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All of Oregon’s public universities will require COVID-19 vaccines this fall


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — All of Oregon's publicly funded universities will now require the COVID-19 vaccination for returning students. The final two universities to announce the decision were the Oregon Institute of Technology and Eastern Oregon University.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that all the schools will have a process for students to get legal exemptions.

Students who attend class fully online and who don’t engage in any on-campus activities will not be required to be vaccinated.

OIT made its announcement Wednesday afternoon, and EOU followed on Thursday.

EOU President Tom Inkso said during a board meeting in May that many students and faculty were split on the decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. In a survey, the majority of faculty at EOU were in favor of a vaccine mandate, while the majority of students were against one.

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  1. Sounds like the old Monty Python bit –

    “Children, I’ve decided it’s to be medical experiments for the lot of you!”

  2. Good! If people cant be responsible on their own then we need to treat them like children and make them do the right thing to protect themselves and others.

    1. Exactly! And if they don’t comply they should be arrested. Then sent to a camp where they can be “educated” to better conform to your ideology.

  3. Good decision by the segment of the population that believes in (and teaches) SCIENCE. If you don’t like it, send your kids to Oral Roberts or an equivalent.

  4. The student age group has only a minute chance of bad outcome from the Covid infection. They probably have a greater chance of a bad outcome from the vaccine. And we will not know for some years yet if there are bad long-term outcomes from the vaccine: a vaccine that as I recall it was given emergency authorization because of the risk from the Covid to the older population. This seems to be an incredibly poor decision from a medical standpoint, and risky from a legal standpoint. Every student who has a bad reaction to the vaccine is a potential lawsuit. And the taxpayers pick up the tab.

      1. So Sharp, they don’t make it easy to find but when I just got into the VAERS (adverse event reporting system) and did a search for Covid 19 Vaccine/Deaths/age group I got an output showing something over 4000 deaths total of which only 44 were in the 18 – 29 age group. So it is not a “probable” bad outcome but it is a “possible” bad outcome. Which translates into a certainty of some bad outcomes to people who would not have been at much risk from the disease itself.

  5. Doubt many of the Covidiot trumpers in this forum ever went or will go to college so what do they care! We know Wishy washy, H8 Clown, Dumb Mama and No Basics didn’t.

  6. If you want the vaccine, get it. Why do you care what anybody else does? If somebody chooses not to get the vaccine and catches the virus, it will have NO impact on you. The reaction to this virus and vaccine is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Nobody says a word about banning smokers or people who don’t practice safe sex or people who drink too much or any other poor life choices that negatively affects one’s health. It’s all about this stupid virus that is 99.9% survivable for people with no underlying health issues. College students have basically zero chance of dying from COVID, They are FAR more likely to die in a car or bike crash while driving home from school. Why aren’t we banning them from driving cars and bicycles?

    It’s astounding to me how the left act like lemmings and believe anything the press or their “leaders” tell them.

    1. If someone chooses not to get the vaccine and catches the virus and gives it to my parents and they die, it most definitely has an impact on me.

      If I choose not to get the vaccine and I catch the virus and give it to someone and they die, it most definitely has an impact on me.

        1. Everyone in my extended family is vaccinated except the kids.

          But the vaccine is around 90% effective, so I’d still want it even though they already got it. The more their contacts are vaccinated, the safer they are. And the safer I am. And the safer everyone is.

          Admittedly, it’s not zero risk, but it’s far more acceptable levels of risk. Those odds multiply down pretty quick.

  7. I cant wait until 2 to 3 years down the road from now when these vaccines start kicking in and people who got them start dropping like flies

    1. I cant wait until 2 or 3 years when the virus mutates and comes back more deadly than ever because of uneducated anti-vaxers. We can go through this whole thing again thanks to people like you.

  8. No matter who you voted for for president it should be logical that you’d only want people to be vaccinated if the risk from the vaccination was less than the risk from the disease. It takes some digging around to get statistics and even then they aren’t in a form to tell us exactly what we need to know to make good decisions. But we do know that the risk from the vaccination is low but it is not zero — it seems about 1 person dies per each 40,000 who get vaccinated, and these are the deaths occurring close enough to the vaccination to cause a doctor to report it as an adverse event from the vaccination. I can’t find that these deaths are age-related; there is some observation that you might have a greater chance of adverse vaccine reaction the stronger your immune system.

    And to date in the state of Oregon we have had 9 Covid deaths in the age group 10 to 29 which covers all our college students. We have just over a million people in the 10 to 29 age group according to Oregon Health Authority figures. At 1 death per 40,000 vaccinations we’d get about 25 vaccination deaths if we vaccinated all that million people. Of course we still have some Covid19 deaths occurring; if we get 3 more deaths in that age group before this pandemic winds down it still looks like folks in the 10 to 29 age group would have twice the chance of dying from the shot as they would from the disease.

    But people in any age group have a much higher risk from Covid if they have serious health issues, so it would make good sense for a young person with health problems to strongly consider getting the vaccination even with the 1/40,000 vaccine death risk. We really really need to let people decide for themselves whether the reward is worth the risk.

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