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Anti-mask group hands out food coupons to Redmond HS students, plans protest

(Update: Adding video, comments from protesters, Redmond students)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Members of the group People’s Rights gathered in front of Redmond High School around lunchtime Thursday, continuing a 10-day protest and expressing their views against requiring mask use in schools.

Among the participants was protest organizer Scott Stuart.

“We are protesting the illegal and expired mask mandate by the governor,” Stuart said. 

Issued by the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon secretary of state, the current indoor mask mandate is an administrative rule.

But Stuart does not support mask use in schools, and feels wearing a mask is actually bad for a person's health.

“Now you’re wearing a mask, do you feel your breathing is restricted?” Stuart asked NewsChannel 21 reporter Noah Chast. 

He said no, to which Stuart responded, “Okay, well you’re very abnormal.”

Stuart was handing out information packets and $5 food coupons to students who came by to listen.

“Does the vaccine prevent you from getting Covid or spreading Covid? No. Then why are you being told you have to get a vaccine?” Stuart asked a group of students gathered around him.

Some students, like freshman Natalie Alexander, say they are glad Stuart is there.

“Honestly it's kind of nice to walk out after getting yelled at all the time by teachers and people in the school to put on their mask,” Alexander said. 

Sophomore Alexander Van Raiden agrees.

“I think it's a good thing. Honestly, my parents love it,” Van Raiden said.

Mackenzie, another sophomore at Redmond High, said students are already ignoring the mask rule. 

 “A lot of kids at school are already protesting against it by just taking their masks off and not wearing them. So I mean, what’s the difference this is going to do?” Mackenzie said. 

However, other students, like senior Gavin Pflugrath, support the right to protest, but don’t necessarily agree with the message.

“Yes you don’t really have to wear a mask, but I think if you’re on private property or even government property like the school then they should be able to do that,” Pflugrath said. 

NewsChannel 21 asked sophomore Joshua Veracruz why he came to listen to Stuart speak.

“Money -- it's just money,” Veracruz said, laughing.

“It's our lunch money. I just bought two pounds worth of food at M&W over there, so I mean -- it works, it's worth it but it's just, it’s bogus. They don’t need to do this.”

NewsChannel 21 asked Stuart if he feels he is using the food coupons to bribe kids into supporting him and the People’s Rights’ narrative. 

“I don’t know, Governor Brown is bribing people with lottery tickets to go get their vaccines. What’s the difference?” Stuart asked. 

Stuart also recommends all students take off their masks at school next Friday, Feb. 4 in protest.

Sheila Miller, the Redmond School District's public information officer, said it's not having any mask use compliance issues currently.

"If a protest like that happens, then our administrators are very capable of handling something like that and they’ll take care of it," she said. "I’m not worried about it.” 

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



      1. masks are “useless. They don’t do anything. They don’t stop you from getting COVID. They’re just a nuisance and make your nose itch and make it so you can’t breathe.”……Meatloaf

        1. Trump kooks will be thrilled to hear that unknown men are waiting for their children across the street from their schools offering them money to eat and drink what they think is healthy, wholesome and nutricious food substitutes!!! trump kooks win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! This should work out well!!!! May the gods help these souls.

          1. i support trump but DO NOT WANT anyone to try and influence my kid. teachers included. the fact you say “trump cooks” and lump everyone into one bucket is disgusting. you should reconsider your values as a person.

            1. Groper is absolutely obsessed with Trump supporters. He loves them so much , he can’t stop thinking about them. Even more obsessed with Trump himself. Worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome I’ve ever seen.

            2. Trump kooks revere big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake for bragging, boasting and lying about how many prostitutes he’s had while being married 3 times, how much money he has, how he paid the Clintons $100,000 to go to his 2nd or 3rd wedding!!! Disgusting, you reconsider your values as person sweetie!!!

                1. Yes, it’s all yet another conspiracy with unfair, corrupt and fake rules. Any trump kook/snowflake will agree!!!LOL!!

      2. Have you ever had one on? That should pretty much explain it for you. If it doesn’t work for hay dust how can you expect it to work for smaller particles?

      1. rather than donate the money, they’d prefer to pay children to eat junk food rather than wear an 1 oz. peice of cloth. Classic snoflake kooks raising helpless snowflke kooks!!!! Tragic.

    1. What a conundrum — should I believe virologists who’ve made it their life’s work to study viruses, or should I believe random people on the interwebz who claim to have served in the military 40+ years ago or that they lived near a hospital growing up or that their sister’s hairdresser’s dog walker’s bro-in-law’s uncle knew someone who got a vaccine in 1970 and had the sniffles after, thus being experts? Decisions, decisions…..

      1. To say that all virologists agree with your position and Fauci’s position may be a bit narrow. Many virologists around the world disagree with the handling of this mess. Not all that strengthens your own view is correct. Not all that are in power and claim they are the voice of science are correct. The fact of the matter is we are all human and all have different opinions on the truth. We have different sources we agree with and trust for a variety of reasons. Unless we are able to seek the hearts and minds of others we will never find truth.

        1. Thank you Gizmare for being a voice of reason. Very true, not everyone agrees with Fauci or how Governor Brown is handling this “viral” issue. I recommend everyone who thinks Oregon is doing a good job, take a weekend trip to another state: Not California or Washington, we all know they are in the same draconian measures we are. Every other state leaves masking, vaccination, and quarantine up to the people. As it should be! We the People just want those who were elected to stay out of healthcare, follow the Constitution, which was written to protect us from a wayward government, and stop the political nonsense we are being subjected to daily. We are all responsible for our OWN lives and those of our children.

          1. “We are all responsible for our OWN lives and those of our children.” Which means other people’s children are not your responsibility so stay away from them!

            1. Exactly- which is why government over-reach (demanding children be jabbed with an experimental chemical injection to go to school) is none of Biden/Brown’s business- good to see that you are coming to your senses.

      1. Have you not noticed our Governor and OHA bribing people with a possible million dollars to get vaccinated this past spring? Did you not go to the Deschutes County fairgrounds and see wrist bands for rides being bribed to get the jab without a parents permission?
        What about the schools offering “gotcha” points or whatever they are called with extras for those who are vaccinated…
        Yet you complain about $5 lunch voucher at a local business being given to kids with a flyer to take home for parents to fill out a survey.
        Make up your mind…are you my body my choice or are you only when the “scientists and Politicians say you can be?

  1. This protest effort was made public now 2 weeks ago, at least.

    Now last week, in Redmond, students from the charter school mounted a walk-out in support of ending gun violence.

    And groups like the “peacekeepers” were there in support.

    Seems like the cultural wars have arrived in Redmond and in the classroom.

      1. Actually, you would be wrong.

        Bend is sixth in Oregon regarding its population. The population data are from the 2020 Census Redistricting dataset –

        The only “Metro District” in Oregon is Portland Metro. It is the regional government for the Oregon portion of the Portland metropolitan area, covering portions of Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties. It is the only directly elected regional government and metropolitan planning organization in the United States.

        Micropolitan areas such as Ontario are areas where the single largest city in the area “anchors” two separate counties. This is not the case at all in Deschutes County.

        “The Ontario Micropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau, is an area consisting of two counties – one in southeastern Oregon and one in southwestern Idaho, anchored by the city of Ontario.

        “As of the 2000 census, the area had a population of 52,193 (though a July 1, 2009 estimate placed the population at 53,844).”

        Portland Metro and Central Oregon (which includes Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties) have long been the swiftest growing areas in Oregon. Politically, Central Oregon is as follows, by the most current metrics.

        “Jefferson County, OR is Moderately conservative. In Jefferson County, OR 36.9% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 60.3% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.8% voted Independent. In the last Presidential election, Jefferson county remained overwhelmingly Republican, 60.3% to 36.9%.”

        “The Political Climate in Prineville, OR is Moderately conservative. Crook County, OR is Very conservative. In Crook County, OR 24.6% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 73.1% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.3% voted Independent.”

        “Deschutes County, OR is Somewhat liberal. In Deschutes County, OR 52.7% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 44.4% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.9% voted Independent.”

        Bend is simply one city in Central Oregon; still considered “somewhat liberal”; and of all the cities and towns in Central Oregon it has the least influence politically on its neighbors and in national politics.

          1. The way multi family dwellings are going up in Redmond I think it will rival bend in the coming years for population. Every empty lot that had horses or cows is now being turned into a 3 story apartment complex. I’m not saying it’s bad or good…just an observation. Redmond is rapidly becoming the “bedroom community” of Central Oregon . The population in Redmond will possibly swell in the coming decade to Bend like proportions. Welcome to the Bend-Redmond metropolitan area!

        1. What does correcting someone for not knowing a small, not even related to the subject fact have to do with anything? Well, you probably get an ego boost out of it or something I don’t really know, nor do I care if it actually does or not, so please don’t correct me.

  2. I wish I had the time to complain about nothing like these people. Wearing a mask is nothing. It’s nowhere near as bad as taxing us on tea or forcing us out of our homes to live in the ghetto. Hospital staff are wearing them 12 hours or more a day (in addition to donning and doffing other PPE over and over). It’s not too hard for your kids to wear one seven hours. Studies vary wildly on how well the masks work but the majority say that they do work and it’s really not a hardship to wear one to help keep the hospital surges more flat, even if only a little.

    1. Yeah so here’s the thing about “widely varying study results”. It is in itself evidence that no correlation exists. In statistics, correlation is a statistical relationship between two random variables. Correlation is the statistical degree to which a pair of variables are linearly related. Whether those variables be masks and cases, or masks and hospitalizations, there is no linear relation. Widely varying results denotes random outcome, not linear relation. This makes sense when you apply what it is known about transmission. Sars-cov-2 is an airborne virus. Mask don’t provide statistical correlation against covid because they do not function in that capacity. Masks protect against droplet transmission.

      1. You ALMOST sound like you know what you’re talking about. But big words and copy/paste doesn’t quite cut it here. The problem with this is that you apparently don’t understand the vector of transmission – Covid rides in droplets as it leaves and becomes airborne… on those droplets. So, a mask that protects against droplets also will protect against transmission of Covid. Studies don’t vary wildly as far as the effectiveness of masks. They vary, but not wildly. And they all show that they work as intended.

        1. When you say masks, we can assume that you mean N95 masks? You have trimmed your hipster beard and have been fitted properly for your N95, correct?

        2. I’m long married to someone who is professionally trained to work in the presence of deadly respiratory pathogens. I’m sure there is plenty of information available online that details the difference between droplet and airborne precaution. But you’re right in a way, mask studies don’t vary wildly if you only consider the largest studies, which show surgical masks have an efficacy of about 20% for pre Omicron strains. That puts efficacy for Omicron below the threshold of statistical significance. I don’t have the numbers but it’s a matter of simple math. All else being equal, a strain that is three times as contagious will cut mask efficacy by 66%. You need to change your screen name.

      2. I think you are incorrect. There are many types of masks but if you focus on N95 masks you will see the correlation. If you try to compare the results from cloth or other masks it then gives the lower IQ people something to speak about (apples to oranges was Trump’s favorite way to argue, always makes him look uneducated). I agree with the original poster, it is odd how these people want to get all worked up over nothing. Wearing a mask is nothing, I really enjoy it in these colder temps. But maybe Meatloaf was right, why don’t you ask him?

          1. This is incorrect. The virus rides on droplets exhaled by infected republicans, your glasses fogging because of the heat of your breath has nothing to do with how Covid is spread.

            1. “Republicans” ??? Yet it is Democrat controlled states with the highest number of cases- hospitalizations and deaths… that hasn’t changed since day one.

        1. The topic of masks centers around “cloth” masks, as required by the mandate. I don’t think anybody is suggesting that N95 mask are ineffective. They do have to be worn properly to be effective but the device itself is proven to significantly reduce viral transmission. I know a guy who will only wear N95. He also has a full beard. Some people just don’t get it.
          As for “getting worked up over nothing”, not everybody feels that way. Just because it’s nothing to you doesn’t mean other people are wrong for thinking differently.

        2. And N95’s protect only the wearer and only if fitted and the wearer is tested to ensure safety. The lac of oxygen can cause intense medical issues, which can be extremely dangerous to the wearer. But those facts are left out by our politician wannabe doctors. The masks being worn for the last 18 months bear little to no protection but do warrant many health issues, mental health issues, and have caused too many failures in our lives already. If vaxx works, why do you care if I am vaxxed? If masks work, why do you care if I don’t wear one? If the plexiglass works in public places why the need for any of this?

          Let the name calling that I am ignorant, uneducated, right wing, extremist, trumper begin!

          Alas, None of those are true.

  3. One: The gift cards are to all of the locations that offer $5 lunches to students, including Cibelli’s pizza.
    Two: The goal is to educate parents and students about their rights. Public schools are supposed to work for the parents of the children…but the school boards are increasingly shutting out parents voices and concerns.
    Three: Where was the outrage this summer when at the Deschutes County fairgrounds there was a group offering free ride wristbands for getting the vaccine…no parent needed?

    Why is it that people are angry when we teach their rights to teens, but okay with poisoning children without their parents consent, which is happening all over Oregon?

    1. You’re trying to compare offering people free rides to get vaccinated with attempting to bribe teenagers to not wear a mask. Really? Hand out a flyer if you feel someone needs to be educated on their rights.

      1. We are not bribing anyone. Seriously you don’t see the correlation here? Its apparently okay to essentially give a child a covid shot, without parental permission and bribe them with a $30 wrist band to have fun at the fair…these people didn’t know the kids medical histories, the parents had no say.

        This group is handing out a free lunch to take home a paper with their constitutional rights and a QR code to take a parent survey…is that really bribery? I would image many of the kids would take the paperwork without the giftcard, but this group wanted to do something nice for the kids willing to listen and give the paperwork to their parents.

        Unlike the group at the fairgrounds who didn’t notify parents, Peoples Rights is at least engaging the discussion to that level.

        If you feel afraid of the virus, by all means wear your mask. Where I draw the line is you coercing and shaming others into wearing one. Masks DON’T work. If they did this would all be over by now. Everyone in the schools are wearing them and 2/3 of Bend/Lapine were out sick last week. So tell me again they work?

        1. Of course masks work. You expect perfection in a world that knows better. Or use it as a reason to dismiss things others don’t. You have no idea how many more cases there’d be without many folks wearing them.

          1. And you have no idea how much further along we would be with herd immunity if the nation hadn’t locked down for two years ! What evidence do you have that masks work ? You seen a decline in cases ? In hospitalizations ?? In deaths ??? No- No- Nope ! The surge continues no matter what you say or do.

            1. Sorry Wishy, unlike you, normal people really don’t want to see millions of people die….”Experts estimate that in the U.S., 70% of the population — more than 200 million people — would have to recover from COVID-19 to halt the pandemic. This number of infections could lead to serious complications and millions of deaths, especially among older people and those who have existing health conditions. The health care system could quickly become overwhelmed.”


              1. Anyone else remember when Martha’s “experts” predicted that millions in the US would die “because of” the Wuhan Virus… to date- those who have died “solely” due to the CV19 virus- (18,000)… which is 2% of 900k !

          2. Barney it is so questionable why you as a KTVZ employee comment here on a regular basis and basically support the agenda of your news station.

            Your statement that “of course masks work” is actually not as correct as you imply. The best study on mask usage and COVID transmission using differing types of masks was done in India. The study was ended after 2 weeks because the people in the study wouldn’t adhere to wearing masks all the time, ie 100% compliance. Thus these results are only when masks are worn ALL the time. This means outdoors, indoors, and in the home. In these study clothes masks usage made absolutely NO difference in transmission, surgical masks (like most wear) resulted in a 9% decrease (again wearing 100% of the time even with family and friends) and N-95 masks worn correctly (all study patients were instructed and monitored in correct mask usage which isn’t done for the general public) resulted in 23% reduction. Correct mask usage of a N-95 mask is so tight that there is a continuous red ring around your face and ALL air coming in and going out goes through the mask. These masks are incredibly uncomfortable, hard to communicate through, hard to breathe through, and from personal experience generally miserable to wear.

            Thus your statement of ‘of course mask work” is factually inaccurate because the way we are wearing masks with poor compliance, poor fit, and poor quality results in the fact that for all practical purposes masks don’t work.

              1. Then why aren’t you researching facts? Why aren’t you comparing others states schools that DON’T Have the restrictions we do and their case counts are smaller-virtually nonexistent? I don’t understand how KTVZ can say they are supporting facts when you are not in fact researching, following other sides and really being journalists for a change.
                I guess its just easier to post the shareholders of KTVZ’s agenda.
                I would imagine you won’t post this…didn’t last time I mentioned that. Alas, it will be on social media anyway.

            1. Yeah. Really, KTVZ shouldn’t allow you any sobriquet containing “doctor”. That’s patently obvious. Enough of your lies. Properly fitted N-95s are not so tight that they leave “red rings”. It’s apparent to me that you have never worked in a clinical setting or even a research laboratory.

              1. Then neither have you- even the loose fitting double gaiter I wear leaves “facial wrinkles” on my cheekbones by noon ! N95’s with a proper negative pressure fit test will leave a mark !

          3. Of course the mask work; when people wear them. If people don’t wear them in their social groups after school, they stand at a higher risk of catching the virus. We shouldn’t have to explain this. It’s just common sense.

            1. Doesn’t matter if masks work or not- if you stay 8 feet away from others- you’ll do just fine. Nobody asks about mask use during contact tracing investigations… Common Sense !

          4. “Of course masks work”
            You can’t prove that. You cannot provide a single peer reviewed, broad scope, high information density study that concludes masks work. It simply doesn’t exist. THAT is a fact. You would do well to learn the difference between actual facts and factually reporting opinions.

            1. Back to dueling studies? This never ends.
              I don’t have time to read endless studies or do this endlessly, so if I delete the next round of never-ending “proof warz” I know we’ll be accused of censorship or something. Hopefully most onlookers know better.

              1. It’s not dueling links. Your first link confirms exactly what I posted:
                “The World Health Organization points out that, for population health measures, we should not generally expect to be able to find controlled trials, due to logistical and ethical reasons, and should therefore instead seek a wider evidence base. This issue has been identified for studying community use of masks for COVID-19 in particular. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find that there is no RCT (randomized control trial) for the impact of masks on community transmission of any respiratory infection in a pandemic. There has been one controlled trial of mask use for influenza control in the general community. The study looked at Australian households, was not done during a pandemic, and was done without any enforcement of compliance. It found that in an adjusted analysis of compliant subjects, masks as a group had protective efficacy in excess of 80% against clinical influenza-like illness. Overall, evidence from RCTs and observational studies is informative, but not compelling on its own. Both the Australian influenza RCT and the Beijing households observational trial found around 80% efficacy among compliant subjects, and the one SARS household study of sufficient power found 70% efficacy for protecting the wearer. However, we do not know whether the results from influenza or SARS will correspond to results for SARS-CoV-2, and the single observational study of SARS-CoV-2 might not be replicated in other communities. None of the studies looked specifically at cloth masks.”
                I’m not sure how it can be any more clear. I’ll say it again, you cannot provide a single peer reviewed, broad scope, high information density study that concludes masks work for covid. It simply doesn’t exist. If you don’t take the time to read the studies, then how can you be so sure what they say? They don’t say what you think they say.

                1. Clearly you have untold hours to read studies and find ones that confirm your views. I do not. I trust the experts who read (or were involved in) the studies and provide guidance. You do not.

                2. I believe that in a round-about face saving way… “Clearly you have untold hours to read studies and find ones that confirm your views.”… Barney has conceded the argument ! His experts- (Fauci- Sanjay Gupta- Biden) have all gotten this wrong.

              2. And I don’t have time for this buggy system that failed to post… again. But be sure I wrote a very nice post showing how your first link confirms exactly what I said. Which you would know if you actually READ THE STUDY REPORT instead of assuming you know what it says. I am following the studies. You are following the news. Your “dueling studies” are not dueling me. The studies are dueling your news. READ THE STUDY REPORT.

                1. The system is not buggy- like myself- the more you prove “they” are wrong- the more your posts will be sent to junk mail… an easy fix- go to mail- right mouse click on junk- recover and click “this is not junk mail”… Simple- yet my posts still land there with “they” declaring it’s not intentional- not attacking conservative voices- no bullying intended… Yeh Right.

                2. FACT: You have no clue how WP Comments work – it’s not email. Just another thing you don’t understand about us, after years of harassing the moderator.

                3. Here is the key finding in the abstract of your link, “Public mask wearing is most effective at reducing spread of the virus when compliance is high. Given the current shortages of medical masks, we recommend the adoption of public cloth mask wearing, as an effective form of source control, in conjunction with existing hygiene, distancing, and contact tracing strategies. Because many respiratory particles become smaller due to evaporation, we recommend increasing focus on a previously overlooked aspect of mask usage: mask wearing by infectious people (“source control”) with benefits at the population level, rather than only mask wearing by susceptible people, such as health care workers, with focus on individual outcomes. We recommend that public officials and governments strongly encourage the use of widespread face masks in public, including the use of appropriate regulation.”

                4. Really Barney ? You wrote this ??? “FACT: You have no clue how WP Comments work”… But you do ??? So why can’t you fix this problem with missing comments from only conservative voices ??? Go ahead now dazzle me with your knowledge of how the WP Comments section works !

                5. I know how it WORKS. (You don’t.) I am not a tech who can fix some arcane bug that throws random items into the ‘trash’ category. If this system ever goes away, trolls such as you can take all the credit, and scream “censorship!” I’m not sure WHERE you’ll shout it, but I’m sure glad it’ll be somewhere else.
                  Oh drat, I gave you your most prized possession – my attention.
                  I’ll shut up now and let you dazzle no one with nothing.

                6. For the record- after Barney wrote this last night… “I know how it WORKS. (You don’t.) I am not a tech…” (Proving my point) my posts were suddenly blocked and have yet to show this morning ! He-He… Mr. TOS has spoken !

                7. FACT. Barney is asleep at 6 a.m. Comments have never been moderated overnight.
                  People who post 100s of comments a month know this, of course. But trolls just live to bug the moderator. Says way more about them than about me. And the vast majority here know it.

          5. If we didn’t wear masks here there would be the same amount of cases per capita as there are in Countries that don’t require/have access to masks. Doctors without Borders has this data and its fascinating.

          6. Barney, I have time and again tried to get you to post link to stories that support my side, masks don’t work. But those comments oddly never get put up. I click note ever post I make prior to approval and those that don’t make it up are viewed on various social media. The censorship is real.

            No one expected masks to be perfect. But the last two months have done a better job at proving me to be correct, than any study. Everyone in the hospital system who interacts with others is vaccinated, because they fired everyone that wasn’t. Yet, the hospital has had a steady stream of absences for people getting covid. SO much so that the OHA and CDC allowed people who were positive for covid to return after 5 days. They are all vaccinated and masked. They are following stricter protocols than any of us outside the hospital. They change their masks frequently. They get trained in how to handle them on and off the face without contaminating themselves and others. They handwash or use sanitizer, constantly. Yet, they were hit HARD by covid. Why? Lets see, either the masks or the vaxx isn’t working. We already know the CDC has admitted that the vaxx coverage is waning…meaning you need boosters more frequently. 4 boosters a year sound good for all of you who believe in it? And masks…seem effective right? NOT AT ALL. If anyone on here were to really open their eyes, look at other states, you will see the BIGGEST lies are being told in Democratic controlled states. I am not being political, I am speaking truth. Only the blue states have having spikes like this.
            Our leadership through this crisis has CAUSED our current crisis. Not a single decision that has been made by Dear Governor Brown since this began had ANYTHING to do with our safety. You can take that to the bank.

            1. Brown is a national disgrace- Oregonians must first get completely rid of mail in voting- a system rife with corruption- you do that- you’ll see the whole state swing Red like the majority of counties that already are !

        2. 878,421 Americans who died ‘with’ Covid, and their families and friends, disagree with you. This is not an Oregon issue, or an American issue, it’s world wide. Covid doesn’t care about your feelings. Fortunately for me, I don’t care if you catch it and give it to your family, so by all means feel free to throw yourselves under the bus. Please be sure to NOT bother our healthcare system with your problems when you or one of your family end up gravely ill though, you live by the sword you die by it.

          1. And the CDC ON Good Morning America, two weeks ago, admitted 75% of those 800,000+ people had a multitude of co-morbities. So the actual adjusted death count is under 200,000 \nationally, which means less people than the flu died in 2 years of covid. so 200,000 people in 2 years died FROM covid. Of those, how many would have died anyway from the flu or pneumonia? Data is there, go looking for it. Stop believing the paid for media. Learn how to research studies. Always follow the money. If it leads to a government agency, a university staff who benefited from funds donated by large investors in healthcare, or from a pharmaceutical company, don’t bother reading the study: Clue, Its BIASED. There are LOTS of unbiased studies out there, but they have been buried, redacted, or entirely been lost since April 2020.

            Again I will point out…why is it that only ONE side of the issue (hmm the left) call people names, wish people dead, want others to forgo medical care? And Barney and KTVZ let them. They still get posted. Yet if myself or others were to do the same we would be censored. Honestly I have only witnessed 2 people (from the right) call someone a name, wish them dead, or be rude. Both times the 2 people were goaded into responding that way, but the negative tone of the other’s comment(s). Keep wishing people to die. Keep calling me and others Trumpers. Keep making a horses butt out of yourself. Those of us who remain calm, are willing to read through all of the drivel to respond, are not any of the things we are accused of. I think you would all be shocked to know who the people you interact with everyday in stores and as you move about your day really are. Politics should not be in healthcare…PERIOD. Masks are a healthcare decision, not a government one.

            1. sagebrush71 – – I agree with you 100%. I, like you, don’t believe everything we are told MOST especially by the “news” vendors, whether online or on paper. I was raised many years ago to QUESTION things. Schools USED to teach critical thinking and schools used to teach students to research things – LEARN both sides of any important issue – and then make up our OWN minds as to what WE believed to be TRUE. These days (actually the last 30 or more years, probably) students are taught to believe whatever they are told. Many contradictory beliefs and issues have been erased/deleted and history books destroyed to make it more difficult for CURIOUS MINDS to dig into the truth. Sad and disturbing times… and our wonderful America is being pushed further into becoming a Socialist country. Political beliefs are being taught in our schools DAILY now and the children, only seeing and hearing one side of a story of course believe what they are told, year after year. Glad my children are grown and my grandchildren WERE taught, at home by their parents, not to blindly believe anything but to be the devil’s advocate and check out both/all sides of a story or issue before believing it.

            2. Sagebrush is right- “nothing Brown has done has proven effective”- just yesterday the OHA openly admitted (here at KTVZ) the following: “breakthrough case ascertainment has been unable to keep pace with the volume of reported cases because in approximately one-third of recent cases, vaccination status is unknown.” ! YUP… 1/3 of cases are breakthrough- another 1/3 of cases are unknown ! Their whole data base just blew up in their collective grills and splattered a gooey mess all over the faces of everyone declaring that they absolutely know the vaccinated numbers- they are lying !

        3. “Doing something nice for the kids” Yeah, right. Bundy’s group trying to bribe children is really sick. How about the fact that you are trying to coerce children into not wearing a mask without parental consent. And I would more likely imagine the kids taking the gift card and trashing the paperwork without much of a glance at your extremist views. All this has done is given you some news time to confirm how low you people will go to push your extremist agenda.

          1. Martha, they are asking the parents consent. Obviously you missed the point that the paper they are handed with the card is asking for parents to take a survey about how they feel regarding masks. The gift card for lunch is a thank you to the kids for sharing with their parents. I hope that kids are taking them home and having discussions with their parents regarding the truth about masking.

    2. Aaaaaand… you’re still completely clueless. These people haven’t a clue about what people’s rights are. They THINK they know, but they’re pretty much wrong on every point they try to make. Constitutional scholars they are not. And nobody is poisoning children “all over Oregon”. Like your pal above, stop being ignorant.

  4. Mmmmmmm, sign me up for the restaurant employee sanitation trust system. As a former restaurant worker, i promise, you can only imagine what’s growing in the walk-in and how well hands are cleaned.
    I’d rather wear a mask than eat out, great bribing tactics! Can you say diarrhea?

    1. Actiually Child Abuse is a better charge- “Threatened harm to a child, which means subjecting a child to a substantial risk of harm to the child’s health or welfare.”

      1. Yes – by forcing children to not only get the unproven vaccinations but also to wear a mask all day, every day IS child abuse. Doing much more damage than good. I know mask-lovers think THEY are correct; some of us believe what is happening to our children and grandchildren is sad, horrible, long-lasting child abuse. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Let’s see who is more correct 4 or 8 or 10 years down the road. Since there are NO long-term studies available on any of this, we shall see…

    2. Same with the vaccine clinics inside schools, vaccinated children under the age of 18 without parental consent or letting them know. Arrest them all!!!

    3. Seriously? You must not know what child abuse is.
      These kids don’t have to stop and listen, or accept the paper and gift cards.
      They CHOOSE to listen because they too are fed up with masks, which don’t work.

    1. Patriot ~ who says children are at zero risk. I know of three children who all have had COVID (recently). Passed around in a classroom.

      Btw ~ you should check out the difference between a Nationalist and a Patriot. You definitely fall into the Nationalist category (think Hitler /Brown Shirts)

      1. wow, you’re insane for jumping to that. Who cares if you get covid!!!!??? Have you ever been afraid of or worn a mask to avoid getting a cold or the flu!!!!??? Under your mind set children should wear masks forever to avoid ever catching anything. “welcome to insane-O world” and the mass formation psychosis

          1. Barney you are so far left you can’t even see center. I mean at least on this forum, you dismiss any information or concept that doesn’t carry a Democrat imprimatur.

            1. Fortunately, so many people tell me when I meet them here or there that they respect my work and the nearly impossible role I play here as moderator amid all the untrue allegations and unfair attacks. I don’t know which party they belong to – and I don’t care, they just seem to thankfully reject the toxic Blame Society on display here.

              Believe what you will, I wouldn’t bother trying to convince those who enjoy attacking me day and night, 100s of times a week. It says far more about you — and the other regulars — than it does me.

              1. “he nearly impossible role I play here as moderator”

                Then why moderate? Let the free exchange of ideas happen!

                If the need to control the exchange of ideas is so great, why moderate manually? Get Disqus, set up moderation rules, and be done with it.

                Otherwise this sounds like self-martyring.

                1. Because of abuse of the system, violations of terms of service.
                  We may go back to Disqus, but COVID comments have made clear no AI, no automated rules can cover all the false and misleading information folks try posting here at all times.
                  Not saying “woe is me,” just stating facts. We will moderate comments here. Facebook’s toxic comment threads make clear what happens when pre-moderation isn’t available — very dangerous.

            2. “Barney you are so far left you can’t even see center”…. And Noah ? I’m disappointed that such a young and upcoming writer would result to such biased and divisive coverage- right from the headline- “anti-mask” ? These peaceful protesters sound more like they are more about our US constitution- civil liberties- and freedom of speech than “anti-mask”.

            1. Nope, never claimed that. I always vow to strive for that, and to show it in my work at all times. I’ve said it many times – I’m no robot, I’m not perfect, I show it when I fall victim to trolls and get sucked into endless no-win “debates.”

                1. I can’t help thinking this forum would be a better read if posts were limited to 500 characters and 3 posts per news story.

                  I think this would help the long-winded posters with their writing skills and that more KTVZ viewers would participate

      1. In what world are simple, honest errors lies? It’s ridiculous. It’s like the folks who think we get paid NOT to do certain stories. Watched too many movies or something – or believe the worst of people, fed by media or social media from folks who just have an awful mindset. But it’s not reality.

  5. These folks do not have anything better to do. I wonder when they fall ill from covid if they will use up hospital rooms needed for cancer or heart patients. Such selfishness, they should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    1. I’m so tired of this absurd argument. “But muh hospitals!” Lets take that to a logical conclusion. How about government mandated weight loss? Can’t have obese people clogging up the hospitals for all those healthy folks. You used to smoke? No ventilator for you! Embarrassing foreign object removal needed? Shouldn’t have put that there!
      How long are we going to play this game? Another year? How about 5 more? 10? Unless you’re wearing an N95, you are doing nothing useful to stop transmission. Almost none of these kids are wearing N95s. This is theater, and that’s about it.
      Take a trip to Idaho, Montana, Texas, Wyoming, etc. You won’t see all this mask BS. Somehow, they’re getting by just fine. You’re in a bubble.

      1. They’re getting by just fine until they’re not. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it would be nice to see the end effect happen sooner than later to the anti society. I honestly can’t grasp their mind-set. Is the reason for rebellion, because they don’t like to be told what to do? Do these same people not wear seatbelts, run red lights/stop signs, drink and drive? None of us like being told what to do. I hate m/c helmets, seatbelts, stop lights. But these things are put in place for a reason, as is the medical recommendations. I would love to see these rebels cited and fined for non-compliance, and jailed for repeat offenders.

      2. You must be tired all the time. Here’s something for you to get even more tired. N95s are better than cloth masks, but even cloth masks notably lower risk. The virus-carrying moisture droplets that are expelled from people’s noses and mouths readily adhere to fabric. A mask also diverts exhaled droplets that don’t get caught in the fabric up, down, and sideways rather than straight toward people that you are talking to. The increased travel distance and dispersion lowers the concentration of droplets, reducing the risk transmission. Your slippery slope argument doesn’t hold up. An obese person only sends him or herself to the hospital. People who refuse to follow proven COVID precautions send others to the hospital. The discomfort and inconvenience of having to wear a mask some of the time does not compare to the difficulty losing weight or quitting smoking. Moreover, except for a few localized areas, hospitals were not overwhelmed until COVID showed up. Do you think that 4,357 Idahoans, 2,990 Montanans, 77,321 Texans, and 1,625 Wyomingites, all dead from COVID, would agree with your assessment that their states are getting by just fine?

        1. Montana ranks 24th in death rate.
          Texas ranks 29th.
          Idaho ranks 34th, well below the national average.
          I’d say those states are doing pretty well when compared to the hardcore mandate states of New Jersey and New York which rank 3rd and 6th respectively. If you are trying to find correlation in covid metrics and mandates, it’s not there. I check frequently. It has yet to materialize over the course of this pandemic.

          1. Most of New Jersey’s and New York’s citizens are crammed into high population density areas, so higher transmission rates per capita would be expected. New Jersey ranks 1st among US states for population density ( The citizens in Montana, Idaho, and much of Texas are more spread out, so that would tend to lower transmission rates. So simply comparing COVID rates between states with and without mandates doesn’t tell the entire story. Where does Oregon rank? 44th according to The physics of how masks capture and disperse droplets is adequate for showing that they lower transmission risk. We also know what happens to hospitals and health care workers when COVID surges. With freedom comes the unwritten responsibility to recognize and do what makes sense for the greater good of society.

          2. You’ve never been to New York or New Jersey, have you? Because metropolitan living conditions are so similar… Read a book. Your idiocy is astounding.

    2. As if a multi-vaxxed- mask wearing- hand washing- stay six feet away from me card carrying Biden supporter- has never fallen ill- been hospitalized- or died from the CV19 ??? Yeh- such selfishness !

        1. It’s OK to admit you’re wrong and a first step would be to change your name something that’s not insulting to your intelligence and our host here?

          1. What is disrespectful about my question ? It appears the story was not proof read for accuracy… is that a disrespectful observation- or am I calling out accuracy in reporting… you still have a lot to learn from your “customers” !

  6. WHY NOT LET KIDS BE KIDS and KIDS, keep them out of the politics of it?When are people going to realize that everyone is going to get the damn thing at some point no matter what? It dose not matter weather your vaccinated or not, wearing masks or not etc. Why do people take it so personally and get all butt hurt and dramatic about someone being vaccinated or not, wearing a mask or not? If you believe that having the vaccine and a mask are the thing to make a difference, then get the shot and wear a mask and stop worrying about the ones that choose not too cause your covered.
    To help save some ****, NO i am not vaccinated and NO I dont care if the next person is or not because thats their choice.
    I think their are more important issues that people should be more worried about, that has happened/happening instead of this.

  7. Who wants to live in Redmond anyway. It’s just a bunch of Truman show neighborhoods.

    With all the mask hoopla it seems like parents care more than the kids. Funny when the kids are smarter than the parents.

    Mask up Redmond

  8. These people are disgusting using kids in their political agenda! Society today is a bunch of idiots. Bring back the greatest Generation. Fought 2 World wars, Spanish Flu, market crashing, the dust bowl, etc. We today wouldn’t last a second back then. Valhalla calling me!!!

  9. Not sure how I feel about masks or the politics involved. I only know that adults hanging around outside of schools to try and meet/influence kids as they exit or arrive seems pretty creepy to me.

    1. How do you feel about teachers using their position of authority to influence kids? Of course I’m referring to subjective matters, including things that people a certain political persuasion claim aren’t subjective.

  10. The mask mandates are illegal and Brownstains orders are expired and she doesn’t follow the law anyway. Giving the gift cards are the exact same thing as other groups and the government giving away free stuff to get the shot so stop complaining democommies. Its all about control, pushing the agenda and making us the USSA with China ruling the roost.

  11. They need to just end the mass mandate. Make it peoples choice if they want to wear a mask you know damn right as soon as all the teachers and school administrators are out of the public and children’s eyes like in the break room those mask are off just like in every restaurant as soon as the employees are out of customers view those mask off

  12. You can be pro-mask. And pro-liberty. I am. It’s really not hard. I wear a real mask (N95) when I’m around a bunch of people. I don’t care if you wear one or not. That’s your choice. See folks, it’s easy.

  13. I have to admit I would like to see what RHS would do if EVERY kid takes off their mask on February 4th. Yell at them? Close the school and send everyone home? Can’t spank them, there are too many. Your arm would get tired. I kinda hope they do it now! I would give my kid a pass on it just to see what would happen.

  14. Guess they get bored sitting and watching Faux news all day? Instead of actually doing something positive for the community they choose to keep showing how clueless and ignorant they are in a public forum. It’s kinda creepy that grown adults are allowed to give out “candy” to kids right in front of a school? Eat the free junk food kids and you can look like a orange fat troll too.

  15. I can see this issue is a real flashpoint for people but I am going to offer what I know to be true and risk angering vehement proponents of masking. It seems that the internet has been scrubbed of the few studies that are correct about masks. Masks actually do little or nothing in the prevention of transmissible viruses. The high case rates for a State that has been masked for most of the past 18 months should indicate that. I guess the big question for me is WHY those valid well researched mask studies that contradicted the few studies that most here seem to be referencing were scrubbed from the internet? Indeed, since the start of the pandemic there has been little research in all the restrictive measures that have been used to suppress the virus. There was a US Senate hearing recently that also confirms that the NIH and the CDC have not properly researched masks efficacy and have little to no data to back their use. Yet, both agencies currently recommend the N-95 mask. Which if not fitted properly and cared for correctly, also do little to protect you or those around you. Indeed, the risks of perpetual mask wearing have a cumulative negative effect, both physically and psychologically. The physicians and scientists at the hearing confirmed this. Does their opinion not count because one doesn’t agree with it? I know many don’t want to acknowledge this, and refer to those who wish to breathe freely as “anti maskers” and “belligerent babies”. Name calling is not helpful and tends to have the opposite effect of persuasion and instead sows division. I think that this period of prolonged compulsory mask wearing should be ended as it has been in other States and Countries. They will recover from this pandemic and so will we, eventually. It is time liberty is returned to Americans. If you want to continue to wear a mask and require your children to as well, that is your right. But do not impose unproven mandatory masking on others forevermore. As I said, the studies that have been ALLOWED to stay on the internet, only support one agenda. But that does not mean that all physicians and scientists have “settled” the science. In reality science is never “settled”, rather it evolves. And part of that evolution is conflicting studies until more study is done that can be replicated and validated until there is a consensus. There is NO consensus among researchers that supports perpetual mask wearing. One may see a physician on a news program that has been paid to say so-but that doesn’t make it so. There were studies from 1918 that indicated many deaths were attributed to bacterial pneumonia rather than the Spanish flu. The researchers concluded it was from perpetual mask wearing over 2 years. Of course, the masks of the time weren’t as good as what is currently available. Nevertheless, the studies that have shown that they simply aren’t worth wearing have been scrubbed so it is difficult to offer you credible references. Even Dr. Fauci had co-authored one of these studies I reference using the 1918 experience as an example of how inefficient the masks were. I would hope people would start to question WHY these mask studies have been censored. I read them over a year ago using a simple Google search. Yet now they have vanished completely from the internet. It is frustrating and chilling for those of us who understand what is happening and the dangers of this type of censorship. How can one call this censorship “misinformation” when you can get no information and make your own judgment? From the research I have done, I believe wearing a mask for years is not going to help this situation. I do not think the gods will help us. Rather, I pray that GOD helps us all through this difficult and divisive time. The truth is coming.

    1. Or perhaps the studies you say were “censored” were flawed, or proven wrong, or any number of possibilities other than an evil overlord trying to … control the masses.
      To think all those doctors and other experts around the world were “paid to lie on TV” is… well, you know the phrase conspiracy theory, and of course reject it.

      1. Barney, flawed study? LIke the one they concocted with links to Fauci, through Peter Daszik about HCQ overdosing people and using that as grounds to discredit its effectiveness in early treatment, published by the Lancet, which had to later retract it? But, not until every media company ran with the story and brainwashed the public? Or the lie it came from a wet market, proven early on to be created in the lab funded by our tax dollars through Fauci to Daszik through Ecohealth Alliance. All while Moderna had the vaccine pre-ready in 2017 and there were events discussing and planning virus outbreak measures in years prior to its release conveniently on the same day Nancy Pelosi delayed the fake articles of impeachment on. This seems to be one of their many diabolical methods, lie, lie again, spread the lie until everyone believes it, then later in small print in the last line of an article with a heading saying the opposite, apologize for the “error”, not the planned lie. As far as masks go, I have an actual library of papers proving they don’t work, but that isn’t even necessary. A 6yr old could tell you they don’t work, if they worked, they would have worked and they didn’t.

    2. Agreed ! “There is NO consensus among researchers that supports perpetual mask wearing.”… The mask debate has also completely overtaken another important component of controlling any virus- sanitation and disinfection… an area that we have seen a complete failure within hospitals- long term health care facilities- and public places like schools. Masks are a red herring for the real problem- that the virus is also being transmitted through contact… is survives on counters- plastics- cardboard- the digital key pads… this is your source ! Biden is failing the nation by not focusing on this… The Truth has Arrived.

    3. Tater, you have some rudimentary skills for reading and writing but fail wildly on comprehension. I suppose you would be fine with your surgeon doing your operation without a mask? Of course the surgeon wouldn’t operate without a mask not knowing what kind of windbag being operated on.

  16. While most nations like England and Denmark are removing all COVID restrictions the delusional would like to lock our youth into glass cages and make them wear hazmat suits 24/7.

  17. how dare people stand up to tyranny and not just keep complying for over 2 years.

    If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny.–Elon Musk

  18. as a people, it would be a real sign of growth, and respect to allow everyone their rights, and beliefs without being shamed. I respect everyones decision regardless of being vaccinated, or not, masks, or maskless. My family recently just recovered from Covid, and my wife was the one that brought it into our house (she’s fully vaccinated, and follows all mask guidelines and safety protocols). We decided to just all force ourselves to get it for the antibodies at that point, and out of the 4 of us (two children) she had gotten it the worst, and the longest. Neither me, nor my children are vaccinated due to my ancestral beliefs in natural remedies. With this being said, there is no right or wrong way, so just respect each other

  19. In case anyone else didn’t notice… Scott Stuart is the same guy who entered into the Redmond Parade wearing the Confederate Uniform, flying the confederate flag. Just making sure everyone knows who this guy is hanging outside the high school.

    1. Sounds like a historian to me- just what’s needed in these bumbling Biden-Brown times ! Many of these kids need to brush up on Vietnam- as Biden moves the nation closer to war in the Ukraine !

  20. Got the flu at a meeting on Tuesday with someone who was visibly and audibly ill. Both of us were wearing cloths masks.

    It’s clear cloth masks do not work.

    N95 masks can be effective, but not everyone can wear one. Before wearing one, you are supposed to be medically evaluated, and if cleared, fit tested, and trained.

    Time to get over this.


  21. I’ve done my own research and compiled a mountain of cases (even some friends and family!) who have been hurt or killed while wearing their seat belt. Obviously seat belts don’t work! So I’ve decided to launch a protest against Kate Brown making me wear one. Sheesh, folks.

    1. Barney- why was my post highlighting the mandatory recall of defective seat belts removed last night ? What TOS violation is there for stating an OSHA fact ???

          1. Oh you mean this First Amendment?
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
            We are not a government entity, we are a private business that can set fair, equitable terms of service all who wish to take part must abide by. And make judgment calls, some tough, 1,000s of times a week.
            Most people we encounter fully understand. Except online, where too many social media participants have become toxic and hateful.

  22. Why can’t they set up a website for information and operate out of a base? That way they don’t have to push their ideas on others and can show respect. Pushing beliefs doesn’t make it right and usually creates more resistance from opposers. Let the people use their own methods to explore. Everyone is aware of the different groups. It’s just as tiring to see this method as it is to see all the provaccine advertising. We ALL know the views, we ALL know the restrictions. Quit adding more issues by stirring a pot that doesn’t need to be stirred. This goes to all sides of the argument! This isn’t fixing anything but it is certainly adding more tensions. NO ONE LIKES THE GLOBAL SITUATION WE ARE IN!!!

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