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ODOT urges avoiding Mt. Hood due to dangerous conditions

OR 35 Hwy 26 Mount Hood
ODOT TripCheck

Oregon 35 closed periodically, others may be necessary

GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The initial snowfall from a stormy weekend has made for slick roads on the High Desert and elsewhere, with ODOT warning Saturday of dangerous conditions over Mount Hood and urging travelers to avoid the area until Monday, if possible.

"Heavy snow, high winds, poor visibility and numerous spinouts are creating extremely hazardous driving conditions on Mount Hood," an ODOT advisory late Saturday morning stated.

ODOT has periodically closed sections of Oregon Highway 35, and the agency said "other road closures may be necessary as crews keep up with heavy snowfall."

"Blowing snow has reduced visibility and caused spinouts and delays," the advisory stated. "Travelers should avoid Mount Hood if at all possible until Monday and improved conditions."

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  1. If it’s really that bad up there, they should just close the highway at Rhody on the west side, Maupin Jct on the east side, and hwy 35 to the north, so all the skiers and other people that don’t absolutely have to be up there, can’t go up and cause problems…

  2. I just looked at the current trip check cameras on Hood and was reminded how many stupid people there are on the road, and a lot of them are skiers… All of the idiots leaving the ski area, and there are three rows of cars heading down the mountain. I have seen the stupidity before when I was still driving truck, and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with those people every day anymore.

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