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Oregon reports five more COVID-19 related deaths, 763 new cases


New capacity limits set for indoor recreation, entertainment

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- There are five new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 2,514, the Oregon Health Authority reported Thursday.

OHA also reported 763 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, bringing the state total to 189,162.

OHA releases latest monthly update on breakthrough cases

Oregon Health Authority has identified 611 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases through May 3, including eight deaths. The number of vaccine breakthrough cases identified in Oregon remains very small, when compared to the more than 1.3 million people who have completed their vaccine series against COVID-19.

Vaccine breakthrough cases are defined as instances in which an individual received a positive COVID-19 test result at least 14 days after the completion of any COVID-19 vaccine series.

OHA is not reporting the regions in which the deaths took place. Of the 611 reported vaccine breakthrough cases, 14% (n=89) were observed in individuals who reside in long-term care facilities or other congregate care settings.

OHA is now providing updates on breakthrough cases the first Thursday of each month. The current report for May 2021 can be found here.

No media briefing Friday; Dr. Sidelinger to provide video overview  

There will not be a weekly news conference Friday, but there will be a news conference next week. A short video will be provided via a link in tomorrow’s daily news release to our media colleagues.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger will give an overview of current COVID-19 cases and recent trends in Oregon.

Oregon counties have new indoor capacity limits for indoor recreation and indoor entertainment

Under the direction of Governor Brown, indoor capacity limits in moderate- and high-risk levels are now updated for indoor recreation and fitness and indoor entertainment for Oregon counties. As of Wednesday, indoor entertainment establishments and indoor recreation and fitness establishments in all Oregon counties may allow the following:

  • Moderate risk: Maximum 20% occupancy or 100 people total, whichever is larger
  • High risk: Maximum 10% occupancy or 50 people total, whichever is larger

Lower and extreme risk capacity limits for these sectors remain the same.

To view the updated capacity limits, please refer to the Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart.

Vaccinations in Oregon

OHA reported Thursday that 36,259 new doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were added to the state immunization registry. Of this total, 23,539 doses were administered on Wednesday and 12,720 were administered on previous days but were entered into the vaccine registry on Wednesday.

The 7-day running average is now 30,909 doses per day.

Oregon has now administered a total of 1,706,865 first and second doses of Pfizer, 1,349,096 first and second doses of Moderna and 101,923 single doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. As of Thursday, 1,353,250 people have completed a COVID-19 vaccine series. There are 1,902,244 who have had at least one dose.

Cumulative daily totals can take several days to finalize because providers have 72 hours to report doses administered and technical challenges have caused many providers to lag in their reporting. OHA has been providing technical support to vaccination sites to improve the timeliness of their data entry into the state’s ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS).

To date, 2,062,125 doses of Pfizer, 1,692,720 doses of Moderna and 242,800 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to sites across Oregon.

These data are preliminary and subject to change.

OHA's dashboards provide regularly updated vaccination data, and Oregon’s dashboard has been updated Thursday.

COVID-19 hospitalizations

The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 328, which is two fewer than Wednesday. There are 90 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is seven more than Wednesday.

The total number of COVID-19 positive patient bed-days in the most recent seven days is 2,364, which is an 8.7% increase from the previous seven days. The peak daily number of beds occupied by COVID-19 positive patients in the most recent seven days is 351.

The total number of patients in hospital beds may fluctuate between report times. The numbers do not reflect admissions per day, nor the length of hospital stay. Staffing limitations are not captured in this data and may further limit bed capacity.

More information about hospital capacity can be found here.

St. Charles Bend reported 30 COVID-19 patients as of 4 a.m. Thursday, six of them in the ICU, with five on ventilators.

Cases and deaths

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Thursday are in the following counties: Baker (12), Benton (14), Clackamas (38), Clatsop (3), Columbia (9), Coos (3), Crook (14), Curry (4), Deschutes (95), Douglas (13), Grant (3), Harney (1), Hood River (2), Jackson (38), Jefferson (4), Josephine (9), KIamath (31), Lake (1), Lane (70), Lincoln (2), Linn (42), Malheur (5), Marion (72), Morrow (1), Multnomah (115), Polk (20), Tillamook (1), Umatilla (9), Union (1), Wallowa (2), Wasco (2), Washington (107) and Yamhill (20).

Oregon’s 2,510th death is a 69-year-old woman from Josephine County who tested positive on April 4 and died on April 30 at her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 2,511th death is a 91-year-old woman from Jackson County who tested positive on April 28 and died on May 4 at Providence Medford Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 2,512th death is a 50-year-old man from Klamath County who tested positive on April 20 and died on May 4 at Sky Lakes Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 2,513rd death is a 63-year-old man from Linn County who tested positive on April 15 and died on May 3 at Salem Hospital. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 2,514th death is a 68-year-old man from Marion County who tested positive on April 20 and died on May 4 at Salem Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Reaching people where they are

Some of our neighbors may find it challenging to get to a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Folks who live in remote areas. People who can’t get time off work. Individuals who are houseless. To reach people where they are, local public health workers are getting creative.

Neva Anderson is an emergency manager and recently led an effort to get truck drivers vaccinated in Linn County, where she works. Commercial truck drivers often work long hours and can travel hundreds of miles a day. To make COVID-19 vaccinations for truck drivers as easy as possible, Anderson’s team visited two truck stops in Linn County, Loves in Albany and Pioneer Villa Truck Plaza in Halsey, where they vaccinated 68 drivers on April 9.

Anderson is also partnering with Gates Community Church of Christ in Gates to make sure folks in that community have convenient access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Anderson said, “Wildfires devastated the area last year and the church opened its doors to help coordinate supplies for?people who lost their homes and needed the basics to get by, like food and shelter. Now we are collaborating with them again so we can provide outreach clinics to folks in the canyon.” That includes vaccinating people at local food banks as they pick up their groceries. To make COVID-19 vaccinations for truck drivers as easy as possible, Anderson’s team visited two truck stops in Linn County.

Volunteers from the Linn County Medical Reserve Corp, Linn County staff and Albany Fire Department emergency personnel are helping with these vaccination efforts.

All over the state, people are finding creative ways to make the COVID-19 vaccine available. Here are some upcoming clinics:

Heart of Hospice is holding a drop-in COVID-19 vaccination clinic at The Dalles Senior Center,1112 W 9th Street in The Dalles. The clinic is today, Thursday, May 6 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be used. The event is open to anyone and no insurance is required.

Golden Dawn Clinic offers an ongoing COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Portland at 8035 SE Holgate Blvd. They are open Mon-Sat from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Call 503-788-9378 to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine situation in Oregon, visit OHA's webpage (English or Spanish), which has a breakdown of distribution and other information.

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    1. Sure, I can elaborate on that a little bit. My company here in Bend (~70 employees) has required every employee to get a Covid Test every two weeks on-site. We haven’t had a positive case yet! 70×2 for ~20 weeks equals 2800 tests from my company alone.

      1. WHY ??? Your company is only required by OSHA to simply have protocols in place for suspected exposure- why are you putting your employees through unnecessary pain and anxiety through a complete nasal swab? Your employees simply have to get by a temperature screening and be able to to self declare if a family member or recent contact has been exposed. What you are doing could be considered HIPPA violations if these tests are done on site- and suddenly a worker is asked to leave a day or so later. I’m even more surprised that you say that you “require” this… so what if an employee declines… by law you cannot terminate them.

        1. Oh yay! A reply from BGHW, the biggest troll on the ktvz comments section during the entire pandemic! I won’t respond to your rubbish. Instead, I’ll use this space to say “Please leave Barney alone. He has a job, just like you, to moderate this very toxic forum. It can’t be easy, and you should give him a break. He has done an excellent job of allowing free speech in the comments while administering the rules of the website.” Peace

          1. “I won’t respond”… Of course you won’t- you can’t ! Your lie has been outted by factual science- so you prefer to spin off onto a personal attack hoping the rest of Barney’s radical left winged deranged kids will pile on with another one of their large scale shout-athons of… “Yeh… me too” !!!

            1. BGHW, You automatically look at people as for you or against you. I actually wrote an email to Barney the other day to say although I agree with a lot of what you say Mr. BGHW, that I didn’t understand how he can put up with you. Not everyone is pro-Trump or pro-Biden. Do you not understand that simple fact? I for one did not care for how Trump behaved. I do not care for Biden either. So although I agree with you on some points, I abhor the way you write about other people, especially Barney, because as crjohnson said. I too think Barney is doing a great job, even if I don’t always agree with him.

    2. Answer from crjohnson20’s answers your question. My daughter works in nursing homes, has been tested every week since this started. So, can you quit with this question? It’s pretty obvious and self explanatory.

      1. Again- I call BS ! If you are masked, double masked for a nursing home assignment, maybe even in a PAPR… why be tested ? This nonsense is only padding the testing data to make it look more large scale than it really is- and that is deceptive- if not a blatant lie. I did a lot of medical clinics early on in the pandemic- some places were literally ground zero for their states- but our people utilized common safety practices and none of our 5 team members were ever exposed for three months on the front line. Testing only confirms an exposure- it’s literally a lag time indicator. Your daughter should be proactive to the point that her “lead time” actions completely prevent the possibility for exposure… and most medical professionals know this. The facts remain- being asymptomatic doesn’t mean yer a typhoid Mary type- the virus is most virulent once symptoms appear… that is a scientific fact. And if you ever had a company refuse your people entrance without a test- then they are treading on some serious HIPPA violations- I’d simply sell them a nano-dry fog sanitation program and put everyone’s worries to bed. As I’ve said before… “It Aint Ebola” !

      1. Now that your buddies on bitchute say it… You’ve convinced me! GTFO with your stupid sources. Did your parents really think “Gee, that’s the one I should keep”?

  1. “Underlying conditions” but counted as covid deaths but when people with underlying conditions die from side effects of the vaccine Fauci says they would have died anyway.

  2. Seriously, come on Barney we know this is about controlling people! Covid is no deadlier than getting in your car and driving hwy 97 on any given day of the year! This BS is getting old and has absolutely zero merrit!

  3. Here’s what we now know… that hospitals will continue on with the covid “related’ deaths indefinitely ! These are nothing more than “natural deaths”- and that will never end ! Brown must find a way to appease the hospitals greed- or face ever increasing criticism as the hoax continues to unwind. In addition- what Kovid Kate is doing now has no scientific support- nobody at the CDC would say that what she is doing is either timely or consistent with their recommendations… so why aren’t Oregonians outraged- fuming and foaming from the mouth… just remember- it wasn’t more than a few months ago that every kind and gentle word uttered by President Trump brought on mountains of girly hysterics… So now what ? No end in sight- just more complete and total horse manure !

  4. Was there an outbreak at the third street taco bell as seen its been closed for a while and sign says temporarily closed. Can still go to the eastside one if you want gas bad enough to where you can walk away from restroom like a boss after blowing it up. Seemed odd like with jack in the box being closed also, or is it something the news agencies dont want general public knowing about?

  5. there is one that says temporarily closed so just wondering if was mentioned in the news that i didnt hear. Well when government is giving people incentive not to work lot of them arent

  6. 10 percent for high risk or 50 people and i bet thats the staff included so reopening may not be worth it for some establishments but brown will have that onus on them if they decide to do that. Wonder when businesses in oregon will start making getting the vaccines grounds for keeping you employed?

  7. Covid-19 is real. But it could have been handled a lot better, especially here in Oregon. One factor that I have not seen being discussed much is the effects of stress on the immune system. It is well known that stress negatively affects the immune system. So places where people were not locked down and were able to work obviously had lower stress levels and stronger immune systems. Then since people were locked in their homes, they had a lot more time to take in all the constant fear-mongering the media was pumping out. It is well known that fear sells. So the media fear-mongering combined with the lockdowns cause people’s immune systems to be negatively affected. Weakened immune systems resulted in worse Covid-19 outcomes. What our governor did was counter-productive even if she did intend it for good.

  8. Why am I getting emails touting “free covid testing”. Why on earth are people getting tested when they have no symptoms using a PCR test that is ramped up for false positives. It’s all about “cases” to scare everyone.

    Anyone listening to .gov about their health is too brainwashed by media to understand they don’t care about your health.

    Eat good, exercise and take vitamin d, c and zinc when you start to feel sick.

  9. CNN is advocating those not vaccinated to be shunned and shamed by everyone they know and that businesses should use that as grounds for termination. Surprised our governor who fancies herself a heroine fighting this apocalyptic virus hasnt pushed for businesses to do that here.

    1. Totally illegal and people will start suing if a company does this. Mostly this type of reporting is done to get those on the fence to inject the poison. CNN doing what it does best – fear mongering!

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