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Welcoming Week in Bend expands to all minorities and communities

(Update: Adding video)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ)-- The city of Bend has made some changes to its annual Welcoming Week, coming up this fall, amid renewed focus nationwide on the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Since 2017, Bend has been recognized as a Welcoming City, to support and celebrate its immigrant and refugee members of the community.

This year, Bend has enhanced this week of unity to include minorities and people of color in the community as well. Welcoming Week will take place from Sept. 11-20, with events throughout to celebrate a “spirit of unity.”

There are many ways to get involved in these events and for all community members to be involved, including the hashtag #IWelcome and #WelcomingWeek on social media outlets.

Makayla Oliver, the city's community relations manager, talked with NewsChannel 21 on Friday about how important it is to make all residents of Bend feel like an important part of the community.

“The city of Bend has goals this year for diversity, equity and inclusion," Oliver said. "We are really trying to ingrain that in everything we do and all of our departments. "

"Welcoming Week is just a very small piece of the puzzle. Being a Welcoming City, we see as being a constant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job. We want to make sure all of our community members are welcomed in Bend.”

Oliver said due to COVID-19, there will be new regulations for organizations who want to host events in person. Organizations will have to adhere to state guidelines and ensure social distancing is maintained.

Applications to host an event are open until July 17, and a scheduled list of the events should be available in mid-August on the city's website, at

Organizations also will be able to apply for a grant up to $500 for their event.

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  1. “””This year, Bend has enhanced this week of unity to include minorities and people of color in the community as well. Welcoming Week will take place from Sept. 11-20, with events throughout to celebrate a “spirit of unity.” “””

    So does this mean that in previous years minorities and people of color weren’t welcomed ?

  2. I have been in Bend 27 years.. I never seen anything but kindness and acceptance for all. This BS makes it sound like after today we need to be better. Total virtue signaling and playing into the leftist narratives that we have a problem that needs solving. We dont have a problem. Go away. The left destroys everything they touch and uses race baiting as a recruiting tool to cause actual racism and divisive actions.

    1. bet you are white – try being something else for a minute and see what happens – it may be a shock to someone as insulated as you, but your pale experience is not universal – so, exactly where did your family come to in 1862 if you have only been in Bend for 27 years?

  3. “We don’t have a problem.” Spoken like a someone who has either never been exposed to racial tensions that are rampant in our urban centers or buries his/her head in the sand, happy in the ignorance it affords. Bend may not have a racial problem, this group is trying to keep it that way, a noble effort, and you find fault. Welcoming one another is neither a right or left issue, but can you remember when welcoming used to be the American way? But since you elected a reality TV clown who would rather protect statues depicting the false glory of the South than American lives, whether black, white, senior or child, you, like Trump, prefer to pretend the coronavirus and systemic racism will “go away” if you deny its existence. Kind of like saying it’s just coincidence that, out of over 1600 garages, a perfectly tied noose was found hanging in the garage of the only black NASCAR driver who just happened to be part of the catalyst to have the Confederate symbol of slavery banned. But you stick with your idea that there’s no problem. I’m sure when solutions are found, you’ll deny they are necessary.

    1. Oh, yeah. Never mind the FACT that 15 FBI agents investigated the allegations and found NOTHING. The rope was in the garage long before the dude joined NASCAR and whether it was a noose or not is debatable as no picture was ever published.
      So go ahead and scream, I only label it as fake news!

  4. I am so sick of everyone calling us racist when we are not! I has been a non issue in the past decades but now all of the sudden everybody and everything on Earth is somehow racist.

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