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String of striking High Desert sunsets continue; so do your fine photos

Sunset Drake Park Janet Dart 1023
Janet Dart
Striking sunset over Drake Park on Friday, Oct. 23
Sunset Crooked River Ranch Jerrie Matlock 1023
Jerrie Matlock
The colorful designs of a sunset are infinite, as in this view from Crooked River Ranch on Friday, Oct. 23
Bend sunset Todd Graves 1023
Todd Graves
A swath of colorful clouds display a fine sunset in Bend on Friday, Oct. 23
Downtown Bend sunset Kristine Kellogg 1023
Kristine Kellogg
A special sunset displays over downtown Bend on Friday, Oct. 23
Sunset S of Knott Landfill Kevin Bengston 1023
Kevin Bengston
A wide ribbon of color as the sun sets near Knott Landfill on Friday, Oct. 23.
Redmond sunset Tammy Bender 1022
Tammy Bender
A special sunset view of the mountains from Redmond on Thursday, Oct. 22.
South Redmond sunset Tammy Bender 1020
Tammy Bender
A south Redmond sunset shines through the leafless tree branches of autumn
Redmond sunset Gary Linton 1019
Gary Linton
Subtle colors of an attractive Redmond sunset
Redmond sunset Jill Engle 1019
Jill Engle
Clouds and a setting sun bring a special, colorful view in Redmond
Sunset Lyn Jansen 1019
Lyn Jansen
Layers of color bring an inviting view
Willow Crane Prairie Carissa Andersen
Carissa Andersen
Carissa Andersen captures a view of her dog, Willow, watching the sunset at Crane Prairie Reservoir
Sunset Bend Bonnie Nickerson 1023
Bonnie Nickerson
The special sunset from SE Bend on Friday, Oct. 23
Tumalo sunset Colleen O'Connor 1017
Colleen O'Connor
A memorable Tumalo sunset features the Three Sisters.

We've had a wonderful series of stunning, beautiful sunsets in recent weeks, so here's a few of the great views Central Oregonians have shared with us this week. Feel free to submit yours from the Share tab at KTVZ.COM.

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