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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



  1. First, Guinness Book and ktvz reporters should have been clear on what a burpee is and what variation Tammy was performing. I believe, from the video shown, she was doing a chest-to-ground variation of the traditional burpee. Typically, in a traditional burpee, the person jumps back into a plank position, with arms staying straight, (if integrating push-up) lowers body down to ground level (without sagging hips, without touching ground) and then a jump to the hands, finishing with a jump to conclude rep. If the previous record holder did burpees the same way Tammy did, then congrats to Tammy…and KTVZ and Guinness Book should be more specific, alluding to the variation. But if a person broke the burpee (traditional burpee) record by performing chest-to-ground burpees, then something is definitely not right with Guinness Book stats. Needless to say, performing any exercise over 6000 times is a feat, nice work!

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