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Bird and bat boxes added to enhance habitat in Caldera Springs wildlife forest preserve

Boxes were placed high in trees in Caldera Springs wildlife forest preserve to enhance bird and bat habitat
Caldera Springs
Boxes were placed high in trees in Caldera Springs wildlife forest preserve to enhance bird and bat habitat

SUNRIVER, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Within the footprint of Sunriver's Caldera Springs community, 220 acres have been permanently protected as a Wildlife Forest Preserve, to serve as a sanctuary for elk, deer, birds and other mountain wildlife in perpetuity.

Last month, in collaboration with Central Oregon’s wildlife habitat preservation specialist, naturalists installed 12 bird and bat boxes to encourage expansion of bat and bird species in the area.

Each box was installed in a location best suited for birds and bats to raise their young, and was designed for them to do so safely and comfortably – especially during the region’s warm summer months. 

“Six bat boxes were installed 18-feet high and on the south side of the trees to ensure they stay warm during the summer months for the benefit of the young,” said naturalist Jay Bowerman. “The six bird boxes were installed facing north. This will help keep nesting young from overheating as they prepare to take flight.”

Uniquely designed for bats, the boxes are found by the nocturnal animal using its natural sonar abilities. Each box can hold up to a dozen bats, and allows entry from the bottom to protect the bats from predators and promote flight in juveniles. When the bats are old enough, they drop out of the bottom of the box and open their wings to fly for the first time. Eleven different species of bats call the region home–two of which are active during the winter, with the other nine hibernating in nearby caves until the weather warms.

Mountain bluebirds, chickadees and three species of nuthatches will call the new bird boxes “home” this spring. Designed without a perch to dissuade predators, these boxes will attract residents in the warm weather months.

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 About Caldera Springs
Located adjacent to Sunriver Resort, 15 miles south of Bend, Oregon, Caldera Springs is the region’s top resort community. Full-time residents, second homeowners and vacation rental guests enjoy the four-season adventure afforded by our setting near Mt. Bachelor’s eastern slope. Luxury resort homes are met with family-friendly amenities and incredible hospitality -- all in our sun-drenched alpine climate. Learn more at

About the Caldera Springs Expansion
The Caldera Springs Eastern Expansion is being developed by Caldera Springs Real Estate, LLC, an affiliate of Sunriver Resort, LP. Whose principal partners are PacTrust (Portland, OR) and Lowe (Los Angeles, CA). PacTrust is one of the largest real estate developers and investment property owners in the Pacific Northwest. Lowe is a private real estate company with nearly 50 years of real estate investment, development and management experience. John Fettig, Sunriver Resort’s director of real estate since 1995 is leading the expansion as Project Director, with Michael Diven, managing principal broker at Sunriver Realty at the helm of the community’s experienced real estate sales team.

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