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Redmond’s first ‘mini-roundabout’ sparks controversy

Canal Boulevard in Redmond sees about 12,000 vehicles a day, and construction on about 200 apartments nearby will certainly add more. Redmond created the city's first mini-roundabout to help deal with the traffic. But the new roundabout has some Redmond drivers disgruntled.

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Jordan Williams

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    1. re: cipickett. I don’t think its about trying to navigate the round about.. I think it comes down to people feeling like its not adequate .. they think there needs to be a two lane one.. or a stop light.

  1. Redmond loves to define itself as the anti-bend, so if something like roundabouts are working well in bend, rest assured redmonites will go out of their way to feign total confusion and epic low gruntlement

  2. This “mini-roundabout” is a joke especially when you add in the additional traffic from the estimated 192 apartment complex going in. There was supposedly a traffic light being put in at the corner S.W. Reindeer and Canal when the new apartment complexes were built but it just magically never happened.

    1. Can’t wait to see what they don’t do on 10th street by the Elementary and Jr. High school, now that literally hundreds and hundreds of houses are being built just north of there with one lane in each direction and no sidewalks.

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