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Wyden still pitching for Build Back Better ‘path forward’ in wake of Manchin opposition

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., visits KTVZ
KTVZ file
Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., visits KTVZ

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., released the following statement Sunday on the path forward for the Build Back Better agenda:

“It’s extremely disappointing to have to drop any major priorities because of Republican obstruction and the constraints of legislating in a fifty-fifty Senate, however, Democrats have made key promises to families who need more support. Failure is not an option here.

“A package that addresses critical priorities over the long-term, like providing financial security for families, lowering the costs of health care and prescription drugs for seniors, and creating clean energy jobs by combating the climate crisis would go a long way toward addressing our challenges. The Finance Committee has put forward a revenue menu with more than enough options to permanently pay for these priorities.

“Families received their sixth child tax credit payment last week, and they have come to depend on these payments to cover the essentials like rent, groceries, heat, and clothing for their children. Food insecurity among families dropped by about 25 percent since these payments began. Child poverty has been cut nearly in half. This program is Social Security for our children, and Democrats must keep it going over the long-term.

“This is our last chance to prevent the most catastrophic effects of the climate crisis. The linchpin of the clean energy package is permanent, technology-neutral incentives tied to carbon emissions reductions. Fossil fuels that get cleaner are eligible for incentives, just like solar or wind. This package is supported by utility companies and environmental advocates alike and it’s the only path forward that can secure 50 votes and achieve significant emissions reductions in the power sector. Senator Manchin has long said he would only support technology-neutral incentives, and that’s exactly what this package is structured around.

“Democrats also must deliver on our promise to lower Americans’ health care costs, which are crushing to family budgets. Drug companies have been mugging Americans at the pharmacy window for too long, and there may not be another opportunity anytime soon for Democrats to put a stop to it. Fifty million seniors in Medicare have a lot of bargaining power, and it’s long past due to put it to use. Earlier this year Democrats also expanded the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits for health coverage, and it’s vital that we extend those subsidies to make coverage affordable. At a time when many American families are concerned about basic costs of living going up, Democrats cannot allow their health care costs to increase unnecessarily.”

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  1. Wyden LOVES spending YOUR money. If you only have 2 pennies in your pocket Wyden wants both of them. He didn’t earn them, but he sure wants to take them from you.

      1. The Oregon we once had has already been destroyed. Now those who are responsible for that are moving to Idaho and Montana to continue the destruction.

  2. Wyden thinks that it’s the Government’s responsibility to pay for all these programs without remembering that it’s not the Government’s money. Must be nice to feel so benevolent that you can solve everyone’s problems with other peoples money. What happens when the tax and spend crowd runs out of other peoples money? Trying to make everything better by creating more programs and throwing money at problems is just making those in need weaker and more dependent on Ron Wyden to save them. Government is the problem with the BBB.

  3. Wyden is owned by the Democrat party. He can’t do anything but go along with them. His voice is not his own, even if he wanted it to be. He has never had a job other than government. Actually worse than Joe Biden in his voting record, and that is a tough one to beat.

  4. Climate change, starving children, the virus. I am so tired of reality. Time to turn on the right wing propaganda channels and take a break. It’s relaxing to know that Biden created the fake virus and inflation so the government could control the people and the 143 other countries went along with it so Trump could look good.

  5. Did he say why the SALT deduction goes from $10,000 to $80,000? I want my added deduction but not the other garbage to get. BBB can be thrown in the trash can. Try again Demorats.

  6. Ronnie Wydon’t has seemingly found a home at KTVZ- how many interviews with this New Yorker do we have to suffer through ? Maybe ya’ll can offer him a job moderating this site- Now That Would Be Fun !

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