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Redmond butcher shop sparks online controversy with post criticizing Juneteenth; some customers cut ties

(Update: Grocery Outlet in Bend pulls products)

Monkless Belgian Ales Brewpub cancels partnership with We're the Wurst

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Redmond butcher shop We're the Würst posted a message to its Facebook page on Friday, making claims about the reasoning and legitimacy of the holiday Juneteenth that triggered an online backlash, a canceled partnership with a brewpub and prompted a Bend grocery store to pull its products from their shelves.

The newly recognized state and federal holiday marks the annual commemoration of the end of slavery. 

However, the post states "#Juneteenth is a federal holiday that celebrates the moral decay and corrosion of our country, under the guise of #equality."

NewsChannel 21 spoke with Shandell Landon, an OSU-Cascades education instructor, who explained Juneteenth is in fact a holiday celebrating the actual end of slavery.

“I think the most concerning part is the misinformation," Landon said Monday.

It’s celebrated on June 19th because on that date in 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the last slaves in Texas were informed of their freedom.

She explained that Juneteenth was officially recognized as a state and national holiday this year, and there have been celebrations in Central Oregon for the past three years.

“Other parts of the nation have been celebrating for a while, but many of us just didn’t know the holiday existed, because it’s not something that’s historically talked about,” Landon said.

The We're the Würst owner declined to speak on camera.

His post ends with this statement:

"Call me a bigot. Cancel your order. Don't email. I don't care; the fact remains that history is only changed by fascists."

Several commenters on a posting on Reddit's Bend subreddit found current companies who use We're the Würst products, including Monkless Belgian Ales Brewpub.

The pub responded on Reddit Sunday, stating:

"We’re the Wurst’s views are not aligned with Monkless Belgian Ales’ views or values. We are managing the issue and taking this situation very seriously. Please be patient with us as we source new product and reprint our menus."

NewsChannel 21 confirmed with the general manger Monday that the brewery immediately ended its partnership with We're the Würst and will rely on national and regional meat suppliers before finding a new local supplier.

Landon said she appreciates the online community bringing this issue to attention, and Monkless for taking immediate action.

“It really warms my heart to see our community line up with us and and support us and make steps to make Central Oregon a safer place for people of color," Landon said. “We can’t do this work alone and having the community step up and take actual actions lets us know that we are important and we matter.”

Later Monday, Bend Grocery Outlet co-owner/operator Billy Muzio confirmed to NewsChannel 21 that he'd sent an email response that was posted on Reddit, saying they "were made aware of the (We're the Würst) post this morning and have already pulled all of his products. We do not condone that type of behavior."

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. As usual someone speaks their mind followed and backed by an ammendment and snowflakes get their feelings hurt. What is society coming to? Slavery hasn’t been a thing since 1864. It’s a mark in history and that’s where it should stay! This is all probably trumps fault anyway! Ask good ol Kate she’ll tell ya!!!

    1. Since when do businesses express opinions on issues in these regards. You are the same type of person that complained when a business enforced mask mandates. Bringing up trump and Kate, your go too because that validates your opinion? I know the owner of were the wurst. He annoys a lot of restaurant managers and distributors. Always walks in like he owns the place.

      1. I don’t know the business owner and he’s free to say what he wants — and I’m free to never give another dime to him and I’m also free to tell all of my friends that he’s a racist bigot, just in case they missed this story.

          1. Speaking of being pathetic, could you actually read or better yet have someone read the article to you before you run your ignorant yap please.

            The newly recognized state and federal holiday marks the annual commemoration of the end of slavery.

            However, the post states “#Juneteenth is a federal holiday that celebrates the moral decay and corrosion of our country, under the guise of #equality.”

          2. Yep. But, if anyone says anything negative or disagreeing with blacks their only recourse is you are racist. The term racist has lost meaning because it is used so often now.

        1. His statement had nothing to do with racism. But you go ahead and call him a racist because you disagree with his views. That seems to be the liberal leftist reaction to those who don’t fall into their ranks. Personally, I know what Juneteenth is about. And, by the way, scientists have proven that each and every one of us share the same ancestral family. Therefore, we can not be of different races. We are all members of a very large family. Same family, same race. The human race. Or are you a science denier? All brothers and sister in the eyes of God.

      2. Ever heard of Starbucks and their left leaning opinions….oh but then that’s OK. I’m sure Starbucks jives with your liberal narrative so that’s OK. You liberals never apply your convoluted logic to yourselves.

    2. Yes the “ammenddment” means he can say what he wants without restrictions from the government. It also gives everyone else the right to respond as they see fit. If the snowflake can’t handle the reaction from the public to his posts, maybe he should keep his political opinions off his business’s Facebook page. Mixing personal politics and a sausage business is a bad business model.

      1. It’s not the 1st time he’s spouted off like this, and if any of you recall, he lost a ton of biz last time as well. His greasy and under seasoned food wasn’t good enough to survive a flush market with tons of tourist traffic. He failed at several food truck locations and had to move to a wholesale-only facility as his biz tanked. Now, he’s lost several large accounts, likely his biggest. It’s not just Monkless who are pulling the plug. Let him stick to mail order with “patriots” who buy Chinese everything and wouldnt know quality of it hit them in the face.

            1. Fair and unbiased. No Yellow Journalsm in your comment, huh Barney! It becomes more and more evildent with every post which side of the isle you support. The least you can do is admit your bias and your use of the free press to push this Leftist agenda you agree with. I loath journalist like you.

              1. Accusations without proof. Nope, not going to admit your false allegation. Many people on both sides of the “aisle” have thanked me/us for trying to steer middle ground amid a storm of hate and blame.

                1. By KTVZ news sources, Published June 9, 2022 4:06 PM, Oregon Health Authority reports more than 44,000 May COVID-19 cases, 52% ‘vaccine breakthroughs’ “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Except; Joe Biden July 21, 2021. On December 14, 2021 CNN Town Hall, Joe Biden stated that; people vaccinated for COVID-19 “do not spread the disease to anyone else.” October 2021, Joe Biden stated that; people who are vaccinated for the coronavirus “cannot spread it to you.” These stories appear to contradict each other, because there wouldn’t be any breakthrough cases for vaccinated people if they couldn’t get COVID as Biden stated.
                  Barney Lerten says:
                  May 28, 2022 at 8:13 PM
                  “Because I don’t find the issues so many critics do with the CNN content on our site. By and large, it’s factually accurate and presents more than one viewpoint.”

                2. A statement that is factually inaccurate, reported and presented as accurate by media, magically becomes factually accurate because it was accurately reported. Therefore anything whether untrue or not is truth if it was accurately reported by media. So apparently truth value has no relevance. Got it Barney. LOL!

          1. This story gives the impression that Monkless and Grocery Outlet were shocked to learn that Wurst is an outspoken bigot and so they pulled his product.

            The Wurst FB page shows these companies had very tight relationships and no one was troubled by the bigotry until it got in the headlines

      2. I agree with the sausage man however u are absolutely correct. The Democratic cultists are excellent at ruining people’s lives for expressing facts that don’t fit their delusions

    3. Sadly, our first amendment rights are slowly being stripped by people who get offended. Obama never celebrated Juneteenth his two terms in office. Why?? Sadly everything the Democrats do or say is based on the race card and it’s getting worse. Their fake outrage is based on political motive…nothing more.

    4. Trump20Cancel, do you know the really cool thing about the First Amendment? It applies equally to everyone! The misguided Sausage Guy has every right to speak his mind. He even has a right to spew hate and historical inaccuracies on his business’s social media accounts. The government doesn’t arrest him or censor his writings. But if other people read what he writes and disagree with him, they also get to speak their minds! If customers and business partners find his statements so disturbing that they wish to source their sausage elsewhere, that’s their right too. That’s how freedom works! If he’s complaining about that, we need to rethink who’s the snowflake in this story.

      1. Your comments calling people racist and implying that people from Redmond are all “rednecks” is in fact bigotry. When the power goes out and you can’t charge your phone and wont know what to do you will look to these “rednecks” for help, mark my words sir.

      1. Sadly, as a person of color, I find the Democratic Party to be racist. For these folks its always skin color that is important, not content of character. I do wonder, since Obama was the first black president, why was Juneteenth not important then?? All this is just political and is truly disgusting how Demonrats continually use minorities all for the all mighty vote. President Trump actually accomplished more for people of color than Biden has done in his entire 49 years of being a career politician. LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Slavery has been gone for ever… never knew it in my lifetime… Please dont look in rear view mirrors… just stay positive… and look forward…
            Thank you…

        1. You are correct. It’s all about skin color. And Barry Obama is as much white as he is black. In fact he was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii because his African father was never around and did nothing but impregnate other women around the world and take care of none of them. Facts.

        2. I too am a “person of color”. The only racist people I have ever met were liberals. I don’t understand why people call this man a bigot or racist. “Juneteenth” has become quite twisted from what it originally was made for. It was originally a holiday marking the end of slavery in the US. It has now become a holiday basically ” worshiping” black people and gay people for some odd reason.

    1. Wow, and why exactly? It is his 1st amendment right to have an opinion and it can be different than yours. But of course as soon as it is not a pro-pride opinion it all of the sudden “disgusts” you! Ain’t that just funny?

    2. Please do some history on your cult leader Biden. He is a bigot. His mentor was the late Senator KKK wizard Robert Byrd. The Democratic Party truly disgust me. LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2024.

      1. Once again you are blinded by your own bias. History doesn’t really play well into the narrative you preach. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Trump has been on the wrong side of minority disenfranchisement his entire adult life.

        1. You are correct about Trump, he is a piece of garbage.
          But what about Biden and Byrd? My mom used to tell me pointing out bad behavior does not excuse other bad behavior. Most of them suck, both sides.

          1. Bad behavior is bad behavior. I’m no fan of Byrd, Jesse Helms, or countless other southern conservatives leading the rally cry over the last half century. The difference is some realize their misdeeds, apologize and often try to fix what the wrong they have committed. Biden is an average President, nothing special for history. I don’t think he will run again. Trump is a different story, he is directly responsible for the bar being lowered so much the Chinese Olympic team uses it for pole vaulting.

            Here is a movie trailer, “The Best of Enemies”, about school desegregation. A true story.

            People can change. Part of that change requires admitting they were wrong.

    3. So, you are disgusted by freedom loving people who want our government to think of American citizens first? With protections of our American sovereignty? And not put that sovereignty in jeopardy by signing it over the the UN/WHO?

    1. Blue Danube – where you can fine, arrest, and imprison everyone who has a different opinion than you for “hate speech”. Everything is hate speech to people that hate free speech. This scenario of weaponizing an institution against people that have contrary views has played out many times throughout history. Disagreeing with racial identity politics is hate speech, because more racism is the solution to racism: Intolerance is the solution for intolerance:,

    2. That’s about the most un-American thing I’ve read in awhile. “Hate Speech” is Constitutionally protected expression. The whole point of the First Amendment is to protect speech that someone else finds annoying. At least that way they let you know who they are.

      1. The First Amendment is about government not being able to restrict speech. Private enterprise is something different entirely. It’s a roiling debate, but many believe private business has a right to set rules on its own service.

        1. You let liberals say whatever they want against people that voted for trump And then you censor the people’s replies I’m done with you. When you moved here 30 year Ago You haven’t improved on the news quality of Z21211 single bit you’re still a second rate training station and Bob Shaw couldn’t tell the weather if he was standing outside and it was pouring rain on top of his head

          1. You are entitled to your opinions, whether based in truth or not. But smacking me/us publicly on your “way out” says far more about you than it does us. We’re not perfect. Nobody is. But we do pretty dang well with all the challenges of today’s world, especially the whipped-up nastiness of the Blame Society. Take care and see you whenever.

              1. YEARS Martha. I wonder if they even live in the physical community. As I’m sure you’re aware, a surprising number of these characters don’t even live in OR,let alone Deschutes CO.

          1. Nope, but people are free to, for example, shop/not shop where they wish, or urge others to do so, based on what someone says. For many years, I’ve said this, and it still rings true: Sometimes the worst thing we can do to someone is quote them accurately.

          2. That’s not true at all. You can be fined and arrested for speech if you incite panic and violence. The easiest examples are yelling “fire!” in a theater and talking about bombs in the TSA line.

            Every Amendment has its limits.

        2. Barney, Couple of simplified chains of reasoning of possible scenarios. 1. Private company owns the primary platforms of public discourse = therefore they have become a Public utility. 2. Private company owns the platform – so they control the policy – through the policies they control the public = illusion of consent. 3. A private company owns a platform – so they control the policy – through the policies they control the public – the platform promotes a government controlled narrative = the government controls the public = illusion of consent = illusion of free media.
          Question; If a media company promotes a government controlled narrative are they not a public utility at that point?

            1. Barney, nope. Just because you decide that is my “opinion” or “claim” doesn’t make it so. That’s not how the real world works despite how you think you are the decider of everything. If that was my belief or opinion I would have said so.

              1. I don’t claim to be the decider of ANYTHING but moderating comments from people who push the limits and relish doing so, or attack me/others without a care. In other words, offensive comments. That’s it.

                1. Barney, yes you clearly did decide and label the comment I made as my “opinion” and “claim”. Your comment; “These are still just opinions, despite your “chains of reasoning” label”, “You are free to promote your claims”. I posted a simplified version of ideas I read in articles some where for discussion, and all of a sudden it is my claims, and I am pushing limits, attacking you and others and being offensive. Ridiculous. And you call other people trolls.

                2. Barney, Just because you say that someone is attacking you doesn’t automatically make it so. Victim complex much?

                3. Labeling says more about you than me. Folks can read what folks lie say to me publicly here and make their own judgments. I have garnered great unsought sympathy from folks for the attacks I deal with.

                4. By labeling me as labeling…. you are labeling. So that says more about you than me. In other words sticks to you, bounces off me.

          1. That’s horrible “reasoning.” Utilities were set up in partnership with the governmemt to provide critical services like power and water. Any fool can make a new Twitter. look at Trump’s Truth Social and pillowheads Frank. Anyone can do it. They may not be as popular as Twitter but that’s just how market economics works, which is something people who want to talk about government regulation of social media never want to acknowledge, do they? No private company should be forced to publish what they believe to be crummy junk from airheads if they don’t want to. Private property rights you know.

        3. Barney ! You are completely wrong ! “many believe private business has a right to set rules on its own service.”… Like a cake shop that won’t bake wedding cakes for same sex couples ? Or Mom and Pop shops with signs posted- “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”… We’ve seen how this site treats individuals who don’t fall in line to the liberal mantra of hopey changey- their posts are deleted- delayed- redirected- or censored. That is not free speech- and I can’t wait for the Supremes to have a shot at your baloney and teach you anti-constitutionalists a lesson. Now- bring on the AI bot and lets retire this R2 unit !

          1. You are comparing apples and oranges as always. Your accusations are untrue, so untrue I’ve had to delete more and more of your bizarre false allegations in recent months. Once in a while I do let one through to let folks see just how wrong you are. We treat nobody’s comments differently, as 1,000s of your posts here make clear.
            If Scotus rules the way you want, all the remaining comment systems will go away – who’d take on the liability for the stuff you post? – and you will be screaming in a closet, to nobody. But if that’s what you want, go for it. The media stands for protecting free speech. Even some of yours. Not the misleading untruths and offensive personal attacks, but other than that, have at it.

    3. That’s the opposite of a grown-up country.

      As awful as this speech is, it must be tolerated. That’s the American deal.

      That said, there’s no law that says “toleration” must include buying or carrying someone’s products.

    4. You need to move to Cuba, Venezuela or China. I hate hearing liberals calling all Trump supporters racist, but forget that many of us Trump supporters are people of color. I really do not care if liberals call me names. I just use the old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. Try it. It works. LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2024!!!!!

  2. Good for them!! I know I’ll be patronizing We’re the Wurst from now on. It’s about time someone called out this garbage for what it is. I never drank that disgusting beer from monkless but I will make sure everyone I know doesn’t anymore.

    1. ^^ Ladies and gentlemen, this is MAGA. Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud now. Republicans are the party of hate and racism. Please vote against these people and their cult leaders, and please teach your children about community and love.

      1. Supping someone who tried to overthrow the government is literally that. You think he would just step down in January of 2025? Lol, lol …

          1. New report: 255,000 ‘excess votes’ for Biden in six key 2020 states
            Opinion by Paul Bedard – Mar 28


            a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

    1. jonasty, really look back at Trumps presidency. Gas was at an all time low…he brought manufacturing jobs back to America. Unemployment prior to covid was at record lows. Wages had increased, stock market flourished. What has Biden/Harris done for us? Today… Diesel in Redmond was $6.85. Diapers were up nearly 21% from just 6 months ago. Factories that make food as burning down, last count 94. Cattle mysteriously died, 10,000 in one night. Store shelves showing bare spots where food once was. Formula for infants is scarce and the factory flooded just days after it reopened.You have every right to hate Trump, but denying things were improved during his presidency is crazy. Yes he spray tanned himself and looked orange, big deal. Yes, he didn’t know when to hold his tongue. To some of us it was oddly refreshing that he didn’t feel the need to be “politically correct”.
      Some American’s are racist and always will be. Others are not racist, or at least never had been, prior to BLM and Antifa destroying cities. Now many who were once accepting of everyone, are questioning everyone. Remember our parents and schools taught us to “Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.” That doesn’t exist any more, thanks to the demoncrat/socialist party. Now its if you are white, bow down to those who aren’t. Sorry, NO ONE should bow to another in a Constitutional REpublic. That is the beauty of the Government our Forefathers gave us. Sadly history tells us that Constitutional Republics only last about 200 years, 4-6 generations. Because those who fought for the Freedom, are gone, and each generation lives the freedom, no longer needing to defend it, so they grow complacent. Sadly, that Generation is Now, my children. Socialism is a beautiful dream, everyone equal, sharing things equally…sadly, someone has to rule. Rulers become drunk and power hungry (Think of Nancy Pelosi). As they are not satisfied with their share, they have to get more. So goes socialism to Marxism and then Communism. Communism is nearly impossible to get rid of, because it is all about suppressing the masses, so they CANNOT fight back and will accept what they are given. while the elitist leaders, reap huge benefits of the labors of those being suppressed. Don’t believe me? Look up Argentina, in the last 20 years they went from freedom to Communism. The playbook is IDENTICAL to here in America. The only thing keeping us from the end right now is…GUN OWNERSHIP. America has one of the largest populations of gun ownership. Why do you think they are trying so hard to make laws harder, why they discuss removing specific guns? Its because a powerful takeover of America via an army from China, Russia, or other countries would fail…not because of the military that is being dismantled/de-funded before our eyes. It is because too many Americans are hunters, ex military, or just plain scared. We the People WILL fight back and they know it.
      Look into Uvalde School shooting a bit closer. How did an 18 yr old kid get $4500 to buy guns and ammo, literally days after his juvenile record was expunged? Why did police not go in for nearly 1/2 hr? Why were some police officer kids not present at school that day? Why won’t the school or police talk to anyone now, its all behind closed doors? Because there is more to this than you might think. School shootings, mall shootings, and other locations happen HEAVILY during democratically controlled federal government. When a republican is in control, less shootings happen. Its a fact that you can and should look up. Cities such as Portland, Seattle, Los Angelos, New York, etc have been democrat controlled cities for over 40 years and longer. Oddly, they are the ones rioting. Portland still is averaging a shooting a day or more, unfortunately the death toll almost matches it. The once beautiful and vibrant city has devolved to chaos, and the democrats let it happen, not prosecuting anyone.

      Learn the REAL ISSUES going on right now and stop blaming Trump for everything. For a business man, independently wealthy in his own right, he worked for free for the American people for 4 years. He was honest and didn’t hide anything, which is the exact reason that you hate him.

      1. WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To add to your comment, the Democrats with the help of the media have done a job of portraying President Trump as a racist. In addition anyone who supports President Trump is a racist. The attacks on President Trump continues, yet many who support him are people of color. Liberals don’t seem to grasp or refuse to understand that many minorities (like my family and I) have the same love of country as President Trump.We believe in America first, secure boarders, funding the police, and most importantly in GOD. President Trump has done more for minorities than Mr. Biden has done in his entire 49 plus years of being a career politician. Heck, President Trump has done more to help all AMERICANS. I am proud of my ethnic background, but most importantly I call myself a proud AMERICAN. God bless you for telling it like it is. We are united as AMERICANS.

      1. Lassie Again: Its all truth! Look it up and see. The problem today is we believe the bull being spouted by government and media. Always follow the money. Money = Corruption, Greed, and Power. If you do some fact finding, you will find everything I said above is true.

        1. Yep, follow the money. “the Trump campaign took $250 million in donations from supporters that it said would go to an election defense fund to pay for legal fees to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. But the fund was never actually created……. Instead, the money went to the Save America political action committee, she said, and the money went from there to several pro-Trump organizations which are headed by former officials close to Donald Trump’s inner circle.” NPR

          1. Joey Biden took $60 billion dollars and gave it to a country (The Ukraine) he once strong armed into tossing a regulations officer away from his personal interests- a country that his Boy Hunter sat on a board of directors for an oil and gas firm- and you still fret over donations- taxes- and all things DJ Trump ? TDS Sweetie- TDS !

              1. Wow! Hey all – I’m unbiased…honest!! This Barney, right here, is why people don’t trust you. You’re not asking a question – you’re insinuating. As your leader fails you’re growing desperate. Do you not see an issue with Hunter Biden making millions sitting on the board of a gas/oil company in Ukraine with zero experience? Nah – if you think that then you must support Russia! You probs didn’t get the memo – but other left wing media outlets have started questioning everything Biden…you don’t have to pretend anymore.

                1. I focus my time and efforts on helping produce local news. And soon will have help freeing more time for that vital role and not dealing with the endless roiling over national content we don’t produce, the endless back and forth stuff and folks who keep trying to drag me into no-win endless arguments with false allegations, putting words in my mouth, etc. etc.

      2. Lassie, I’m sure you believe love to be nothing more than a feeling. You Leftists would follow your feelings right into a Communist take over if no one stopped you. The way you feel IS NOT LOVE. Love is an action. The feelings that follow are simply feelings. Learn what real love is and maybe you’d see that @sagebrush71 is correct. Love always supports the truth, no matter how you feel about it.

        1. commonsince, that’s right, tell them what they believe. And they will tell you what you believe. At least someone has commenscence.

  3. You liberals are the real racists. And the entire problem with this country. Notice everytime you idiots elect democrats into power we end up with a destroyed country that a conservative has to put back together. Reagan after Carter. Trump after that racist Obama. Here we are again. A woke country pandering to a “community” that is committing horrific murders all over the country on a daily basis including last night in DC at a juneteenth parade. And we’re supposed to celebrate it. You leftists need to shut your mouths. Normal people are sick of you and this evil you elect into office. You’re all literally destroying our country and we’re not going to take it anymore.

      1. Imagine a world where people aren’t allowed to voice opposing views which are perceived as threatening and offensive to leftists. You may be able to eliminate opposing views with your new AI moderation system, and if anyone still participates, you will be left with an echo chamber and only positive affirmations. AI is racist;

        1. Nope, we have never and will never base our moderation decisions on political views, only how they are expressed – and whether they are, as is too often the case, expressed with offensive personal attacks.

          1. Barney, I don’t really care if your news stories, moderation decisions, or how they are expressed are based on political views or not. But to tell people that there is no political view bias in your news, moderation decisions, or how they are expressed is nonsense. And is basically telling people they are stupid, and liars if they say there is bias. If you actually believe that you don’t show any political bias, you are either unaware or are being disingenuous. But just because you aren’t able to be aware of bias doesn’t mean other people aren’t. I have personally seen what appeared to be clearly politically biased moderation occur that I didn’t call out. My point is, we are all biased and that is fine. Just accept it and don’t try to blow smoke about it. This is easily researched based on sponsors or affiliates and their political leanings.

            1. whatever. Labels and criticism are easy. Proof and specifics are not. They usually devolve into some degree of what-aboutism and other such. You are entitled to your view of what is “nonsense,” as are all Americans.

              1. Barney, so what specific evidence and proofs would you accept to change your view that you aren’t politically biased? And why is protecting a theoretically anti biased image such a hot button issue for you? You are a CNN affiliate right? I am here knowing a leftist supporting version of reality is promoted here, so what? There are dissenting views in the comments to push back on that narrative, and you get more attention. I don’t see the big deal.

                1. Because I know that the content here appears impartial and objective and accurate. And to hear it called otherwise in some broad brushstroke irks me. People who just hang here to throw potshots. It’s allowed, of course. But the proof is usually lacking, or points to a whole raft of years-ago stories that I’ll just bet were accurate in reflecting those days’ reality at the time (quoting others, not the analysis pieces).

              2. Because a claim always proves a theory. “Because I know that the content here appears impartial and objective and accurate.”

              1. Okay Everyone… Lets All use are real names and be real people….We are all Adults Here…We all will agree to disagree.. thats fine… post your thoughts…dont throw stones or be disrespectful…
                Just My Opinion???? Thoghts??
                Thank you Frank

                1. Thanks, but Facebook proves that “real names” (how do we prove? A background check?) don’t do a lot to stop trolls from trolling or hate/blame from flowing…

      2. And this is why people think you are a joke, Lerten. You allow this type of garbage but dig your puritanical heels in at a reference to spherical objects? Can some of this broader moderation include a new moderator who has some integrity?

      3. So his comments get warnings for being “offensive” or “threatening” but numerous other people don’t even get a warning about their comments? I see how this goes.

            1. Not sure, could be 3 or 5, but no limit on likes/dislikes unless we start having our own issues like YouTube did (every tool is a weapon and vice versa). Maybe when it expands to the app, and community moderation can put trolls in a corner of some sort (or at least less visible in the sorting options), more regular people who don’t spend untold hours here each day will feel more free to discuss issues civilly here without fear of offensive attacks and ridicule. Maybe.

              1. Barney, lol to you labeling anyone who disagrees with your narrative as trolls. You should be more appreciative of people who comment here, since not many people do. And everyone you label as trolls incite debate and discussion which drives the comment section. These are the regular people. Can’t wait to see the supposed flood of the “more regular people” who don’t disagree with anything and only give positive affirmations. “Maybe” not.

                1. No just the people who hang here all day and night and fire barbs at me/us. Sorta fits the definition. 1,000s and 1,000s of posts here disagreeing with us. That’s THEIR narrative. Our goal is factual, interesting news. Nothing more or less. Love passionate debate that doesn’t constantly devolve into personal attacks on either other, us etc. That’s the hope.

                2. Well said. We used to have free speech, but now liberals who do not agree with another opinion can flag the person. I never thought I would see this in our beloved America, but here we are.

                3. Anyone can flag anyone for comments they deem offensive, and we’ll review them. Making it one-sided says more about the accuser than about us.
                  This has been part of online comment systems for many years. People who see this as a free speech First Amendment issue don’t get the First Amendment. We have a right, in fact a responsibility to set some rules due to those who would hijack attempts at civil debate with hate, blame and offensive personal attacks.

                4. If your “rules” were consistent, maybe you’d have a point. The fact that you remove the “reply” on your statements when you feel like you’ve “spoken” says all we need to know about your feelings on free speech. If you maintained some remnant of consistency maybe people would disagree with you less. We may not agree with people on the other side of the “aisle”, but we know what to expect from them. You, on the other hand, are wildly unpredictable. Who knows what hate speech you’ll let through on any given day while digging in your heels like a mule over some innocuous innuendo.

              2. I go round and round with you; and you always speak your own thoughts of that I am fairly certain. Your quote in parens is spot on and pretty much sums it up from a social media standpoint!

                (every tool is a weapon and vice versa)

              3. LOL keep dreaming Barney, this place will digress further into its echo chamber with weaponized clicks being the new pass-time for Boomers. I’m assuming you’re planning your retirement along with the introduction of the new system. it’s going to all go to hell. Let the games begin, have fun with it.

                1. Nope, I’ll keep working, and many colleagues and others are glad to hear it. This comment system is not my main job, as anyone who truly knows me knows.

                1. Yes, label it before anyone sees how it all shakes out. Fleets of moderators on Reddit who strictly enforce common-sense rules know better. One can have civil dialogue and passionately disagree. But trolls ruin it for everyone.

                2. Yes Barney, cause no one has ever seen how social media forums operate, and no behavior pattern conclusions can ever be drawn from it.

    1. Born in Bend, the leftists hate being disagreed with, or being told NO. They also hate facts, and looking into the mirror. However you are wrong that you are not going to take it anymore. You will take it. And your complaining won’t fix anything either.

        1. pedalbend, I am for sure the problem for disliking racial identity politics and liberal authoritarian fascism. But what it makes me think is maybe you should go pedal bend.

            1. Martha, that liberals are pushing racial identity politics. And racial identity is objectification and racism. Which is politically weaponized racism. And that type of behavior historically exists in fascist authoritarian regimes. And liberals consider anyone who dislikes their racist identity politics and liberal authoritarian fascism as the problem.

  4. Hey barney. Why don’t you post an article about the people that were gunned downed and murdered at a juneteenth parade in DC last night?

    1. And an article about the radical right attacking Crenshaw because he has integrity and a spine.
      Why not support the intelligent and integrity filled republicans instead of the dumb and dumbers?

  5. You constantly post national news when it fits your narrative. You sure had plenty of cnn articles regarding the Buffalo shooter. And you’re really splitting hairs there haha. My bad. Not a parade. A celebration. Big difference. My point was the violence in their community is completely ignored by the media.

    1. We never “post” the news, it’s an automated feed. Some stories we choose to put in top stories, that’s it. Editorial judgment call. And that I can find numerous links to that incident disproves the “completely ignored” claim, as usual.

      1. Barney, so where are these supposed numerous links on Your platform to the news story of that incident? If there aren’t numerous links on your platform to that that news story, that disproves your claim of numerous links.

      2. I’m betting some stories never see the light of day, and some stay at the top for days on end. This is, of course, an editors completely unbiased decision. Because editors don’t have any bias. Just ask them. Maybe it’s you Barney, maybe it is you. Or maybe everyone else is ganging up on you, and it’s all of them with some coordinated campaign against you.

      3. It’s an automated feed. Your job isn’t to moderate. So, you teach aspiring journalists to cover quilting bees and new restaurant openings? The more you try to insist that you have a real job that makes a difference, the more flat your arguments fall.

  6. The owner of We’re the Wurst is following his 1st Amendment right to Free Speech. His stance mirrors the opinions of many of us in Central Oregon. This holiday and the reason for it are all an effort to remove history as it has been recorded. We don’t have the right to re-write history. We only have the right to learn from that history and hope to make things better.

    The first time Juneteenth was even mentioned, was 2020… you cannot suddenly make up a historical event. Attack me all you want commenters, but as someone who studied history and religious history, this attacking of white male Christians has a purpose. To remove our right to free speech, right to assemble PEACEABLY, the right to FREE PRESS, and the right to Redress our Grievances. The entire First Amendment and all of the Bill or Rights are under attack. If we allow them to fall, we might as well fly our flag upside down, for we will be a nation that has gone under, as Ronald Reagan warned.

    Good for We’re the Wurst. They went through the roughest time during covid because of our government agencies and their tyranny. He stands tall and firm, as our forefathers wrote to us, a warning of what was to come. Sadly, too many people choose to believe the socialist/marxist/communist demoncrats as they push further along the playbook used by Hitler. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. They have managed to push to nearly the end under our noses.

      1. You are telling me that 5 years ago Juneteenth was a thing to you? Got a link to a KTVZ story from 5 years ago, or any time prior to that that includes Juneteenth? The ending of slavery is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated. All of the BS surounding it is a distraction.

          1. I’m not twisting your words. You, and others imply that this newly hatched (on a national level) holiday has been around forever, as if to add legitimacy to it. I’m pointing out that basically no one in Central Oregon knew of it’s existence until quite recently.

            1. “I’m pointing out that basically no one in Central Oregon knew of it’s existence until quite recently.”

              Ignorance is a terrible excuse.

              Historically Oregon wasn’t a very friendly State to black Americans. They were SO unfriendly they were laws passed to exclude them from even living in Oregon, beat them for their very presence, and prevented land ownership. Most likely that attitude was passed down generationally?


            2. I grew up on the east coast, studied Revolutionary War through Civil War in college and because I enjoy those time periods. I have NEVER heard of Juneteenth before. I am also a daughter of the American Revolution and have researched my ancestry and am proud that my family and church that I grew up in were part of the Underground Railroad. My family were never slave owners, yet I am being asked to apologize for my ancestors. This holiday was not “mainstream” or “celebrated” prior to covid.
              Many states/territories had slaves longer than the eastern states because without modern phone, or secured mail service, the news of end of slavery took much longer to travel to the west. We cannot change history, only learn from it as I stated above.

    1. sagebrush71, You (and most of the right) must not have gotten the memo. The majority of society no longer supports or believes in your version, interpretation, or application of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, religion, or freedom. They are in power now. And they have designated anyone who thinks like you as offensive, and a threat to society. History shows what comes next is that they will eliminate any perceived resistance to their ideology, and any means to resist it. Eventually this means eliminating gun ownership for the law abiding, and re educating or eliminating anyone opposed to their ideology. All under the name of tolerance, diversity, and equity.

        1. I want to know why Obama (the first black president) never mentioned a thing about Juneteenth his whole 2 terms as President. WHY??????????? Perhaps Barney can answer this…

          1. Because there was already enough Racist Trash upset about having a Black President. Why rub dog poop in their faces when they’re doing such a good job of flogging themselves already ?

          2. He did. The fact you weren’t listening has less to do with fact or history, and more to do with your own political bias blinding you.

            THE WHITE HOUSE
            Office of the Press Secretary_____________________________________________________________
            For Immediate Release June 19, 2009



        2. The celebration and recognition of an event are not mutually exclusive. Personally my family has known about this historical day for decades.

          Do you celebrate women’s suffrage? Yes/ No : why not? On what day do you throw your party?

          Standing next to the white house press secretary dressed in an easter bunny costume doesn’t make someone a Christian.

      1. Martha, That’s because the current liberal promoted racial identity politics and the way the ideology is being applied, does have many similarities to the National Socialist playbook. More racism is the solution to racism: More intolerance is the solution to intolerance:,

    2. Sagebrush ~ It’s not a made up event. And if you know your “history” you’d be able to find the facts / easily and learn it’s not an attack against white Christian men. It’s a celebration of their freedom… Something clearly as a white privileged male you have limited experience. Example ~ Portland Oregon has had a Juneteenth celebration since the early 70’s.

      1. So…why did Obama not celebrate Juneteenth or worked with both house of congress to make it a national holiday. Imagine, the first black President said NOTHING???

    1. JRBeav, the left has designated themselves as the arbiters of truth, therefore anything they say is fact just because they said so. And anyone who doesn’t accept that is labelled as the problem.

        1. Wrong rg. Look that one up. ALL of the men who founded and most who participated were DEMOCRATS. In fact Democrats are the ones who put in Jim Crow laws. Democrats are the ones who have written and supported laws, including those designed to seperate white and blacks on buses, schools, etc.

          1. You should have paid more attention in college. Labels and ideology have different meanings depending at points in time. The KKK was founded by right wing anti- civil rights men, who at the time were called Democrats. But times have changed.

            “The transition into today’s Democratic Party was cemented in 1948, when Harry Truman introduced a pro-civil rights platform and, in response, many Democrats walked out and formed the Dixiecrats. Most rejoined the Democrats over the next decade, but in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. The civil rights movement had also deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, and Republican politicians developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South who had traditionally supported the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. These approaches are known as the Southern strategy. Anti-civil rights members left the Democratic Party in droves, and Senator Strom Thurmond, the Dixiecrats’ presidential candidate from 1948, joined the Republican Party”


            1. before you vote become informed says, That is leftist racist apologetics invented by liberal institutions. Guess you got the best leftist college propaganda narrative that money can buy. Maybe you should have paid less attention in college, or learned some critical reasoning skills. Maybe you should become informed about leftist ideology, because they openly promote and support racism, intolerance, and racial identity politics which is objectification and racism;, more racism is the solution to racism: Intolerance is the solution for intolerance:,

              1. “Maybe you should become informed about leftist ideology”
                OH please oh wise one, what exactly is the current ideology of the left and right? Shall we look to Texas or Florida as an example of the new modern ideologies? Those two States are getting as close to authoritarian Christian theocracy as you can get while saving copies of the Constitution only to be used during the next toilet paper shortage.

                You should also probably read your first link? Now compare those thoughts to the modern GOP?

                If an education is a leftist ideology, I will gladly accept the title. (and judging by the majority of founding fathers, senators, congresspeople, and elected officials .. the educated elite sure seems to cross all political associations)
                Now it is time for you to go to school.
                Which party is trying to create and govern based on a single religion?
                Which party no longer believes in a well regulated militia?
                Which party is throwing the 14th amendment out the window while screaming “every sperm is sacred”?
                Which party continues to fight the 15th, 19th, and 24th amendment to limit constitutionally allowed voting?
                Which party just openly plotted to throw the 12th amendment out the window in order to maintain power?


                And finally, how many active proud GOP members are testifying that there was a plot to override the Constitution so that #45 could maintain power? Its a long list, you should probably use Google

  7. FYI, he didn’t just lose Monkless, he lost a bunch of other big accounts. add up all the orders you fools could muster up in a week and it won’t touch the biz lost from Monkless alone. FREEDUMB!!!!

  8. The guy that runs that shop is right about alot of what he says. He is also missing the point, blinded by his (understandable) dislike of Biden. Not caring for a celebration of the ending of the institution of slavery seems indefensible. The day selected for the celebration, and who signed it into law is irrelevant. The ending of slavery is a wonderful thing. Take that for what it is. I have zero love or that racist bunch of thieves over at BLM. They have nothing to do with Juneteenth. When I celebrate Juneteenth, those fools don’t cross my mind. Likewise, someone can not care for the holiday, because of what they think it is about, AND not be racist. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. I know, simple folks like to keep things simple, but life isn’t always that simple.

  9. It is a fact that less than 15% of the US population is AA, even less who has ancestors who were slaves at one time. Whether that justifies to make it a national holiday or not is questionable. However, the timing is quite interesting, a few happily celebrates while Brandon runs the country to the ground!

  10. I’ve lived in CO since 1980 and Redmond since 1993 and have never heard of either of these busineses. Why is this a news story? To continue to foster division.

  11. Ahhh, once again “Donny Dump Disciples” Not thinking things through! This will hurt their business in the long term! Short term? “The Low Iq” will rally around them for a month or so, then get bored, then on to the next Hateful thing!

      1. Born in Bend? Is that supposed to be a badge of Honor? LOL! Ever lived anywhere else? How hard is it to stay in your hometown? Do you want a cookie? Does someone owe you something? Like I said You “LOW IQ” types will get bored in a month! how about them apples? Champ? Lol.

  12. Actually I went there with 3 other guys today after work and spent about 40 bucks each. I don’t think you realize that good people are still the majority here. Not leftist Californians. Everyone I know will be patronizing their business.

    1. Good People? Bashing a holiday to commemorate the ending of SLAVERY? OK GOT IT! Man, how do you and your “Ilk” make it through the day?

    2. Born in Bend is pathological he says whatever just to sound important and contrary… But if course he didn’t go there after work. They don’t take WIC and he couldn’t afford $40 on a meal with a minimum wage job

  13. I don’t disagree with thier Facebook post but I think a better message commemorating “Juneteenth” would be, “you’re welcome, now quit whining.”

      1. Not true. For some reason you protected the identity of the owner of that Lucky Horseshoe storage business, despite the awful things he did. Fortunately for the public, other local media outlets were more informative on that story, including the little tidbit that ODOT tried to buy the property even before it was developed, but the owner refused and instead built the facilities, and received a lot more taxpayer money as a result.

        1. Different news organizations find out different information for articles done at different times. Sometimes it’s an editorial judgment, sometimes it’s just that. The false ulterior motives get old.

          1. Which often means those organizations spent more time digging and asking questions to get to the bottom of the issue. Not just scrape the surface and say what they know only. Its called journalism. You should try it at KTVZ.

  14. So….what’s being done with the product these businesses are pulling from their shelves? I’d like to hope it’s being donated to a worthy cause.

    1. Unless it is “scan-based trade”, he has already been paid for the product but I would not put it past these companies to “donate” the product and then put in for a “charitable donation” on their taxes. After all, money.

    1. Tell you what, IF Barney deletes all of the posts I have posted, I hereby agree to leave this forum, delete my account, and not come back for good.

        1. Barney, so were you lying when you said?
          Barney Lerten says:
          May 29, 2022 at 11:29 AM
          “We can delete accounts on our site, it has been done in the past.”

          1. No I was not lying. We came to the realization that we cannot ‘ban’ people from site, only way is to delete accounts, which removes the record we have that proves the case of why we had to remove the person from the site. Many more tools with Viafoura to deal with those who cannot follow some very simple rules of civility and are always offensive. The very few times we have deleted accounts from the site it involved requests, not a “ban.”

              1. No, we are no longer removing accounts for the reasons I just explained. We need them as a record in case our moderation decisions are challenged. We’ll be moving to the new platform next month and yes, accounts will be moved I believe, but not all the comments – that is still being worked out. Feel free to just stop posting.

                1. Barney, just proving a point that it appears to always goes in circles with you. I ask if you can delete all of my posts already knowing that if you delete my account it deletes posts, then you say you don’t delete posts. Which is untrue because you said you DO delete accounts which…. yep, deletes posts. Then I ask to delete account and you say you don’t delete accounts, even though you said that you do delete accounts. Barney Lerten says: May 29, 2022 at 11:29 AM “We can delete accounts on our site, it has been done in the past.”

                2. You twist my words. I said we CAN – yes, it’s physically possible to delete accounts, which I said we’ve done IN THE PAST. But no longer do – which of course you are showing why, with the way you twist, misstate and attack me, we want to have a record of just what you said (we’ll always have my comments on record.) I do find it ironic that all these accusations come from someone with such a “positive” screen name.

                3. Barney, apparently, if someone questions you they are attacking you, if someone quotes you they are attacking you, if someone disagrees with you, they are attacking you, if someone presents facts or links to facts that disprove anything you say they are attacking you. The real question is; is there any way for anyone to post any comment here that you don’t consider attacking you?

                4. Depends on whether respect is shown, as I try to do even under unfair hostile fire. I love passionate, robust debate and try to stay out of them. But when I’m targeted unfairly, or when it devolves into personal attacks, that’s different.

      1. How many nicknames do you use? Why, you seem quite willing to post dozens on this thread under Positive Affirmations alone?

  15. I went to the facebook page,now he’s hiding behind bible verses and trying to “Flip The Script!” so typical! what a loser! say goodbye to your weiner business buddy! People need to THINK before they post! He’s a total Donny Dump Disciple too! Gee Go Figure! Lol!

    1. Yeah these people (thumpers) like to hide their sins behind prayer. It’s pathetic. If they could just learn to live kindly and un-biased towards one another, maybe they wouldn’t feel the need to pray and cite scripture everytime they’re called out.

  16. The tolerant left doing their best to destroy someone who thinks differently, instead of trying to understand why someone has a differing opinion and finding common ground, they take great pleasure in hurting as much as they can. Mid terms are coming and the polling isn’t looking good for the intolerant tolerant ones…. I am looking forward to the bloodbath that is well deserved…

  17. Used to get angry with all the ignorance and stupidity here but now it’s quite the opposite. Now its like a sign on there foreheads showing how dumb and uneducated some of you here really are except you can be cowards by hiding your real names. Unfortunately I would never share my real identity here due to harassment and threats real or otherwise. Still amazed how some here just make up their own facts when you really should take a civics class and have a real grasp on law, The constitution and living in a democracy. Trump numbskulls are a bad example of decent human beings and now more of these clueless tools are running for office. Who cares about the truth as long as you crybabies get some attention and play victims to you own stupidity.

    1. Good thinking. You can see what the mob here will do to you if they don’t agree with you. Try to run your business into the ground. You would be better off being a drug dealer. That won’t likely get your name in print.

    2. Typical leftist lib, you criticize people for hiding their identity while hiding your own identity. But of course, your identity is far more important, because you… The problem with leftist libs is they have absolutely no self awareness whatsoever nor do they have the ability to empathize, think critically or understand why someone may have a differing viewpoint. It’s go with the narrative or attack!!! As we see with this story above. Modern day liberals are the most prejudiced intolerant humans on the planet. And I’ll say it again, if all of you bleeding hearts cared so much for the black community that is hurting so bad and needs your help why did you all leave the racially diverse liberal run cities for this White Haven? I guarantee none of you have the ability to answer this question honestly.

  18. This really is a perfect example of how the system is supposed to work. it’s what happens when the government keeps their paws off of private entities and individuals freedoms. Someone made a statement and then on top of it they challenged people to cancel them, great that’s your opinion no problem there. A couple of businesses didn’t agree with the comment and chose to take him up on his dare… great Freedom once again! that’s all that’s going on here no big deal. Agree with his comment or not patronize his business or don’t that’s all there is to it! Move along with your day really.

      1. 1/6 was nothing. How about the 574 riots in 2020 that caused 2 billion in damages? I don’t celebrate the Muslim holiday of EID either, does that make me a bad person?

          1. You probably wouldn’t accept the evidence anyway so why bother. Or dismiss it because you don’t like the source like you do so often.

        1. Yeah? Compare deaths and injuries. 1/6 was more violent than the entire summer of BLM.. and they were attempting to overthrow a legitimate election. That’s called an insurrection. But you won’t accept that… will you? LOL. BLM protests weren’t even close in comparison, but keep trying to justifiy the actions of your cult. It just shows those of us with critical thinking skills what kind of people you are… even though we already know what kind of people you are. (Insert cognative insult here)

            1. Um, what? It is literally night and day. One group of people are fighting for the right of others to not be killed by police, the other group of people are trying to overthrow the United States Government because they lost a free and fair election. One group of people cares about others, the other group cares about holding onto power for themselves. Hope that clears that up for you.

              1. Your comment is ridiculous. I guess BLM “protesters” were hurling cans of soup at businesses, setting a court house on fire, and beating people up in the middle of the streets for months because they cared about others huh? I do not support the January 6th fiasco, but the feel good protests that BLM and ANTIFA performed were WAY more extreme than Jan. 6. As long as the left says it is ok, it must be eh?

  19. Business owners have a right to say what they want- and customers and others have the right to respond as they please. With that said I question the intelligence of the business owner in these cases. Keep your eyes on the prize. Sell your product / service and shut your mouth. All of this is so distracting from running your business.

  20. It’s very clear that a majority of the commenters here enjoy hate speech. It’s what drives them to the KTVZ website. I wish they could find some other outlet.

  21. This comment section is an embarrassment. Barney, if you have one ounce of integrity you’d shut this comment section down, like every other news outlet. This is not an example of “free speech” you have allowed people to spread hate and you are to blame for these comments. Disgusting

      1. Yeah… these people only like one side of the story to be told. Then they do everything they can to silence the logical & correct answer- Very typical of the racist crowd- Has been for hundreds of years. Some folks just don’t know how to evolve with society.

  22. Don’t know much about his sausage, but do know I watched people die defending his RIGHT to voice his opinion and he DOES have that right and should certainly not be harassed or cancelled for having an opinion on a social media site full of leftist, marxist opinions that are all perfectly fine and “acceptable”. Having read all the comments it amazes me the same labels used over and over by the same people.. Racist… Trumpites…. low IQ types, bla bla bla….. For as many people this guy turned off with his comments there are just as many, if not more that will come out and support him – so understand you are only drawing attention to him. This is the irony of progressive woke-ism cancel culture. Let the free market (what’s left of it) work its magic and leave the guy alone. This is not newsworthy material, its virtue signaling blather.

    1. Some people simply don’t want to be associated with a company that feels the end of slavery was the start of “the moral decay and corrosion of our country.” That’s their choice. Want to see real censorship? Look at China, Russia and DeSantis. Let people have their quibbles, just keep the government out of it.

      1. I’ve seen censorship firsthand in other countries and we are there rg – just not your side….. This guy sells sausage – and you are actually promoting his business by pointing out his resistance to the rot/insincerity in our society/political leadership. I honestly dont think it has anything to do with June tenth – he was just resisting (on FACEBOOK) more political manipulation by those who could give a crap about them, us, or you. And this is front page KTVZ news??? Ask yourself why? More woke trash peddling.

        Ha Desantis! Now the next biggest threat is Desantis – I saw that coming months ago as the blue failure progresses at a frightening pace and the common folk are suffering at the stores and the pump and the chickens are about to come home to roost for ya. He is your worst nightmare. Calm. War veteran. Poised. And EXACTLY what we need to save this country. So get ready. Hes coming. Start the slander mill.

        I don’t think that is what the Sausage guy was meaning but Im not surprised you interpreted that way to fit your narrative and delusion. Any, all, that disagree with the moral decay of this society are labelled racists, ignorant, intolerant etc by the feebleminded racist drones.

          1. Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, China, Belarus. I think thats a fairly representative sample. Each has its own network of Propaganda. Al Jazeera, CCP Peoples Daily, Pravda…. To name a few.

  23. Fact is, this guy should’ve kept his mouth shut if he enjoys running a business. Now, he’ll go the way of many other idiots.. he’ll be gone soon. He’ll probably move to Idaho or somewhere else where ignorant biggotry Trumps common sense. While I agree that there’s enough ‘feel good’ holidays for the ‘minority’ groups out there, I also agree that you need to keep your ignorant mouth shut if you like the money that business brings in- that is, until word gets out that you’re a freakin’ idiot and only the few idiots left out there will still bring money to you. I guess he will live up to the name of his business.

    1. Well, personal beliefs as extreme and as far out of the mainstream as his are certainly going to narrow his customer base. He could have expressed them on a personal social media account, but chose instead to associate them with his business. Seems an unwise business decision if you want to be successful, but it’s his choice.

      1. I agree with everything you say. Except. What you see as MAINSTREAM, approximately 50% (probably more now), do not recognize what you call MAINSTREAM. What used to be unbiased, reliable, apolitical news and media venues have been usurped and corrupted. So to be more accurate, it is only MAINSTREAM for one side – the side currently in power. “Far Out” is another exaggeration. I think its safe to say that most understand the significance of the day, however it has become a political tool. Native Americans, Irish, Chinese all can claim rights to a federal day, as well as a slew of milestones the “Whites” accomplished. It has become so “gross” how the current political party manipulates and divides for the sole purpose to “get a vote”. The current figurehead in the white house actually thought June tenth was connected to the Black Stock Market. Insanity.

  24. he has the right, like anyone else, to speak his mind. unfortunate that these days with the doxxing, cancel culture, etc. he might end up out of business.
    i could care less – if i like an eatery, who cares what political views the owner has.
    this is all so stupid – the left is like the thought police – agree with us or you are evil, a fascist, a racist, and so on.

  25. Most slaves in the Galveston area had already known that they had been freed, but they were not necessarily free to leave from their masters who continued to enforce their involuntary servitude. So, in fact, June 19th marked the arrival of 2,000 federal troops that could actually enforce the Emancipation Proclamation issued two years earlier by President Lincoln. That alone did not help a great deal, as many of their former “masters” refused to pay them wages and Order #3 stated that the former slaves could linger about.

  26. Yeah their food is still good and I support their willingness to speak honestly. Too bad for the thin skin libs, the world is not your own. Sad that libs can’t accept others opinions.

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