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Bend murder suspect Ian Cranston pleads not guilty as community members gather at courthouse

(Updated: fixing suspect residence; adding video, comment from victim's mother, community members)

Dates for trial, motion hearing in shooting of Barry Washington Jr. to be set Friday

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Redmond man facing murder and other charges in the September shooting death of Barry Washington Jr. on the street in downtown Bend pleaded not guilty Tuesday as community members gathered outside the courthouse to call for justice.

Due process continues in the search for justice as those involved prepare for a trial in the shooting of the killing of Barry Washington Jr. It's been almost two months, since an altercation occurred in downtown Bend on September 19th, leaving one dead and one behind bars.

Kevin Sali, the attorney for 27-year-old Ian Cranston, entered the not-guilty pleas on behalf of his client to charges of second-degree murder, first- and second-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon. Cranston took part by video from the Deschutes County Jail, where he's been held without bail since early October.

Circuit Judge Beth Bagley for Tuesday's arraignment scheduled another hearing for 3 p.m. Friday to set dates for Cranston's trial and a motions hearing.

Word of the the not guilty plea spread outside the courthouse to those listening in on the virtual hearing.

Community members, led by the Central Oregon Peacekeepers, gathered in front of the courthouse during the hearing and then walked to Washington's memorial at the shooting scene, known as "Barry's Corner."

While District Attorney John Hummel said he did not have sufficient evidence to seek a bias crime charge against Cranston, some community members who gathered Tuesday feel differently.

Eli Prather, a Bend resident, said he doesn't have faith Cranston will be convicted of murder.

"Because he's pleading not guilty, he might be able to get away with it because again -- white man, white lawyers," Prather told NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday.

Calcifer Boyd, another Bend resident, shares that sentiment.

"This is ridiculous and insane, to me, that someone who literally shot the gun who killed Barry is even trying to plead not guilty at all," Boyd said.

During the hearing, prosecutors asked the judge to schedule an eight-day trial. The dates will be determined on Friday.

"I don't think it's good," Boyd said. "Especially following everything with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, I would not put it past the lawyer and I would not put it past Ian and whatever plan they have to pull some weird self-defense."

Washington's mother, Lawanda Roberson, issued a brief statement Tuesday, through a Portland attorney.

"Our family is devastated by Barry's murder," she said. "As a mother, I can truly say a piece of me was taken.

"We are grateful for the outpouring of support from people in Central Oregon, and appreciate the memorial maintained for Barry Jr. He was truly loved and will not be forgotten.

"We are choosing not to make further public statements about what led to Barry's murder until we are given the opportunity to review all the evidence and until doing so will not affect the criminal process," Roberson said.

Carly Keenan reached out to Kevin Sali, Cranston's attorney, but he declined to comment.

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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



    1. I imagine he’ll claim self-defense. I’ll admit that it sounds like the victim was acting like a jerk; that’s common when there’s alcohol involved. In just about any other country this would have stayed as a shoving match with the worst being a broken nose or two. In years past thats what it would have been here, too. But in the present-day gun-saturated U.S. of A., it needlessly winds up with someone dead and the other one in jail.

          1. Show me a link to your statistical finding of 8 million new gun owners. Then show me the link that states that a majority of those new gun owners are not just coming of age purchasers. I became a new firearm owner at the age 16 when I was legally given my first rifle. I became a legal handgun owner at the age 21 when I purchased my first handgun. Firearms are not new in America, neither are they going away. Firearms are also a large reason America has not been invaded by the militaries of our enemies. They know that that would be a losing situation for them.

            1. I don’t know the exact numbers, but firearm purchases have increased dramatically since the pandemic started. The queues for firearm background checks have been consistently in the thousands, which is unprecedented.

              1. And you think those new purchases pale in comparison to what was already out there?

                This country has been saturated with guns since it’s inception.

            2. NSSF Retail Surveys Show 3.2 Million Estimated First-Time Gun Buyers in First Half of 2021
              September 9, 2021

              NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the firearm industry trade association, surveyed firearm retailers recently and estimates that over 3.2 million people purchased a firearm for the first time during the first half of 2021.

              Survey results showed that in the first six months of 2021:

              Over 90 percent of retailers reported an increase of African American men purchasing firearms.

              Nearly 87 percent of retailers reported an increase of African American women purchasing firearms.

              Nearly 84 percent of retailers reported an increase of Hispanic-American men purchasing firearms.

              Over 87 percent of retailers reported an increase of Hispanic-American women purchasing firearms.

              Over 76.5 percent of retailers reported an increase of Asian-American men purchasing firearms.

              Over 82 percent of retailers reported an increase of Asian-American women purchasing firearms.

              22.1 percent of customers purchased a second firearm since their initial purchase.

              44.5 percent of first-time gun buyers in 2021 were under 40.

              45.7 percent asked for information on safety training.

              23.6 percent signed up for safety training.


          2. Oh for the love of God.

            There has been an ammo shortage for 20+ years now, yet idiots keep saying there is a shortage every year.

            Idiots blowing cash on ammo and the ammo companies are making money hand over fist.

            1. Not my experience. I’ve always been able to buy whatever ammo I wanted whenever I wanted until the pandemic hit. That’s like 40+ years of ammo purchasing.

        1. In urban areas, yes. In the 19th century it was common to prohibit bringing guns into city limits, even though they were commonplace outside them. And the concealed carry law here is only about 30 years old, isn’t it?

          1. Correct. It used to be legal to carry however one felt the need to carry. I prefer concealed carry over open carry. Nimbies don’t get scared when they don’t see my carry. I don’t carry to make myself feel like a big man. I carry to protect myself against people like the shooter in accused in this incident. Oregon is an open carry state but I prefer concealed carry. What you don’t know won’t hurt you but will protect me. And if you ask why I feel the need to protect myself, just go back and read this article, and then do more research on other incidences. There are a lot of bad people in the world. I am the good guy with the gun.

              1. Looks like you need to review the data on concealed carry permit holders and incidents they are involved in and charged with a crime. Pro tip: It’s infinitesimal. If you think people who go through the legal process to conceal carry are the problem then you have no idea what you are talking about.

          1. Only in america..or Germany, or chech Republic, or Slovenia, or austria, or russia or africa, or south America….Humm maybe you need more info about what you speak. Doesn’t Mexico have guns and killings.

      1. Get real! This has nothing to do with the guns killing people. It has to do with the fact that societies here and globally are in moral decay and decline. Hence why a person of color recently took his Suv and ran over a bunch of elderly women in Wisconsin killing 4 of them I believe. We should outlaw cars? England has gun laws and yet the rate of gun deaths is increasing. On top of this in England, there are many kitchen knife deaths. So I believe they should ban the size of the knife blades. with the legalization of recreational drug use more people are being killed in car accidents.. And of course there are many people who are killed by drunk drivers. So let’s bring back prohibition and stop the use of recreational drugs and alcohol. Let’s just ban it all together. Chicago has gun laws and yet countless of it’s of innocent people die each day, including Emma including little children. The guns aren’t getting up off the table and running after people to shoot. It’s the idiots that stand behind the gun and pull the trigger who have no moral compass that are killing.

        1. ” On top of this in England, there are many kitchen knife deaths. ”

          Las Vegas shooting: 60 killed, 411 wounded. Takes a lot of kitchen knives to match the toll of that one incident. Thanks for playing…

        1. Erm John Hunnel said he wanted to prosecute as a bias crime but the evidence doesn’t support that angle and local media all broadcast his smarmy speech just after the incident. Didn’t mention race? yeah right.

      1. – this is America – to deny the behavior of racists (active and passive) is to deny reality – no “prism” necessary unless your intent is to obscure what is – must be wonderful to be on the privileged side of things – just imagine what a tough way to go through life for someone outside of your insular privilege

        1. Hey genius.. are you aware people are shot in Bend multiple times a year. How come one of the few times it involves someone of color it’s got to be a “racist” shooting.

  1. DA Hummel has been having, behind the scenes, to walk back his unprofessional behavior and comments after charging the suspect now two months ago.

    Apparently the security videos collected as evidence by the Bend Police Department investigators, as well as interviews of witnesses, came up with a far different account of the shooting.

    Cranston has a very accomplished defense attorney from Portland who immediately challenged Hummel’s verbose allegations; and just as clearly he is navigating a plea agreement for his his client as the evidence indeed shows what occurred.

    That Cranston has been out on bail illustrates, again, how poorly the DA behaved.

    It will be interesting to see/hear what the plea agreement is.

    As for the Central Oregon “Clownkeepers”…Michael Satcher’s criminal trial in Crook County has been set over given he is facing a civil trial in Bend this month. And head “clownkeeper” Luke Richter needs this opportunity to get back in front of the local media – as opposed to harassing / intimidating them as he did the CODN film crew during the arraignment.

    That little stunt, on the heels of Hummel’s praising the “clownkeepers” in his nighttime outdoor press conference, as likely as not may have contributed to the DA’s plans to become the next US Attorney for Oregon…hitting a brick wall.

    As for an FBI “hate crime” investigation and federal charging it’s hoped someone in the local Media will ask Hummel, or Cranston’s lawyer, where that stands?

        1. “I was wrong but I don’t care and I’m sticking to it.”

          You keep calling them clownkeepers, but you’re the only clown show in town right now.

    1. Oh dude, this was good reading and your comment about Hummel and the clowncreepers were spot on. Satcher is a sad sack and OrangeJello(Lukes nickname) still hasn’t applied to run for Mayor like he boasted he was going to do. This was not a race/hate crime but the COPK,CODSP,Bend4Blm and the rest of them have no meaning unless they play the race/gender cards for everything.

  2. I am positive there will be quite a few facts coming out during the trial liberals will hate. Don’t these “community members” and the pacemakers have actual jobs to show up for and what exactly are they trying to do at the courthouse? Trying to pull another Rittenhouse?
    The trial will most likely be moved out of Bend / Deschutes otherwise it will be a ground for mistrial, rightfully.

    1. I was wondering the same thing – don’t they “have actual jobs to show up for and what exactly are they trying to do” – about The Proud Boys et al…

    1. Sure nuff he darn was. The poor little feller….

      Carrying a loaded gun around a bar area in the late hours….because alcohol consumption and firearms are always a bright idea.

      But hey….gun rubbers are all about common sense, right?

    2. Yeah, right. Defending himself from the scary black man. Ever hear of Greg McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan? They defended themselves from the scary black man, too…

      1. Apples and oranges, as the facts / evidence presented at trial will show.

        That being said –

        The murder trial (George Floyd, victim) saw justice done. Our system of judicial process does work.

        The murder trial (Rittenhouse, defendant) saw justice done. Again, the process does work.

        The murder trial (Ahmaud Arbery, victim) saw justice done. Yet again, the process does work.

        The murder trial (Barry Washington, victim) will take place in Bend per the defendant’s attorney, and the process will again work.

        DA Hummel, hopefully, learned some good lessons from the Rittenhouse trial. Just present the facts, rooted in the evidence, and leave politics out of it.

        And Ms. Washington’s insight as presented in this story is both welcome and wise. “We are choosing not to make further public statements about what led to Barry’s murder until we are given the opportunity to review all the evidence and until doing so will not affect the criminal process,” Roberson said.”

        It is hoped bar and tavern owners in Bend, specifically, have at least put up signs at the entrances of their businesses making it clear firearms are prohibited from being brought in by patrons. Although Oregon, unlike Alaska for example, does not have a law prohibiting firearms in places where alcohol is served (and we should have, quite frankly), business owners can and should be the first line of intervention by simply posting a sign.

        Oregon –

        Responsible firearm ownership means securing / locking up and locking down one’s firearms in one’s home (Oregon law now); responsible ownership also means – as with the privilege of driving – you don’t drink or otherwise become impaired and carry. That’s Firearms Safety 101 and has been for decades. Mr. Cranston lost his CCL as soon as he was arrested and charged with a criminal offense – per DCSO policy and procedure. Even if he were found Not Guilty on all counts the Sheriff could elect not to re-issue a CCL to Mr. Cranston – and do so with justification.

        Oregon Statutes Allow the Sheriff to Deny a Permit

        “If the Sheriff has reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant has been or is reasonably likely to be a danger to self or others, or to the community at large, as a result of the applicant’s mental or psychological state, as demonstrated by past pattern of behavior or participation in incidents involving unlawful violence or threats of unlawful violence (ORS 166.293(2)).”

        1. I’ll open up a can of worms for you. I do not believe justice was done in the George Floyd case. Chauvin had terrible legal representation, and did not tell his version of events. That was a terrible decision, given all the testimony from prosecution witnesses and doomed him. No way did he intend to kill George Floyd. I don’t know what was going on in his mind, but I’m betting he just froze his position, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Manslaughter at the worst.

  3. I’m all for civil protest and marching. However, it’s just redundant at this point and frankly, unwarranted.
    This is not a hate crime. It’s a blatant act of stupidity on both sides that led to a death. Hopefully we can learn some lessons from this. Namely, dont be an idiot and take a gun with you when your going to be boozing as no good comes from it.

            1. I don’t really think people are that much more hostile in the real world. On line… doubt about it. It seems to bring out the worst in people. In the real world…people seem pretty agreeable to me. Of course that doesn’t get too many clicks or likes.

  4. The trial will be interesting; I doubt Cranston will be convicted of murder. Manslaughter is more likely and 50/50 at that. CO Peacekeepers are more akin to a lynch mob.

          1. If it has happened so many times around here, you should have no trouble finding a couple of examples. I’ll wait. Or perhaps you get called out often because you post a lot of rot?

      1. You fixation on “the MAGA crowd” is quite troubling. You might want to make an appointment with someone to see if that might be a serious condition. I’m beginning to get a little concerned for your well being.

  5. Poor kid defending himself? No. Death by bullet based on anger/ jealousy? Carrying while out/ about indulging in alcohol?

    All of the above equal an ugly combo/ outcome. Aside from careless/ irresponsible.

      1. Seriously? Yes I go to downtown Bend after dark a lot, as do many, many others. You must be afraid to venture outside your mom’s basement; sounds like a sad existence.

  6. Why does KTVZ quote these people, who have no clue about how the judicial system works? It is just silly and inflammatory. Every defendant pleads not guilty, and then the drama starts. This case is not cut-and-dry, so he deserves, and is legally entitled to present a defense. Do all those interviewed just want a system where the mob rules? I re-state my original point, why does KTVZ quote people who are uneducated and just embarrass themselves?

      1. I guess that is news? A bunch of passionate uneducated fools made some signs and protested that which they know nothing about. Because people are loud and obnoxious it’s “news”?

        1. MAGA rallies: “I guess that is news? A bunch of passionate uneducated fools made some signs and protested that which they know nothing about. Because people are loud and obnoxious it’s “news”?”

      2. Knowing fully what garbage will come out of their mouths and still printing it to stoke more bs race garbage. It has nothing to do with race. Your agenda is 100 percent clear as usual.

  7. Reading these comments, it’s sad to see the amount of trash people that have moved here and destroyed a once nice place to live. A bunch of leftist, evil trash. Period.

  8. Evidently Boyd and Prather, the two interviewed, failed civics class which explains how the judicial system works. A Not Guilty plea makes perfect legal sense.

  9. The Central Oregon “Peacekeepers” are self-avowed Social Democrats, meaning they are Marxist influenced in their social and political views.

    That being said it is no surprise they have no respect for either First Amendment rights nor a free press, as expressed on their website regarding the harassment and intimidation of the Central Oregon Daily News.

    “Even after everything they have done, and every terrible decision they have made in the last month…Central Oregon Daily News decided that they should send a team of their “journalists” down to cover the rally at the courthouse on October 1st.

    “We don’t know how to make this any more clear to the Central Oregon Daily News. Your access is revoked.”

    With respect to our judicial system and ANY defendant having the right to plead “Not Guilty”, the “Peacekeepers” likewise express their disdain for the process as shown in one of their home videos, posted on their FB page, where the “peacekeeper” giving an update on yesterday’s hearing (near end of video) states, in part, the defendant’s lawyer is “an idiot” for exercising his client’s legal right. Time hack 8:40.

    In short, this is an increasingly marginalized sliver of a donation-hungry “activist” group that practices reverse racism in word and deed (see Ms. Boyd’s statement regarding the skin color of the defendant’s attorney) and employ fascist political and propaganda techniques in a confused mix of Marxism and the Nazi Germany playbook.

    That Hummel “could not find enough evidence for a bias crime” was called out over six weeks ago. Again, the “peacekeepers” are not interested in the criteria for such a charge as stated in this story. Mr. Hummel’s “coming off the blocks” in his initial sidewalk press conference and stating this was a race crime was likewise called out by the defendant’s attorney early on in a press release.

    And the FBI in Portland clearly found no credible evidence to support a federal charge. Their investigators would have viewed all the evidence collected by Bend PD and additional inquiries by the agency itself. Remember that the leadership of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly met with the FBI Special Agent in Charge / Portland Office, now months ago and sustains a working and respectful two-way communications link with that office. The “peacekeepers”? They keep their own counsel on such matters and it shows.

    The facts and the evidence will prevail as it has in the past several nationwide murder cases involving social justice issues.

    As for the “peacekeepers”…their 15 minutes of fame in Central Oregon are over.

    1. Seems like the Peacekeepers 15 minutes will never be over because they’re living rent free in your head.

      You’ve taken 30+ minutes to write 4 different replies that all mention the Peacekeepers.

      I’m sure they’re thankful for the free advertisement you keep giving them, since when coupled with your delusional factless rants it convinces most rational people the opposite of what you’re saying must be true.

      Keep up the good work, delusional clown!

      1. Apparently you read them all –

        And that is my Intent.

        To include educating those in the public / private sectors regarding the “peacekeeper” and “diversity” leaders with domestic violence convictions…Marxist political leanings and beliefs…fascist “doxxing” practices like your comment…etc.

        BTW – The “living in your head rent free” jingle is, according to a behavioral health literature, often rooted in childhood needs not fulfilled in terms of positive attention and encouragement.

        And it is an indicator of a person or persons who have few or no boundries when it comes to social interactions.

        Such folks are often, although not alway, sociopathic.

        Just say’in, friend.

  10. I was among the 50 or so people who showed up at the courthouse. It was a mostly younger group who were able to take a few minutes from their day to show support for justice being done, as well as expressing concern about the proliferation of guns in the hands of the immature and impaired, and the centuries-old American tradition targeting people of color with violence.

    There is more to this tragic killing than just the legal aspects, and it is up to the community to act on the issues that are never addressed by a court proceeding.

    Barney Lerten, be well.

    1. And what is the definition of “justice”? If the defendant is found not guilty by the jury of his peers, will it be “justice”? What exactly all of you trying to accomplish by showing up like a mob at a courthouse and trying to intimidate others?
      BTW, the vast majority of both violent and violent interracial crime is actually committed by people of color in this country (per the FBI statistics, link can be provided upon request).

  11. The 2 children you interviewed have no clue what they are talking about. Defendants are basically forced to plead not guilty. I swear I get dumber every single time I watch this news station. Those 2 girls are uneducated, naive, delusional, and have no idea what they are saying.

  12. There is more to this in your head. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Has it crossed your mind that maybe this was an alcohol fueled fight that escalated? Maybe it had nothing to do with race? Why are you so certain it was targeted? What information do you have that we are not privvy to?

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