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C.O. COVID-19 info update: How to report stay-home order violations

Possible surge COEIN
Central Oregon Emergency Info Network

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Here's Wednesday's update of COVID-19 information from the Central Oregon Emergency Information Network, including details on how and who to report possible stay-home order violations to:

COEIN’s virtual press conference with St. Charles CEO Joe Sluka and local leaders is available online now.

St. Charles CEO Joe Sluka was joined by local leaders who shared that the Central Oregon region is at a critical turning point in the COVID-19 crisis and that the outcome will depend on whether the public heeds the directive to stay home.

“This is a fight in which we have to do everything in our power to win. As the leader of your local health care system, I am begging you. Stay home now. You can’t catch or spread this disease if you don’t come in contact with it,” said Sluka.

“Our caregivers and first responders are putting themselves on the front line and don’t have a choice. They will come to work so they can care for you and your loved ones. We need you to stay home so we will have the capacity – the hospital beds, ventilators and trained staff – to care for those who need it most.”

Individuals who have questions about Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order limiting business and increasing social distancing requirements can learn more online. Community members who witness a violation of the order can utilize the following resources (NOTE: Do not call 9-1-1 or law enforcement):

For Employees: Oregon OSHA is taking complaints from employees regarding apparent violations of the Governor’s COVID-19 executive order by their employer, in particular social distancing protocol in the workplace. Employees should contact Oregon OSHA if they feel their employer is violating the order: 503-378-3272 or 800-922-2689 (inside Oregon only); email; or use the Online report form

For General Public: Deschutes County Health Services Environmental Health is responding to complaints of apparent violations of the Governor’s order related to restaurants, pools and hotels.  To report an apparent violation at one of the facilities listed above, Contact Environmental Health at 541-317-3114 or use the Online report form.

We are in the process of identifying additional reporting resources for apparent violations that fall outside of those listed above. Additional resources will be shared as they are available.

Effective Wednesday, Deschutes National Forest campgrounds will be closed through at least May 8. According to Deschutes National Forest, the campground closures are necessary to address the social distancing guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and to align with Governor Brown’s “Stay at Home” executive order.

Day use areas, including trailheads, will remain accessible, however restroom facilities will not be serviced.

Today, St. Charles Health System’s outpatient clinics announced new options to help protect patients and caregivers, preserve medical supplies and conserve space. The new services include e-visits for St. Charles Family Care patients and doctor visits by phone and video. The health system is also setting up surge tents at clinics to care for symptomatic patients. Read more about these new options and changes on the St. Charles website.

The Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and Crooked River National Grassland have announced that all prescribed fire ignitions have been postponed until further notice.

In consideration of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, all burning will be suspended at this time. According to the Deschutes National Forest, this decision to temporarily postpone ignitions will prevent any effects from smoke that might further worsen conditions for those who are at risk in our communities, while reducing exposure for employees who might not otherwise need to travel, and creating social distancing for resources working on a fire.

Under the Governor’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” Executive Order, only six Oregon DMV offices will be open, by appointment only, for commercial driver knowledge tests and commercial driver license issuance beginning Wednesday, March 25. Many DMV services remain available through and through the mail. With the exception of commercial driver knowledge tests and commercial driver license issuance, no other services will be available at DMV offices.

COEIN’s website, provides a collective resource for up-to-date information. Access to accurate, timely information both locally and nationally is encouraged. Our County Public Health experts point to the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as good sources of information.

Daily situation updates are available via email at

Central Oregon Emergency Information Network (COEIN), includes Deschutes County Health Services, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, St. Charles Health System, Crook County Health Department, Crook County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Health Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, tri-county public schools, City of Bend, Bend Police, Bend Fire & Rescue, and others. COEIN’s purpose is to collect, coordinate and distribute timely and accurate information.

Accommodation Information for People with Disabilities 
To obtain this information in an alternate format such as Braille, large print, electronic formats, etc. please contact the COEIN JIC at 541.316.0087 or

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  1. Boy….going full on citizen kane snitching now, huh? You just get done telling us what the cops say to report in one article, and when not to call the cops….now this? You think we’re gonna just put up with this crap?

      1. ok well get to calling…we are not going to comply. If you folks wanna keep usurping then get your usurping gloves on and guess what….WE outnumber all of them put together

        1. Another Internet Tough Guy? HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

          You bloated, soft, shut-ins are no threat to anyone or anything, other than a bag of Cheetos or a box of doughnuts.

          Keep the humor coming, Pudge.


    This is disgusting ! Oregon is without a doubt an official “Police State”- where citizens are now encouraged to snitch on each other for gathering outside- trying to have a beer in a bar- go to the park to shoot hoops !

    I am totally and completely ashamed of anyone in Oregon who abides by this garbage- this totalitarian attack on our effin civil rights- because Kate brown doesn’t know how to mitigate the risks of this virus to the “At Risk” population.

    When the HIV virus was first disclosed- it was isolated within a specific group of individuals- those swapping blood through needles or unprotected sex acts.

    Did we then demand that “everybody” stop having sex ? That everyone practice social distancing- stay home- don’t work ??? Hell no- so why are we doing this now ? Because three states out west lit and set the fires of mass hysteria- fueled by nitwits within the media (CNN-MSNBC-The Big Three).

    Shameful behavior- and I for one will not comply- I go out and take care of business everyday. You all should do the same.

  3. So we are now to rat out our neighbors. I have asthma and coughing usually proceeds an attack, do I now have to worry about Mr or Mrs. Rat Fink calling the cops on me?

    1. This order comes down from Sanctuary State Kate- nothing to do with the President- he has no voice- once again your uncontrollable TDS has gotten the best of you.

      Forget that Kaga stuff- The President will be up for the Nobel Prize once this is over- and after today’s press conference- where all Americans got word about the direct financial help they will be getting- President will win the 2020 over “Cuss em out Joe” in a record setting landslide !

      And all you losers that show up here day after day to mock the President- his Administration- our Constitution… you all can donate your Government checks to the charity of your choice- do try to do some good for a change !

      1. I only show up here to mock butt-kissers, such as yourself and the rest of your trump worshiping, America hating buddies.

        Watching you work yourself into a froth over any perceived criticism of Tubby Tangerine, is nothing more than entertainment.

        Have a nice day and don’t forget your Chapstick.

  4. Where I live, smokers are all designated to smoke on the public side walk. This results in the smokers all being in the same vicinity. There are over 100 units, so often several smokers are in one area at a time. Though I do not like the smell, as the smoke tends to come into my windows, I think it would be safer to have the smokers use their own porch areas. I’m a bit surprised that there is no new ordinance in place for this.

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