ll face the wrath of the environmentalists and potentially lose the use of your property. But at the same time if one gets chopped up in a windmill that’s OK because we’re saving the planet with windmills…

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