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Empty shelves linger: C.O. grocery stores still dealing with product shortages

'I would say, 'Go with the flow, customer'

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has changed a lot of the sights, sounds and activities of everyday life, and has made one somewhat unnerving sight more common: Empty grocery store shelves.

"We used to have maybe 5% out of stock and be upset about it,” Newport Market COO Joe Anzaldo said Wednesday. “Now we have 30% out of stock, and it's like 'Okay, I guess that's the way that it is.'"

Anzaldo said covid-19 has forced manufacturers to shift resources from certain products into more essential ones.

That's leading to some products to being more difficult to find then others.

"They've definitely been out of strange things, like tortillas,” Bend resident Samantha Osborne said. “Or random things that you wouldn't think they'd be out of."

However, independent stores like Newport Avenue Market believe they are uniquely positioned to get creative to combat the shortages.

"We can get our groceries from anywhere,” Anzaldo said. “So as an example, the Syscos of the world and food service, they weren't delivering to the restaurants for a few months. So we called up Sysco and said bring us the product and we will repack it."

While there will be some empty shelves, at least for now, Anzaldo said you should still be able to find what you need.

"I would say, 'Go with the flow, customer,'” he said. “We have rice -- it might not be the one that you're used to getting. But it's rice, and it's good, and It's healthy.”

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  1. The toilet paper companies have said they are still producing toilet paper and even more now. It’s ridiculous that stuff is still out of stock. Go with the flow whatevs.

  2. I think the increased shortages are due to the population explosion we have had in Central Oregon since February. People are moving here from everywhere. The rich ones shop at Newport.

  3. Out of tortillas and toilet paper- but have plenty of rice ! 7 months in on Kate Brown’s self made pandemic- and that’s the message of the day from Newport Avenue Market ! We have rice !

    Arghh !

          1. The accepted definition for pandemic states either a “whole country” or the world… So it is safe to say there are hundreds of countries right now that are no more infected with the Wuhan China virus- then they are with the common seasonal flu- and that does not meet the standards for a global pandemic.

            And lets be clear- we “blame” China for the release of this virus. We blame China for lying to the world and hindering the initial control of the virus. We blame all things China for their attempts to profit on this miserable attack.

            We blame Demokrat Governors like Brown-Inslee-Newsome for colluding together to initiate the original over the top reaction throughout the west coast- sending media types into a frenzy that they still can’t control.

            We blame Brown for the current economic condition of the state- the violations of our civil liberties and rights- for her incompetent response to the financial woes of Oregonians everywhere.

            I’ll stop there- cause the next paragraph begins with… We blame Z21 for…

  4. As a backup I recommend stashing away lots of cash in case toilet paper runs afoul of the supply chain breaking down. The Dollar is fake money anyway so being used as a toilet paper substitute seems appropriate.

  5. Why would anyone buy toilet paper at Newport Market? That place is a complete and total rip off! Typical KTVZ content, wtf guys? Also, go to Fred Meyer, Target, Walmart, or Costco if you want to do a story on toilet paper. Oh wait, they all have plenty of it. #nonstory

    1. Good point. People do freely spend the money there. Wealthy people hoard assets and that’s what makes them wealthy. It’s not a surprise that that demographic would hoard toilet paper.

  6. We should have local hemp companies make TP. It would help the local issue and provide economic growth by creating jobs and creating revenue by selling out of our local area.

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