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Owner of closed C.O. restaurants upset violators not following rules

Says some restaurants and bars are following the rules, but others aren''t

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Since Phase 1 of Gov. Kate Brown’s reopening plan began last Friday, the owner of three closed restaurants in Deschutes County said some bars and breweries in town are not following the guidelines.

“The playing field is not level,” Greg Farfaglia told NewsChannel 21 Friday.

Farfaglia owns Wallow Bar & Grill in Sunriver, South Side Pub in Bend and is a part-owner of the Tumble Inn Tavern in Redmond. None of his three restaurants have reopened yet, but that will happen next week.

When it does, Farfaglia said he's worried about losing business to other local spots, because he's abiding by the rules when others are not.

Farfaglia said he's noticed the biggest violation at bars. Phase 1 of the reopening plan states that bar seating is not allowed unless it's directly in front of a window or wall, and people must be six feet apart.

Farfaglia said many bars are blatantly disregarding that restriction, and many others.

"Are those people that are selfishly breaking the rules going to set the rest of us back to where we are going to get closed again, or is it going to be stuck in phase one for a really long time to where i'm barely making a living?” Farfaglia said.

“My goal, and I think a lot of people's goal, is to get through this as safely as possible. Why waste the last two months of being closed to flush it down the toilet in a week?"

Farfaglia said he's lost about $50,000 of business between his three restaurants since the shutdown began. So he knows the importance of reopening right now.

However, after conversations with state and local agencies, Farfaglia said he feels like he's almost being encouraged to break the rules.

"The comment was, 'There's nobody out enforcing this, so just go ahead and get open. We need to make money, and I need to keep my job.' Another one told me, ‘We're just going to educate the public and try to help them through.' One of them mentioned to me that they had dealt with a lot of people snitching, and if someone snitches on my business, he'll give me the same courtesy of looking the other way."

Farfaglia said it's not just the bar owners who are responsible, but the people in the community as well. He said people should reconsider hanging out with their friends just a little longer, so we can get back to normal life a little sooner.

Here’s how Central Oregonians can report possible COVID-19 reopening violations.

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



  1. Jeeez looks like the 2nd wave is already here and infections are rising fast regardless of which restaurants follow the rules, apparently redmond in general isnt following the rules

    1. It’s because most Bend businesses are to afraid to open and forcing the residents this way. I have been out and can say that they are trying to enforce the rules. People are being rude and demanding.

    2. Just what data are you using to support that opinion- because once again- anyone going to the OHA Covid19 dashboard sees that “hospitalization” (the serious stuff) remains well behind the peak numbers of last March.

      In addition- the OHA data shows that Oregon is well over 100,000 “negative tests”… so there is something else out there- some other vile little bug that is making people sick… but we’ll never know what it is because Z21 hasn’t deemed it worthy or necessary to push their “be afraid- be very very afraid” mantra.

      See for yourself- and do try to be civil about it- yer trying to argue with scientific stats !!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPIConfirmed?:display_count=y&:toolbar=n&:origin=viz_share_link&:showShareOptions=false

      1. Broken link comrade sorry, but yes deschutes co health scientists says cases are rising due to folks ignoring the quarantine- they probably arent going off broken links either, yikes!

    3. Quit making up stuff up. Infections are not rising. Ooooo Redmond had one day of increase and then next day back down, so what. ALSO, positive infections mean literally nothing anymore….I guess you don’t have the capability to understand that because you aren’t able to look at the wider picture and just narrow on one or two things.

    4. You are FAKE NEWS!! nothing is rising in C.O. I was at St Charles yesterday in Redmond and they have seen 1 patient with COVID since this started. And they are having to lay off folks as well.

      why do you want to believe in something that just isn’t there? you are a wanker.

    5. Did you really think we’d begin opening up without any increase in cases? C’mon people, use your critical thinking skills. Yes, increased human interaction IS going to result in an increase of cases. So be it.

          1. Let’s not forget those data denying science scoffing half-wits that hang-out here just to push buttons- promote the Z’s propaganda machine- and troll for anyone willing to bite the bait !

            Fester-Tio-Ninnymouse-Martha-Alice-DB-Fast EddyB… they’re all the same person !

        1. You people don’t know when to quit. The last thing you were all up in arms about was the false impeachment of our president. Not the flavor of the week is covid-19. Just what will you be crying about next week. You should just stay in your basements. You are safest there. We would appreciate it if we never saw you again.

  2. Restaurants that are closed are closed because THEY want to be closed. With phase one all places can be open if they put the rules in place. People are finally realizing they can actually take a stand against tyranny because in large numbers no one can enforce it. Many of the restaurants here fear being sued so they would rather just not tell the customers they can’t do something. Like one owner said to me…”We aren’t the police. We can only suggest. We can’t enforce”

      1. No ! It’s about financial success- social well-being- mental health-science- Government by the people and for the people- civil liberties- and our US Constitution !

        Show me where you destroy any one of those segments- and our’s is a better America !

  3. So what’s new people just will not follow rules They don’t even follow Driving Laws & the cops don’t do crap Whether you live in Bend or Redmond they don’t enforce Laws or City codes both town’s have went to hell in a hand basket

  4. Oh listen to the crybaby…..I don’t hear the scumbag business owner crying about kate brown not following the rules which is what got us here in the first place. He needs to shut his pie hole

    1. He’s doing exactly what he should. I think you’ll make a good example- don’t observe the rules- get out there and let fredumb reign. Go around to the restaurants and take down those wash your hands signs. Do you know there’s so much government rules that it’s the law that food service workers have to wash their hands after they go to the bathroom? What about THEIR rights? Why should they have to wash their hands? Better get on that. Why can’t people just poop wherever they want? Are you really a big-brother type that wants to tell people where they have to poop.

      1. I haven’t observed the “rules” from the beginning,and neither has anyone I know except city people and democrat cucks. We’ve had bbq’s, horseback rides, target shoots, camp outs and other various forms of out and about entertainment. Have even been getting my hair cut

  5. Mr. Farfaglia would do well to remember history and what happened when snitching on people became a way of live. But hey….who am I to be right? Snitch on the wrong people, and that lost 50,000 will be the least of your worries. There are stories about retribution everywhere. Hell, Lifetime Network is full of them.

        1. Nope. Let’s quote them by name fully and in context, then see if other experts agree. And tell the facts about their backgrounds/’track record.’ They aren’t group-thinking, there are debates in every field. This one is very important.

  6. anonymousktvz, I am curious where you get the stats saying cases are rising? The one on this site shows on 5/22 there were 48 new cases state wide with ZERO in Central Oregon. What am I missing? Looks to me like no rise. Not be sarcastic, just looking for good data.

    1. Numbers go up and down, naturally but the case numbers are rising, largely (experts say) due to a large rise in the number of people who can be tested, now that more tests are finally available (guidelines now include front line workers etc.) but the infection RATES … well , they aren’t rising here, but each state is different.

      1. Actually, percentage of case numbers are decreasing now that more tests are available. Also, just pure case numbers (without looking at percentage) has still remained flat. (Sure some states higher and some lower, but overall pure case numbers are flat.)

        1. It hasn’t remained flat- and to the extent it has “remained flat” is due to the protocols in place- Test your theories and get out there.

          1. Where’s your proof that it hasn’t remained flat? All data indicates it is. Also, it has remained flat WITH things opening back up compared to everything closed. Get. A. Clue.

      2. “now that more tests are finally available”

        Interesting word choice and order… I would say that with more than 100,000 “negative tests”- that we’ve always had plenty of test kits- what we need is better screening- less hysterics- and fewer misdiagnosis.

        Maybe we can get a St Charles medical professional on- and ask him/her/it about this.

        1. FACTS: The president and his advisers noted frequently in early weeks of daily briefings I watched and we livestreamed their efforts to address a serious shortage of tests, backed up by those with knowledge across the country, as well as locals who tried very hard but could not receive a test.

          And no medical doctor refers to a negative test result as a “misdiagnosis,” one or 100,000.

          1. Oregon has never suffered from a lack of test kits- what Oregon suffered from was a lack of leadership ! From early April-

            “Thousands more Oregonians could get tested for coronavirus right now but state leaders aren’t ready to ease restrictive screening guidelines that could help them identify additional infections and better understand the breadth of the disease.”


            It is dishonest to keep blaming the US President for the individual state’s lack of preparedness or guidance !

            Democrat Governor’s nationwide have been blaming everyone but themselves- put that in your blog about our ‘blame game society !

          2. And we asked you several times to get over to st. charles and ask them why Jackson County is following the same OHA rules as the rest of the state as well as protocols…..and were testing as many as 10 percent of the county from the very beginning….highest in the state. They were asked how was it that they led the state, and they said that other hospitals could do it as well, and if they weren’t, then they weren’t following the guidelines. All we heard was about Cryin’ Joe’s sick family instead

        2. Hospital workers here are being silenced. Hospital employees who have contracted covid are not known to the public. St. Charles is not following best practices and testing fellow employees/care givers who were in close contact with the infected caregiver. They also did not discourage caregivers coming to work while feeling ill unless they had a fever…. that changed after caregiver number 7 got covid. The management said of course non of the covid cases came from hospital spread. This should be news but its not here in Central Oregon.

    1. yeah self-absorbed liberals who believe they can tell other people how to live, what they can or cannot say, where they can or cannot shop, what they can or cannot do, etc…

      1. They’ve got laws now you have to drive on the right side of the street. you can’t have a kids birthday party in the middle of a freeway, you can’t walk into a grade school naked and you can’t even sell phony drugs and then the tell you stuff like you need papers to come to the US- there’s no end to it.

        1. It’s hilarious how your kind jumps right on the whole “law” thing….but flat out REFUSE to explain why you support kate not following the very dam law she’s claiming she has the authority under

      2. How about being told when you can or cannot have a pregnancy, sometimes even being prevented from taking birth control? You self-righteous cons believe you hold the moral high ground to dictate such life-changing issues but complain because, for the greater good, you’re asked to modify your shopping habits? How ridiculous and hypocritical!

  7. Farfaglia seemed to have been seeking for violators. He looked to his competitive market and now it’s news. There’s a lot of various businesses who are following rules, but the public has basically had enough. I’ve also seen emloyees refusing to wear masks, like in the Logan’s Market Deli. I feel the issue is more about personal choices and a lot of people do not agree with the restrictions.

    1. Well they all have a run for a couple of weeks- you want to see where we are headed- Look at Brazil. You don’t want employees to have to wear masks? Should they be able to work naked? Why not it’s a personal choice right? A lot of people want to drive drunk too. Thanks for the info on Logan’s Market Deli- does that make you a snitch?

      1. Grow up! If you are worried stay home. If you have an underlying health condition; be careful. Otherwise, it’s business as usual! You can whine like a child all you want but no one cares anymore enough to listen.

        1. Anonymous staying home is not a guaranteed safeguard. Anon and anyone who cohabitates with Anon must leave the home or accept deliveries from other parties for basic needs. If any of those people are exposed to you, a potentially asymptomatic Covid carrier who was not wearing a mask, they carry the virus home to Anon who may be an immune-compromised cancer patient or a grandpa with diabetes. Now infected, Anon can toss a coin to determine the future – all thanks to your “I don’t care anymore” attitude. Business as usual indeed – tell that to the 100K dead and their friends and families! Business lost can be rebuilt but lives lost are lost forever. This weekend we remember those who were willing to give their lives in war for our country’s general good, and you don’t seem willing to make even a temporary sacrifice to safeguard your community. “Grow up” yourself, show some maturity, have consideration for others and in the process maybe save someone some grief, suffering and possibly death from Covid.

  8. Not opposed to things opening up, just don’t understand the reluctance of some to simply slip on a mask when out and around others. Given the surplus of masks, and the science behind wearing them in gatherings, I can think of no other reason to not do so other than a mindset of ignorant defiance.

  9. Good to see conscientious smart business owners trying to do things right and smart! he’s right all these others, and the stupid anti-maskers are going to ruin everything we’ve suffered through, What a waste

  10. How can there be a second outbreak when there wasn’t even a first?! This is all a hoax dreamed up by Trump and Kate Brown! Bring in the Portlandians and Californians by the busload, we need the tourist dollars to get the economy going!

    1. We were very fortunate here in OR but may yet see further outbreaks. If you need convincing this isn’t a hoax, I can’t think of anything that would convince you better than helping in NY to dig up the mass graves in which were placed numerous bodies of those who succumbed to the virus because the morgues and funeral homes were beyond capacity. Sooner or later, they will need proper burials. And that’s just in NY! Almost 100K across the USA and counting. Your definition of hoax must be a heck of a lot different than mine.

      1. I think I get why you’re all over these comments. This is very personal for you. That would explain why you’ve been verbally attacking people with name calling, irrational interpretations of comments, and statements based more on your opinion.

  11. “There’s nobody out enforcing this, so just go ahead and get open. We need to make money, and I need to keep my job.”

    I think Oregonians have learned the hard way- Democrat Governor Kate Brown couldn’t care less !

    While that dreadful Orange haired loudmouth in the White House was cutting you all checks… Kate Brown was twiddling her thumbs as the statewide unemployment office website crashed and office phones went unanswered !

    “Another one told me, ‘We’re just going to educate the public and try to help them through.”

    Problem number two- the evidence here is clear- that the local media has failed to properly inform the masses- choosing left wing Democrat talking points to push an environment of fear and doom- instead of taking a more leveled approach to inform the public about how to non-lethal this virus truly is… we can see by the actions of Oregonians… that “we’re not buying the drama- and the data doesn’t support the hysterics” !

    Now I’m sure I’ll be accused of being a Z21 hater by “Barney and his Kids”- but the facts remain… I was on the record early telling you all to mask-up- glove up- wash yer hands- get yer Grandparents out of any nursing home (institutions responsible for more than 1/3rd of US deaths)- that long term health care centers should be the first buildings to quarantine (not schools)- that shutting down the Oregon economy after five deaths is insane- will lead to increased social problems- alcoholism- drug abuse- violence- that the Kate Brown cure is worse than this seasonal virus… which I also said would never materialize and wipe out the state’s population… guess what- serious hospitalizations come and gone by March !

    Yup- been right more times than wrong- and now people here at KTVZ are acting surprised ! No surprise at all- Ya’ll been hoodwinked by a station that promotes and floods this site with CNN propaganda- you have only yourself to blame… look no further than the mirror !

  12. For those who ridiculously claim that we who want our jobs and lives back don’t care about others, this is for you.

    In light of all the videos that are considered conspiracy theories and are leaving people to wonder what the truth really is, there’s this. I can’t say 100% what the truth is. I know I’m finding it hard to believe anything. But I can still believe in the Constitution, and that’s what this statement is based on.

    Anyone who thinks social distancing is a good idea for the next few years, or thinks that a ‘benevolent’ dictatorship is for the good of humanity, just stop now because I won’t be giving that point of view my energy.

    If you want to stay home, stay home. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

    If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

    If you want to avoid large crowds, avoid large crowds. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

    I am not required to descend into poverty for you.

    I am not required to abstain from human contact for you.(I wish I could bold this part)

    I am not required to shop alone, without my friends and family, for you.

    I refuse to participate in “quarantine life” until there’s an unsafe, untested vaccine released in eighteen months.

    I refuse to receive said vaccine to make others feel more safe.

    That IS my sovereign right to choose!!!

    If you’re convinced the vaccine is safe and effective, you can get it.

    Some of you are allowing fear and policies devoid of scientifically accurate data to destroy our country and ruin your life.

    I can’t control your self-destructive behaviors, but we all have a say in the once great USA and the planet we live on.

    We need to tell legislators that we demand options.

    We have a constitutional right to take risks. Life is full of bacteria and viruses–many of which spread before symptoms manifest and after they subside.

    We have a Sovereign right to receive OR refuse vaccines.

    The data was inaccurate at best; purposely overblown to justify government overreach at worst.

    Stop allowing the government to destroy:

    The Food Supply

    Small Businesses

    Medical Autonomy

    Access to Healthcare

    Religious Gatherings

    Privacy Rights


    Our Mental Health

    Our Freedom

    When the “new normal” is filled with starvation, depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, imprisonment, governmental spying, and pure DESPERATION, the virus is going to look preferable to the world you helped facilitate.

    I’m going to turn this around on people from now on. Those that say I (or anyone that supports the mission to get us back open) is selfish, or putting money over lives by wanting the country back open for business…

    Hear this:

    -YOU don’t care about the people that will kill themselves out of hopelessness

    -YOU don’t care about small businesses that’ll close their doors (THEIR LIVELIHOOD) permanently

    -YOU don’t care about the children/women/men that’ll be victims of domestic abuse

    -YOU don’t care about people defaulting on their mortgages

    -YOU don’t care about bills going unpaid by families with ZERO income right now

    -YOU don’t care about people wondering where their next meal will come from

    -YOU don’t care about the people that’ll lose their sobriety and slip back into addiction

    -YOU don’t care about the people that will starve

    -YOU support the inevitable looting that’ll take place

    -YOU don’t care about anyone that’s murdered the longer this shut down goes on

    -YOU don’t care about people’s mental health

    -YOU don’t care about the children that DO need teachers and educators to guide & educate them

    -YOU don’t care about the economy crashing down around us


    -YOU love your shackles

    -YOU are pathetic, begging your leaders for MORE shut down and MORE regulations

    I will NOT tolerate another person telling me that I don’t care about lives.

    I care about the situation in its entirety.

    But YOU don’t care about any of that so…

    YOU stay home.

    YOU wear a mask.

    YOU live in fear.

    Authored by a group, those of us WHO GENUINELY CARE about HUMANITY.

    Please – Copy & paste if you agree!

    1. You don’t know what a “sovereign right” is let alone what the Constitution says. I used to feel sorry for these covidiots but any more let nature take it’s course-

      1. Yep, someone needs to look up ‘sovereign right.’ Kind of defeats the whole purpose of that long diatribe and makes you look foolish when you can’t use the correct words.

    2. Geez, if every soldier cut and run on the battlefield, what would our “sovereign rights” consist of? In a national crisis, you’re suggesting that it’s every person for themselves, do whatever they want instead of making temporary sacrifices to help our nation cope with something it hasn’t experienced in over a century. You portray yourself as a concerned citizen who holds some moral high ground. You imply that a person wearing a mask is fearful when the mask is to protect YOU? What arrogance with a whopping helping of ignorance and hypocrisy. You “genuinely care about humanity”? Does that include the almost 100K who have already died and the many more who will die for your “sovereign rights”? Why should anyone care about your rights when you can’t be bothered to do a simple thing like wear a mask to protect someone else and ridicule those who do?

    1. I also observed what Greg Farfaglia is reporting in terms of restaurants not abiding by Phase 1 rules. I went to the food truck lot between Colorado and Arizona to pick up a to-go order last night and social distancing was definitely not in force there, but even more egregious was the outside area of the River Pig Saloon across the street. People were elbow to elbow along the outdoor tables and mingling in groups as if there were no rules – it looked like business as usual before Covid-19!

      I also noticed quite a few travelers with travel trailers, cars loaded with suitcases, people ordering at the food trucks who (by their conversations, not to mention vehicles loaded with suitcases) made it clear they weren’t from the area and were on vacation.

      Very disturbed to hear that that Greg Farfaglia was told what he was by state and local authorities – if we are going to have Phase 1 rules, it appears that we need to have enforcement because a enough of the population either doesn’t believe we need to continue social distancing and/or doesn’t care. From all of the neighborhood surveys I have seen, the majority of us want to proceed cautiously. Unfortunately it only takes a vocal minority to undo everything we’ve worked so hard for, and combined with alcohol people only become less cautious.

      Thanks KTVZ for this interview and thanks Greg for being a voice – I will vote with my dollars and make a point of visiting restaurants like Greg’s, while avoiding and reporting restaurants/bars/businesses who are violating our Phase 1 guidelines. Hopefully, enough of us with do the same, and hopefully our state and local officials who Greg spoke to will be “educated” themselves about using tax dollars to do what they are paid to do.

      1. What you say makes complete sense. But our governments don’t have the spine. And really, is it worth jeopardizing the health of ONE of our county workers, police or responders because these idiots are too stupid to come in out of the rain because they don’t like the forecaster that predicted it. My short answer: Let them die.

      2. I would invite you to review the rules of the state’s phase guidelines vs CDC guidelines; they are not the same. Physical distancing requirements only apply to the “group” not each person in the group. What this means is me and my group can sit on each other if we like as long as we do not go over the limit of people & physical distance from the next group.

      3. Great comment!
        If you carefully read the quotes posted in the interview, Mr. Farfaglia was quoting what he was told by the state and/or county officials how they responded to his concerns…..not snitching on other businesses. He is concerned, and rightfully so, that if there is a large increase in cases of COVID, that we will be sent back to lockdown and he as well as all of us other business owners will continue to lose money. Open back up safely and responsibly, and we can make it through this.

  13. Just permanently ban all restaurants, pubs, and bars. If it saves just one life it’s worth it. These people are greedy business owners capitalizing on the hunger of the people. These are not essential businesses. Pot shops and abortion providers are essential businesses. NOT restaurants.

  14. All re-opening means is that they have room for you in the ICU and when the ICU fills up they have tents in the parking lot. I hope these people get a nice tent. Those that survive very likely will have permanent lung damage, heart problems and organ failures. It would be considerate if they would all sign waivers of future public assistance so they won’t burden the rest of us that played by the rules. Of course very few of them could actually pay for the care they will be needing soon enough. I can’t tell but aren’t these owners opening themselves up for some liability? Rather than calling the county maybe it would be a better strategy to send names of the violators to their insurance companies because they may wish to cancel them.

  15. You bring up an important point, more testing equals more cases. Progressing forward into phase 1 and beyond we may find it more valuable to look closer at hospitalizations due to COVID. If those rise, back down a phase. Of course if a person test positive that person and others near him should stay home.

    Ignoring the inane polar opposite options of some, there is a way to safely roll out phases established by Federal and State guidlines. We simply have enough data now to do it!

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