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Nearly a third of Americans are fully vaccinated. But one thing could still delay our return to normal

As more US state leaders announce hopeful timelines for a return to normalcy, one expert says there’s something that could delay how quickly we get there.

“It’s going to take us that much longer to get back to life as normal, to stop having to wear masks for our protection, if people don’t get vaccinated and we don’t have equitable distribution of vaccines,” infectious diseases specialist Dr. Celine Gounder told CNN on Sunday.

And Covid-19 vaccine equity is key not only for the US, but across the globe, in order to reach the pandemic’s finish line.

“If you have ongoing transmission, replication of the virus in places like India and Brazil, you will have mutant viruses arise, which threatens our own recovery,” Gounder said.

Experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci have estimated between 70% to 85% of the US population needs to be immune to the virus — through vaccination or previous infection — to control its spread.

So far, more than 44% of the population has received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose and more than 31% is fully vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And for the ongoing local, state and federal efforts to get more shots into Americans’ arms, now comes the hard part: reaching audiences that weren’t as eager to get vaccinated in the past few months or who may not have had access to a shot.

“We need to be … innovative around both culturally competent education and be thoughtful about where the holes are and where we can get shots in people’s arms,” infectious diseases expert Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis told CNN over the weekend.

Doctor worries whether young people will get a shot

One doctor told CNN on Sunday he’s worried officials haven’t offered strong enough incentives for some Americans to get vaccinated — including younger Americans.

“What I worry about mostly are the young people,” primary care physician Dr. Saju Mathew said. “I see them every day pretty much at work.”

The CDC issued new guidance last week saying fully vaccinated people can unmask at small outdoor gatherings or when dining outside with friends from multiple households — activities the agency said unvaccinated people still need to wear a mask for.

But the guidelines are too cautious, as some unvaccinated Americans are already unmasking outdoors, Mathew said.

“I think that the CDC missed an opportunity to say, ‘listen, we can return to pre-pandemic lives and you can do more if you’re vaccinated,'” Mathew said. “So I think, when the science is there with positive news, we must share that and motivate people to get vaccinated.”

Everyone 16 and older is currently eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine in the US. But polling data shows younger Americans are least likely to get a shot.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 36% of adults under the age of 35 say they don’t plan on getting one.

That’s particularly worrisome for several reasons.

Unvaccinated young Americans have helped fuel case increases across the US — including in several states last month. At that time, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned infections and hospitalizations were going up, predominantly among younger adults who hadn’t been vaccinated.

And in places like Michigan, which battled a violent spring surge, officials reported last month they were seeing younger and healthier Covid-19 patients in hospitals, hit hard by more contagious variants that have been circulating in the US.

‘A ton of young people’ testing positive

Last week, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said the state was offering a $100 savings bond to residents 16 to 35 who get a shot, in a push to get more younger residents vaccinated.

The governor said the median age of residents testing positive for the virus has dropped.

“When it recently came down to 44 years of age, we thought, ‘Uh oh. We’ve got a problem. We need to get our young people vaccinated,'” Justice said in a statement. “But now we’re down to 34, and that means we’ve got a ton of young people that are testing positive.”

The governor warned young people that they should be concerned — both about transmitting the virus and about the long-term effects that may linger long past their infection.

That point was also recently made by National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins who said the long-term consequences of Covid-19 for young people can be “quite serious.”

“Long Covid represents one more reason to encourage everyone age 16 and over to get vaccinated as quickly as possible,” Collins said.

In Oregon, where the governor recently tightened restrictions for some counties amid a surge in new cases and hospitalizations, another warning for young residents.

“The overwhelming majority of our new COVID-19 cases are from people who have not yet been vaccinated,” Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement. “Younger, unvaccinated Oregonians are now showing up in our hospitals with severe cases of COVID-19.”

The governor urged residents to step up and get vaccinated to help slow the spread of the virus and help the state get on the “quickest path toward lifting restrictions.”

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  1. ” A ton of young people” that could not be that many depending on if they are obese. After all what is a ton 2000 lbs now if we are talking 5 year olds that could be a lot just saying

  2. “Nearly a third of Americans are fully vaccinated. But one thing could still delay our return to normal”…Yep. And its name is politics.

  3. I don’t get it. Those of us who want to be vaccinated are vaccinated. Everyone else knows the risk and understands that they are taking their health into their own hands. What’s the hold up?

    1. It is about control…not our health. Always has been. Notice the goal posts keep moving. They are using PCR tests that have a 90% false testing rate, but hey let’s just report them as cases anyway. You are not allowed to question anyone who does not believe in the “science” of this flu. Many of us who are not going to get vaccinated, don’t wear face diapers (unless I have go to Costco), don’t social distance and have not limited our gatherings for over a year and still have not contracted this “flu”. “Experts” have never answered the question, why healthy people or those who have already had the sniffles of this flu have to get a vax. They respond with cute little statements like “we are in this together”, or “let’s do it for granny”.

      1. OK but if I follow that logic, then the political party that controls us the most and makes life as miserable as possible will most certainly get elected in a landslide come the next election? Is that like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome where kidnap victims have sympathy for their captors? I realize that being contrarian to the political party we don’t like is old-fashioned fun, but this is a complete and total stretch.

        I’m pretty sure many health experts have talked until they’re blue in the face about why vaccines work to control the spread among the general population, even among people who are healthy and would otherwise have minor symptoms. Because, yes, if you get it and continue to spread it while you have it, then it doesn’t matter if YOU had minor symptoms, you were still a carrier and it is still spreading, which a vaccine (by purpose and definition) are designed to prevent from happening. So yes, it’s not just about you and your minor symptoms.

        In general, Oregon is pretty spread out with lower population density than many other states and countries – like India where certainly their population density is a contributing factor to their current situation of burning bodies on burn piles. From this perspective, it seems like Oregon could have much less harsh lockdown restrictions because we are already pretty spread out and aren’t in constant close contact with each other, even pre-pandemic that was how we are. Do I agree with the harshness of the lockdowns? No. But is it “mind control”? LOL no.

      2. You probably had it asymptotically and gave it to someone that had a real problem from it. Hope you’re happy with yourself. The reason we’re bogged down with this is because of non cooperative people like you.

      3. To exert control, there has to be an independent rational mind to begin with, something sorely lacking as demonstrated by the brainless repetition of rhetoric and talking points in your posts and so many others.

  4. How is this vaccine anything other than experimental?? How can they actually say that its safe for everyone to take?. Especially our kids ??. Oh wait, they cant lol. Even the good’ol FDA hasnt approved it.. There have been many people, some that we know personally that have had very real and scary “side effects from the getting the jab.. The fact that now the “Wait-and-see” crowd is being demonized for choosing not be a lab rat is completely insane! seriously the division and fear that has been propagate is by the news is destroying more lives than the virus.. Don’t even get me started on the (lack of..)efficacy of the test or the “Death Count”… This world has gone crazy.. BTW for all you regulars commenters, I do not support Biden and I didnt vote for Trump so let see what insane responses you can come up with lol Just kidding, I couldnt care any less LOL Wake up people youve been fooled on sooo many levels…. OH WAIT.. ITS ALL JUST ONE BIG CONSPRIRICY RIGHT??? come on people wake up….

      1. Geez thanks swedouchechef. I was soo confused on what the word “Experimental” actually meant!! Since you have all the answers, can you run thru the data(long-term) in regard to the safety and efficacy of the covid vaccine?? Maybe a 5-10 year study??… I’ll wait… Thats right, I’T DOESNT EXIST…Or can you explain to me why I should trust any products that J&J creates? Dont you know they knowingly gave hundreds of thousand of people cancer w/ that poisonous baby powder they were selling?? Im only asking you since clearly you have all the answers based on how much you dish out your wisdom via KTVZ commentary LOL Please save us!!!

        1. Notice that in a rational exchange between adults I didn’t resort to name calling. I’m not really sure what you’re expecting but if we wait 5 – 10 years every time a serious issue comes along then we will all be dead by the time anything gets approved when an even more severe situation comes along. If you actually took the time to read the info, you’d see that these types of vaccines and the methods they use have actually been in progress and tested before covid came along. They then applied the method to covid. I’m not saying I have the answers, but I’m sure going to try to be rational and read and better understand various “claims” being made because right now people are saying a bunch of things without even trying to better understand what they’re believing.

        2. Recent medical journal articles state that the basic formula for these vaccines moved out of the “experimental” stage decades ago. This was posited as the reason Warp speed was effective. The foundational research had already been performed and verified. They merely needed to fine tune the science to become effective against Covid. Speaking of having all the answerjs, you seem to have a lot of those yourself and apparently know more than the vast majority of well educated doctors and scientists, including those cited in the article under the post by swedishchef. I’ll bet your parents are so proud of your doctorate in infectious diseases and achievements. May I ask where you matriculated?

          1. I know people personally who have had HORRIBLE reactions to the vaccine so no point telling to you about all that.. . My parents(both of whom are Dr.s) are very proud of me thanks for that lol..

      1. I see the 2 party system as a big part of the problem.. No ignorance there, just looking at how everything has rolled out in the past.. Too bad people get so emotional and worked up when it comes to politics, ESPECIALLY when they found out you have a different opinion and might have voted for the other guy LOL..

  5. Can someone please tell me the results of the long-term safety trials for the Covid vaccines. When I see those long-term results then maybe I would suggest testing it in all the young people. But because I actually follow science, there is no way I recommend putting an experimental vaccine that has not been through the normal long-term trials into young healthy people who have a very low risk of Covid damage . Good grief even the FDA will not give their real approval yet. Consider the number of FDA-approved drugs that went through the years of testing to obtain their approval and were later found to be very harmful. Consider VIOXX. Only 4 million Americans took that drug and it is estimated that at least 60,000 people out of that died early because of it. So the FDA had to recall VIOXX which had actually gone through the long-term trials that none of the Covid vaccines have gone through. In reality, the Covid vaccines are all experimental drugs. If you are into being a test rat then by all means go for it. But leave me and my family out of your testing, because we are following the actual science. BTW those in my family have all been exposed to or had Covid and it was no big deal as we are all healthy and not obese.

    1. This article helped me to evaluate some of the info that is circulating in regards to why these would be considered “experimental”. I interpreted this info as saying that the FDA has already declared them safe for emergency use due to the pandemic, so this approval will be in place until after the pandemic. So, yes, I agree that this is different than normal red tape, but it’s not like they just pulled it out of a back alley lab and started manufacturing it. We are now many months later and ~180 million people have the vaccine, and so far the biggest side effect is that it reduces a severe outcome from the virus by something like 90%. And I agree that I would also be more comfortable if it was FDA approved, but when I think about the things my doctor or dentist have prescribed in the past several years, I’m not really sure if the first question out of my mouth was whether it was FDA approved or not.

  6. What if there were massive side effects from the vaccines in the future. Drug companies making drugs that require more drugs to treat the side effects of their drugs.

  7. OK I get the hesitancy. If you want to hear a testimonial, I’ve had the pfizer vaccine. It was 30 mL, which is about 0.01 ounces – the dose is miniature. I hate needles and didn’t feel it at all. I had a minor sore arm for a few hours. That was it. If you have hesitancy past that, talk to your doctor instead of getting distracted by folksy memes and myths on social media. We have a safe and effective and easy and readily available tool that can END THIS THING MUCH FASTER than letting it run rampant, which will drag this dumpster fire out even further. Please consider being a part of putting this behind us as soon as possible. We’re all tired of it, but getting the vaccine won’t make you a hypocrite – you can still believe it isn’t a great idea. But give it a chance please.

    And yes I was concerned about weighing risks, but I did a quick comparison that helped me. If around 30% of people are vaccinated, that equates to around say 180 million people and (literally) a handful of reactions have occurred, yes. But if you give that same 180 million people covid, and assume even a very low conservative death rate of 0.5%, then doesn’t that equal 900,000 deaths? Correct my math if I did that wrong, but those seem like pretty good odds.

    1. Have you heard the term – my body…my choice. I don’t go to doctors anymore. They are too connected to big pharma and quick to prescribe you with all sorts of drugs you don’t need. Many people are shunning big pharma poison’s and have determined to remain healthy, they will not take any more of big pharma’s poison.

      1. I definitely agree that making better health choices is a valuable life long effort, whether that is food we eat, or medicines we take, or exercise, etc.
        Also keep in mind that “big pharma” is the distribution side, the marketing side. Underneath that are the people who study biology and physiology and devote their entire lives to researching and curing and eradicating a whole slew of diseases and illnesses.
        My point is, modern medicine (and those within it who genuinely care about limiting human misery) has done some spectacular things. Both of my parents wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for some of the modern medicines that we have available to us in America. But consider separating Big Pharma from the medicine itself, because yes Big Pharma might be a sleazy car salesman, but there are plenty of good things we have accomplished as a society with modern medicine.

        1. My sister took every pill her doctors prescribed – thyroid, cholesterol, high blood pressure, hormones, anti depressants and she got pancreatic cancer. Than what did they do – they put her on chemo and radiation. She died two years later with a fentanyl patch.

          It is not about curing anything!

    2. Swedish is an aka of many who keep posting the samething over and over under different aliases. Same old rants, different articles.

      1. LOL, um, paranoid much? I have one account and one account only. If the information seems like you’ve heard it before then it is probably because several different people are trying to talk sense into you. We’re trying to help you but are you willing to accept our help being offered? The first step is admitting that you are in denial and have a problem. 🙂

        1. Ha, “The first step is admitting that you’re in denial and have a problem”! Maybe you should take your own advice?

    1. It is axiomatic that reason and logic cannot persuade a person who holds an irrational position. The facts are available if you bother to look for them.

  8. More rapists and sex crimes this weekend in Bend. Do your job, Barney. You guys really look like you’re promoting these crimes by never reporting on them.

  9. I watched the other local channel last night and they actually reported on a whole bunch of stuff that is going on around central oregon not just COVID and politics like some other local channel that starts with a Z

  10. Interesting, to me are those who are saying let those unvaccinated fools parish. How far are you willing to go? Should we round up everyone not willing to be vaccinated, and jail them? Perhaps we should line them up for lethal injections? Or perhaps we can see some parallels in our views and actions and dont let history repeat itself. As they say in skiing, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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