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Report: Bend ranks as the nation’s second fastest-growing city

Old Mill smokestacks sunrise Rebecca Toepfer 1208
Rebecca Toepfer
Sunrise behind the Old Mill smokestacks in Bend

But the data predates COVID-19's impacts

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A new report out Monday from the personal finance website WalletHub finds Bend to be the second-fastest growing city in America, based on a variety of factors beyond population, including topping the list in job growth and growth in the number of businesses.

The report on 2020’s Fastest-Growing Cities in America comes with a major caveat – the data is mostly for the years 2013 to 2019, before the dramatic economic and other impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But recent real estate data makes clear that at least in terms of home sales and the record median price paid, Bend remains very popular, with all the tradeoffs of housing affordability and growth's impact on the quality of life.

To determine where the most rapid local economic growth occurred over a period of seven years, WalletHub said it compared 515 U.S. cities across 17 key metrics. The data set ranges from population growth to college-educated population growth to unemployment rate decrease. In addition, WalletHub produced a separate ranking by city size.

In the overall list, Bend is behind only Fort Myers, Florida, and ahead of Meridian, Idaho, Milpitas, California and Enterprise, Nevada.

Economic Growth in Bend (1=Fastest-Growing; 258=Avg.):

  • 11th – Population Growth
  • 43rd – Median Household Income Growth
  • 1st – Job Growth
  • 263rd – Poverty Rate Decrease
  • 10th – Regional GDP Growth
  • 163rd – Unemployment Rate Decrease
  • 1st – Growth in Number of Businesses
  • 11th – Working-Age Population Growth
  • 87th – Median House Price Growth

Bend ranks 2nd overall and 1st in terms of midsize-city (100K to 300K population) growth.

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  1. Once a great little town with the best quality of life, now its eroding rapidly into a crap hole thanks to the idiots “running it. Thanks Visit Bend!

    1. Totally agree with “defund visit Bend”. NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT!!!
      For those of us that were born & raised here this makes me sick. Especially with the idiots running it

    2. I’m sure the quality of life was great for all in 1981 when the local economy crashed and the immigrants still failed to realize that trees take 100 years to grow into a resourse.

      1. Even back when the economy crashed, it was still a great little town…
        Yeah things were tough for a lot of people but they still found a way to
        go camping, hunting and fishing, and enjoy C.O…

      1. Well, your comment tells me that you haven’t lived here very long, because for the most part the only people that think Bend is a great town, and getting better, are the recent transplants.
        Just curious, how long have you lived here, and where did you come from ?

      1. NOPE I’m happy on the 40 acres I bought when I was 28yrs old for less than $1000 a acre .So you can take your snowflake *** back to the hell hole you came from BOY

  2. Bummer, wish I could sell all my real estate and retire but not quite there yet. Probably going to work well with recession coming I should be ready to sell in the next rebound.

    1. if Biden gets in there his administration will definitely tank the economy on purpose. then blame it on trump you suckers will believe the lie as you always do. his administration will introduce the green new deal and that will be the end for all of us. your home will be worthless as will be mine and we will all have people like u to thank

        1. well i typed in pretty basic English so its not hard to understand. i have no idea of what Q-annon is… anti government ruling our lives. so is trump. which is exactly why they hate him and spread endless fake propaganda against him. its pretty comical at this point , yet pathetic how people cant see through this stuff… oh on a side note the economy right now today is doing better than it ever did under Obama. even with this virus… Democrats on the state level have done everything they could to ruin our economy. then turn around and blame trump for what they tried to do. people need to get over themselves and wake up. our entire government on both sides needs to be overthrown and revamped. trump has exposed how corrupt our government and media are. yet it seems that half the country is blinded by their own arrogance and political purity

    2. Says the racist who profited off the losses of others who sold stolen land. How do you sleep at night knowing you have 2 million in “real estate” of land that was stolen? Indiginous people
      s day means nothing to you. If you were a good marxist progressive you would donate all your land to the nearest Chelamela. But no. You’re a profiteering colonialist racist. Or do you pull an Elizabeth Warren and identify as a native? Does it make it OK that YOU own land if someone else stole it from a native and sold it to you??? How many generations until that guilt is laundered? Live by your progressive standards.

  3. Defund Visit Bend is right! The quaint, beautiful town of Bend I came to over 20 years ago is long gone. Bend is now the butt of Central Oregon, and not the “crown jewel of the high desert” as it was touted years ago by Bend’s tourist promoters.
    Clogged streets, drugs everywhere, petty and not so petty crime in all quarters, so-so schools, mostly incompetent city council, dysfunctional DA, and now a Portlandia police chief kowtowing to the BLM crowd— how can Bend stop the freefall?! A good start is to get candidates on the city council who embrace law and order, and recall DA Hummel and get a replacement who doesn’t wink at law breakers such as the local BLM/ Peacefakers crowd.

    1. You think it was quaint 20 years ago ? Granted it was different than it is today,
      but it really stopped being quaint in the early 80’s when the massive influx of
      Californians and others really started to increase.
      We could see changes taking place even before the early 80’s that were an indication
      that things were about to become very different here…

      One of the things that I will always remember noticing, that told me things were
      going to be changing was when the Porsche Audi dealership started expanding.
      While there were a few people in town that owned them, most of the people that
      were born and raised here weren’t buying them, because it was mostly blue collar
      workers that worked in the wood products industry. Granted there were good paying jobs
      in the wood products industry before it collapsed, but it wasn’t Porsche money,
      besides most people were more interested in buying pickups,campers and boats…

      1. Do not forget the city of Bend was heavily advertising Bend as a quiet place to live to **** hole places on all points of a united states map in the mid 80’s. Again it is politicians who ****** things up, politicians are a cancer.

  4. The few of us native central Oregonians that still exist now know how the Indians felt when the white man came…….Bend was once a great place to live, then came the Californians, and now them and even worse, the Portlanders.
    I remember when those smoke stacks rolled smoke, when logs covered the Deschutes river, people all worked for a living, were friendly, you never thought about locking your doors, law enforcement were allowed to do their job, everyone waved at you…..yes I know you get waves now, but it’s with the middle finger.
    Now we have worthless leaders like Sally Russell, Hummel, and a spineless police chief, bums lining the intersections and outer streets, graffiti spray painted on signs, walls, and fences, the smell of marijuana lingering everywhere, protesters I don’t care what side they’re on accomplishing absolutely nothing but creating more tension.

    So you have won and taken over Bend. My white flag is waving. I’m leaving my home town. Good riddance you say, I’m sure. Enjoy your “nice place to live”

    1. Very well said. THOSE, were the good days, and that’s how many of us still remember Bend.
      Yep, I still remember during the summer when it was hot at night, people would just close
      their screen doors and leave the regular door open so they could sleep, because back then
      air conditioning was a rarity…

      People didn’t have to worry if they left the keys in their vehicles overnight back then,
      because we didn’t have to worry about some low life dirt bag stealing it…

  5. Bend truly sucks, over the past couple of decades with the increase of the liberal ***** who left their liberal ****** up cities came here and ****** up this small town with their liberal ways, (why leave your ****** up city, stay and reap what you sew). No hope for decent folks in Bend.

  6. To those whiners, times are changing and things will never be the same as “when I was your age” or “when I moved here” or “I remember when,” as if it ever were (you tend to romanticize the fond remembrances and forget the bad). As long as the world population continues to increase and many jobs now can be done at home or in satellite locations, people have expanded opportunities to live where they would like. Grow up and deal with the situation on a mature, productive, and positive level. If you don’t like it there are always wilderness areas in the Alaska tundra or the swamps of Alabama where you can live your dreams.

    1. We know things have changed, but comments like yours are part of the problem.
      Basically you got yours, so screw everyone else. That and your desire to change
      Bend in general, and the way we have done things for years…
      I guess either you don’t realize, or my guess is you just don’t care, that encouraging growth will only make the traffic problems that we currently even worse. The city streets weren’t designed to handle the population that we have now, and it will continue to get worse as more people move here, and there certainly won’t be any big improvements to our city streets for years…

  7. Things must be pretty bad- even Morning Z21 Anchor Mike Allen is leaving… for Arkansas ! And with Jessie Foster also moving on (announcement tomorrow morning)…. looks like we’re stuck with ol Barn ! Yippeee !!!

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