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Redmond painter gives Senior Center free paint job

After the Redmond Senior Center asked the community to help them improve their facility ,in an effort to thrive and stay open and thrive, a local painter heard their plea and offered to help at no cost.

David Morse, who owns Morse Painting and Design in Redmond, said Sunday he decided to paint the facility for free because “acts of kindness always come back around.” Some of the paint for the project was donated by Denfeld Paints in Redmond.

Senior Center board members Debbi McCune, Joanne Sutherland and Teresa Hogue told NewsChannel 21 they want senior citizens and their families to feel a warm welcome when they enter the facility.

McCune said she was the one who reached out to Morse for a favor after he completed some personal paint jobs for her.

“He was my first go-to person, and I asked if he and his friend would do it,” McCune said. “They said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat, so that was very touching.”

With dimly lit halls, dull green walls and old furniture that has been in the space for nearly five decades, Sutherland said the facility leaves quite the opposite impression of how they envision it to be.

“We want to re-brand ourselves,” she said. “We want to be more of a community center and invite people of all ages to come and enjoy our center.”.

In the future, Sutherland said, the senior center will partner with the Redmond Area Park and Recreation District to bring some of their activities and programs to the facility. She said she hopes the new paint brings more life and color to the building and that she’s thankful for the support they have received from community members, including Morse.

Hogue said, “The partnership with the community is the only way we foresee this center will thrive and be financially sustainable.”

After some unforeseen weather delays, Morse estimates repainting the entire building will take four more days.

You can learn more about what’s going on at the Redmond Senior Center on their website and their Facebook page.

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