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Les Schwab Amphitheater changes Covid-19 policy

Live Nation, the company that now brings shows to the Les Schwab Amphitheater in the Old Mill District, soon will require all concert-goers to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccine or a negative Covid test. This change only affects the final four concerts of the season in October, but individual acts can - and have - made that choice sooner.

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      1. And over priced! The price they want for a 45 minute concert is just a bit high. And the sound system along with the so called sound techs leaves a lot to be desired. This venue needs to be shut down.

  1. I’m glad I bought the insurance on my tickets. Now I get my overpriced money back. Don’t want to be there with a bunch of vaxxers anyways. Have fun giving each other the virus.

  2. Does Les Schwab family and business partners have something against babies?

    According to a recent clinical trual done by New England Journal of Medicine, the C19 vaccine they are requiring caused

    84% spontaneous abortion

    in fetuses…babies… under 20 weeks gestation.

    No thanks Les Schwab, I’ll spend my money elsewhere and stand for human decency.

      The 82% miscarriage number, which does not appear in the study, is incorrect because it is based only on people who were vaccinated in their first or second trimesters and reported completing their pregnancies in the follow-up interviews conducted by March 30. The vast majority of women who had received the vaccines that early in pregnancy could not have ended their pregnancies by the time of follow-up unless they miscarried, thereby guaranteeing a very high number from such a calculation.

      “This is pure number manipulation and propaganda,” Eve C. Feinberg, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, told us.

  3. Its 81% not 82%.

    When New England journal of medicine supports your view, I will reconsider my conclusion until that time, I’m sticking with the scientific facts.

  4. I don’t even read the articles anymore. Just scroll right to the bottom to see what all you whackadoos are getting on about. Pure entertainment.

  5. This policy does not make any sense and is discriminatory. The vaccinated are just as likely to be carrying an illness and not show any symptoms and can spread it just the same as the unvaccinated. The people making these required Covid tests and the vaccine are making billions of $. Think about it people. Make it mandatory for everyone, regardless of vaccination status or better yet not at all.

  6. This change only affects the final four concerts of the season in October,

    So that doesn’t make any sense. I guess the Delta is holding off until October at the Amphitheater. What a bunch of BS virtue signaling.

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