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Website created to assist new Bend residents launched 2 weeks ago

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The number of families moving to Bend continues to grow each year. If you're one of those families, there's a new website that was created to help you learn more about the area and what it offers.

The website is fittingly called Bend Relocation Services and the Bend Chamber of Commerce partnered to create the website, which launched two weeks ago.

On the home page, you can find drop-down menus that share more about the area. For example, if you want to find out about different parks you can take your dog to, just hover over the ‘Play’ tab and click on ‘Parks and Dog Parks.’ The same applies if you're looking for schools for your children to attend, or different breweries to visit.

Melissa Gottlieb, the owner of Bend Relocation Services, moved to Bend six years ago from the East Coast. She knows first-hand it can be a difficult process.

"There are a lot of options in Bend, which is wonderful for people that are living here," Gottlieb said Wednesday. "But it can be really overwhelming for people that are coming here and don't know where to go to school, and what neighborhoods to live in, and how to access local business and resources."

“I felt like it was really important to have a centralized place for people to be able to find all of that information in one website," she said.

Gottlieb said her business has helped 176 families moving to Bend so far this year.  That's about a 56% increase from last year.

NewsChannel 21 asked a moving company in town how that's affected business.

"It's very difficult to hire drivers for household goods,” said Denise Clancy, Bend Storage and Transfer’s office manager. “You have to have a commercial driver's license, but then you actually have to be willing to get out of the truck and move furniture. Hiring those people has been very challenging. We only can book as many moves as I have staff to do it well. So I have to turn work away."

Gottlieb said there have already been more than 4,000 visitors on the site since it launched 13 days ago. That's an average of more than 300 visitors a day.

One of those visitors is Jenn Cieslar. At the end of July, Cieslar and her husband recently moved to Bend from a suburb outside of Austin, Texas with their four children, two dogs and three cats. So she certainly has her hands full. However, Cieslar said this tool has helped ease the process.

"It's like a one-stop-shop,” Cieslar said. “You can just go there -- it's almost kind of like the Amazon of moving. Everything, every question, everything that you think of, it's like a quick -- 'let's go enter a search, figure out what there is,' and it just gives you the answers and the things that you're looking for."

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



        1. Damn straight. I can’t stand that holier than thou attitude in regards to “Californians, liberals, people from Portland, Eugene, etc). And my family has been in Bend since the 1930s!

          1. I’ve been many places in my life and dealt with many different kinds of people.
            I could care less where people are from, but what I don’t like is the attitudes of those who move to a place and try to change it to their liking, which inevitably ends up being a smaller version of the overgrown cesspool they just left. I wouldn’t move to another town and try to change they way things are there.

            I have a couple good friends who were born and grew up in California. One was in the worst area possible, right between east and west L.A, and the other from the Hollywood area. They are both good guys who moved to get away from the crime, gangs, drugs, traffic and people in general. Both of them moved here and didn’t want the changes that many of them do,that’s why they moved here, and THEY complain just as loudly about the stereotypical Californians moving here…

            Californians are the biggest complaint because they were really the first people that started moving here in huge numbers after they sold their small tract houses for a ridiculous price. They basically artificially inflated the real estate prices because they had money and didn’t care. All that accomplished was pushing out people that were born and raised here because they couldn’t afford to compete for houses, and it got even worse once the politicians caved into the scumbag environmentalist and destroyed the timber industry that once supported a lot of our state. So yeah, there is a lot of animosity towards them, and most of them drive like they still live in L.A. Although in all fairness, I saw several different cars yesterday that had California plates, and they were actually driving civilized.
            Oh, and my family has been here since the late 1890’s…

            1. Hmm, As a “scumbag” environmentalist I’ve worked with people who are much more conservative and want Oregon to be more like Idaho (or something). So it cuts both ways.

              1. I don’t have a problem with people wanting to do good things, but the problem is that a very large percentage of the so called environmentalists are clueless, unemployed hypocrites. I got to deal with them back in the 80’s when they started the big spotted owl scam. Those are the people I classify as scumbags.
                Filthy, perpetually unemployed people that use any excuse they can find to avoid actually contributing to society…
                These are the hypocrites that cry about logging and how the earth is damaged,
                all the while making protest signs out of wood, building platforms made out of wood in the trees, digging up logging roads and vandalizing logging equipment.
                The true tipping point was when they started jamming electronics on the logging equipment that could have easily killed or seriously injured loggers.
                I know some of these idiots got caught trying to run away from logging sites after doing this, and got exactly what they had coming to them for their efforts.
                Lets not forget spiking trees which is very ironic because they claim to be so concerned about them, yet they willingly damage them and put peoples lives in danger because of their stupidity. So yeah, I have a very strong opinion about them and as far as I’m concerned, everyone of the dirtbags that was active in this should have had to spend the rest of their lives digging ditches on a chain gang 24/7. I actually have a much preferred punishment.
                You can use your imagination to figure out what it might be….

                1. I find scientific timber management an interesting topic, but I stop listening when I hear “scumbag, filthy….”

              1. You might have a somewhat different perspective on these people if you were actually working in the woods when all of this took place, and you witnessed
                and were targeted for the sabatoge, destruction, and total disregard for human life.
                My comment about them being filthy is dead on. Granted there are always exceptions but I don’t think most of them that I have been around have showered or washed their hair or clothes anytime in recent history, and these same people who claim to love the land and hate pollution, leave incredible amounts of garbage scattered everywhere, not to mention the human waste that they leave where ever they feel like it.
                I agree scientific timber management is interesting, but when the protests are based solely on feelings, and are being backed by large corporations in their self interest, there is no science involved, just an agenda. The funny thing is, most of these protestors don’t know the first thing about forest management and planning, but the companies they target are very concerned about these issues because without these practices, they would no longer have a business. Obviously things were a lot different 70-80 years ago but it wasn’t because they didn’t care, it was because they didn’t know the repercussions and long term affects of not having good management and reforestation practices.
                A lot of things have changed and they changed right along with them…

                1. You still haven’t provided any real numbers. You also have no proof of environmentalists that “leave incredible amounts of garbage scattered everywhere, not to mention the human waste that they leave where ever they feel like it.”

                2. “Granted there are always exceptions but I don’t think most of them that I have been around have showered or washed their hair or clothes anytime in recent history”

                  Oh I see here is some real hard facts!

      1. Oregon’s state motto shpuld be “*!$% It.” They have pinned down their scapegoat to Californians, but really they are sad the expectations of a modern and evolving culture are higher than what they have been exposed to. The days of, “as long as just show up to a job I should be thanked and rewarded,” are dying in Bend. Folks who actually work hard and don’t trash their own yards have moved here and they are sad they have to put down the booze and own up to responsibilities.

        1. Yeah, you see that attitude in dying places like Klamath Falls. It’s really offputting to anyone who would want to locate a business that requires educated people.

      1. And here is a down vote. My family has been in Bend since the 1930s. What makes you people so special that you are “better” than people from different areas or that have different beliefs?

  1. Melissa Gottlieb, If you really want to help new people assimilate in Bend, please make sure they know the unique laws here. Cell phone use is illegal while driving (unless calls are hands free. Texting is never legal while driving nor is using your phone for directions while holding it). This includes when you are stopped at a light or in line for a round about. What ever it is can wait or you need to pull over. Round a bouts are 15MPH and you must signal when exiting. If you are stopped at one and are taking the next exit, turn on your signal then so the people trying to pull in at your exit know what you are doing. (By the way, even though required in all states that I am aware of, signaling is required when changing lanes or turning PRIOR TO THE CHANGE OF LANES, so please use them. I have never seen such an increase of people who do not signal.) If a pedestrian is trying to cross the street, you must stop for them, regardless of whether there is a crosswalk or not. Left hand turns can be made on a red light from a 2 way street if you are turning onto a one way street unless you have a red protected arrow. Most school zones require you to go 20mph M-F from 7-5 whether children are present or not. There are some exceptions, but please proceed as if they are in effect unless you know the particular one you are about to enter. Lastly, SHARE THE ROAD. Bikes have the same rights as cars, so respect them. These are all OREGON LAWS. not only that, you will make a lot of people really mad if you don’t follow these laws, and someone may get hurt as they expect you to know them and you will be at fault. I am really tired of all the hate. People suck from Oregon too and many like to write on this forum. I am a native of the state and some kid with a Jackson Hole sticker on his car told me to move back to Aspen because I drive a nice car. This was after he almost ran into me because he was driving too fast. Ironic. People are cool from everywhere, but if you are moving here, learn the laws, please. When in Rome… Thank you.

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