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Senator Ron Wyden visits KTVZ for wide-ranging interview

Senator Ron Wyden stopped by NewsChannel 21 Monday evening and talked with Lee Anderson on a wide range of topics, from the infrastructure bill to the social spending package to insulin prices, pharmacy closures and his issues with Mt. Bachelor's 'fast pass.'

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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. Even his son says he is not right. Oregon vote this guy out next time around. If he had any brains he would stop dimentia Joe from destroying everything he does.

    1. I’d rather someone ask his view on paying $450k compensation to illegal immigrants. And before people pile on saying “that report is garbage” as Biden put it, they should know the White House has walked back Biden’s statement. The President’s handlers intervened and now when asked, ole Joe defends the policy with fervor. See it with your own eyes.

  2. Wide ranging interview bet at least 8 out of 10 questions were how wonderful it is that we have record jobs under Biden. Might have been one on if he’s ever gotten 🥭 sorbet with the president and how fascinating the stories about 🌽 pop was

    1. The question that never gets asked is how he became worth millions? New York Wyden has never held a private sector job and yet he’s worth millions.

    1. If you look closely, he is the Duffus, that is always in the back, when the media are interviewing Crony Democrats. They don’t notice him either.

  3. Yippee! How great to see that so MANY of us are ON THE SAME PAGE! The NO WYDEN and NO BIDEN and NO $$$$$$ to illegals and LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Now they’re trying to change it from let’s go to thank you Brandon.😕. That’d make us the enemy of the left that wanna turn the world to their way of thinking.

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