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Settle in with these weekend reads

Celebrities went an extra mile for Halloween. CNN has evidence from a six-month Facebook investigation. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed during a busy news week.

Tetris: The Soviet ‘mind game’ that took over the world

Software engineer Alexey Pajitnov unintentionally went global with one of the greatest and most addictive games of all time. Here’s how he did it.

Americans can easily travel almost anywhere — except here

Americans have access to more than 184 countries with the help of a US passport, but they may come across difficulties at these checkpoints

How women fall into America’s alt-right movement

This liberal-turned-alt-right woman revealed details of how misogyny drives the modern white power movement. Here’s why she finally left.

Facebook had a notable response to repulsive findings

She was called the n-word and given instructions to slit her wrists. What did Facebook do?

Opinion: Kanye wrestles with God, not Trump

Kanye West’s cultural productions have occupied a religious space with God for almost 15 years, L. Benjamin Rolsky writes. Meanwhile, his fans and commentators give criticism about their collective expectations.

Celebrity costumes that won Halloween 2019

Halloween costumes were pretty mediocre for some, but these celebrities went above and beyond.



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