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C. Oregon school districts make the call: Online or in class?

With tough state metrics to meet, only Crook County appears ready to bring youngest students back in September

(Update: Adding video, Bend-La Pine decision)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Bend-La Pine School Board voted unanimously on Friday to have a delayed, online start to the school year. Classes will resume on Sept. 14, consistent with many other Oregon schools faced with Gov. Kate Brown's COVID-19 requirements.

During their online meeting, board members were briefed on Deschutes County's latest COVID-19 numbers before voting on how to proceed.

Interim Superintendent Lora Nordquist also confirmed that middle and high school students will receive letter grades this year, after moving to a pass-fail system in the spring.

The district said it will evaluate the situation, based on county COVID-19 numbers, every six weeks, to see if it can resume in-person instruction.

Earlier Friday, Crook County Schools announced much the same call -- though under the state metrics and their exceptions, it appears their kindergarten through third-graders may be able to return to class in September.

On Thursday, Redmond schools announced they will offer only online classes when school starts on Sept. 10 and will announce in mid-October whether on-site learning can resume in early November. Sisters made a similar announcement.

Here's the full statement from Redmond Superintendent Charan Cline, relesed in the wake of Gov. Kate Brown's announcement this week of strict school reopening public health metrics:

Good morning Redmond School District Community,

Earlier this week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced new metrics that determine how and when school districts in Oregon will reopen. These metrics are based on the number of COVID-19 cases and the COVID-19 positivity rate per capita––both on a county and statewide level. 

In order for Redmond School District to be able to open for in-person instruction for all grades, the following standards must be met in Deschutes County for three weeks in a row: 

  • 10 or fewer COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents and 5% or less positive tests per week
  • In addition, the state must also have a 5% or less positive test rate

For kindergarten through third grade students, the rules are slightly less restrictive. In order for these students to attend, Deschutes County will have to meet the following standards for three weeks in a row:

  • 30 or fewer COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents per week
  • In addition, the county must also have a 5% or less positive test rate

To help you understand our current metrics, Deschutes County’s weekly case count for the past 3 weeks has been 54.6, 43, and 24.3 per 100,000 residents. And Oregon’s test positivity rate for the past 7 days has been 5.1%. Overall, there has been a 77% increase in new cases over the last seven days in Deschutes County. 

With these new requirements from the Governor, it is evident that the Redmond School District will not be allowed to open with students on-site. This is not the news we had hoped to hear. We understand that the unpredictable nature of this pandemic has caused frustration and uncertainty for families, students, educators and our entire community.

Based on these factors all Redmond School District students will begin the 2020-2021 school year online in Comprehensive Distance Learning. We will delay the start of school by two days and will begin the school year on Thursday, September 10th.

We will continue to monitor Deschutes County’s metrics and will announce on October 16th whether or not we can return to on-site learning. If we can return, students could return to in-person or hybrid learning on Monday, November 2nd. We will continually re-evaluate metrics and will communicate our status for reopening every six weeks. We are prioritizing the return for our K-3 students as soon as metrics allow to ensure that our youngest learners receive face-to-face instruction.

Our students’ return to the classroom will depend on our community’s ability to reduce the spread of coronavirus by following recommended health and safety practices. We must all be in this, together.

Our new Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model will be distinctively different than what was offered in the Spring. Here’s what you can expect in the Comprehensive Distance Learning model:

  • Using Canvas Learning Management System, students will log into one single portal for their daily coursework and communication with teachers, providing predictable schedules and routines.
  • Redmond School District teachers will teach courses with graded assignments and course grades.  Progress will be monitored and feedback provided.
  • Redmond School District teachers will use a standards-based comprehensive curriculum by Florida Virtual School, which is specifically designed for online learning. RSD teachers will use this curriculum for both on-site and online learning to ensure consistency when students transition back to the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to customize the curriculum based on their students’ needs. 
  • Daily instruction from the teacher (live or recorded) will keep students strongly connected to teachers and classmates.
  • Students will also have opportunities to get individual support from their teachers as needed.
  • Clarity will be provided around attendance and participation.
  • Greater family engagement and partnership.

If you are interested in learning more about Canvas, you can watch these helpful videos:

The district will also provide services for students on IEPs and those with 504 plans. These individualized supports will be integrated into the Comprehensive Distance Learning model. The Oregon Department of Education will release guidance for Special Education on August 11th, with specific information regarding students on IEPs. Special Education teachers and staff members will reach out to families as we get closer to the beginning of school to provide individualized support. 

Families and students who choose to participate in our Full-Time Online as a more permanent or long-term option will use the same Canvas platform and Florida Virtual School curriculum as well. These students will continue learning online regardless of state metrics and the status of in-person instruction. This program is also taught by Redmond School District teachers and uses the same resources, but will be online for the entire school year. 

In the weeks ahead you can expect regular updates from the Redmond School District regarding technology and distribution of student devices, class schedules, teacher assignments, student meal distribution and other important information. Please regularly check your email and the district’s website for the most relevant information. 

Although this announcement is not what any of us wanted to hear, I hope that it can provide clarity and a plan for students, parents and staff moving forward. This year will be unlike any other school year in history. We know that our students and families will have challenges but we are here to walk this path with you. Your partnership, communication and support are now more than ever, vital to our students’ success.

Thank you,

Charan Cline Ed.D


Dear Sisters Schools Community, 

Thank you for your engagement as we build our plan for the coming school year.  In the last several weeks, we have had almost 700 parents or guardians respond to our survey.  I am also grateful to the teaching staff, as 62 teachers have shared their input via survey.  This feedback, in addition to the dialogue and emails with me and our building principals has been incredibly valuable.  We want to be deliberate and hear from all stakeholders as we develop our plan for the fall.

 Two significant announcements that have come from the state in the last week:

-On July 22nd, the Oregon Department of Education released another revision of Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance.  These changes included mask wearing for all students k-12, no cohorts bigger than 100, and more rigorous guidance for Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

-On July 28th, Governor Brown announced new state and county health metrics that would have to be met for any on-site or hybrid instruction models to be implemented in K-12 public schools.  Upon an initial review of those data, it looks likely that most, if not all schools will reopen under the CDL model.

Given these new metrics, continued discussions with other Superintendents, the Sisters School District will begin planning for a return to school in the CDL model for at least the first 6 weeks of school.  CDL will be teacher-planned and led, connected to Sisters School District curriculum scope and sequences and has weekly hourly requirements for student contact.

With what we learned in the spring, the strength of our teaching staff and the new guidelines from ODE, we know that we will be able to deliver an improved version of CDL compared to last spring.  We are confident that whatever model of instruction we start the year with, the tradition of a strong school system in partnership with the Sisters community will continue.  

We have also identified the need for new ways to connect to our community, especially to welcome the many new families and students to the district and help all students get ready for the new school year.

Keep wearing your masks, washing your hands and physical distancing, so we can continue to mitigate the spread.  I will continue to communicate any changes as we plan for school in the fall.

Stay Safe,

Curt Scholl


Sisters School District

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        1. bestsy de vos recently indicated that her government would accept over fifty thousand student deaths as collateral damage in re open ing the schools
          i say screw you de voss

        2. 200 kids rest positive in Georgia after attending a summer camp : 51% of attendees in some age groups. Same scenario as a classroom. Kate Brown is keeping us safe, even the hillbillies.

          “Children between the ages of 6 and 10 had the highest attack rate — the number of positive cases divided by the total number of attendees — at 51%, followed by teens between the ages of 11 and 17 at 44%. But these rates, the CDC said, “are likely an underestimate.”

          The CDC said that what happened at the camp indicates that “children of all ages are susceptible” to the coronavirus, especially when placed in large group settings, and “might play an important role in transmission.”

          1. I’m glad you mentioned the CDC (not that they have a very good track record), because they disagree with your assessment with regards to schools opening.
            Just a quick quote from the CDC site:
            “Extended school closures deprive children who live in unsafe homes and neighborhoods of an important layer of protection from neglect as well as physical, sexual, and emotional maltreatment and abuse.”
            Not only does the CDC think that the educational and emotional benefits outweigh the risks, but there is also an important physical safety concern that is far greater than covid when it comes to young children.

            1. I’m not saying this applies to you, but it’s pretty obvious that there are lots of “compassionate conservatives” who couldn’t be bothered about any of those pre-existing issues with many kids’ home lives (or lack of home lives), but are now keen to point to those problems as a reason to open the schools (so they can unload their kids, or for whatever real reason). It’s shameful.

              Also, it’s not like the CDC has just said “open the schools.” The very first item on its checklist is “check state and local regulations.” They cleverly punted a big part of the issue after Trump responded so negatively to their initial guidance.

              1. I agree that it’s an issue that shouldn’t be politicized.
                As for the CDC, like the WHO and others they have been all over the board addressing correct responses to covid. Roberts said he revised nothing regarding guidelines for opening schools, but if he’s so weak a trump tweet skewed his beliefs and recommendations maybe it’s time for a new director?
                This is a learning process. The CDC has tripped up more than once, and I don’t beat them up for it.
                As for the kids, we should weigh all the risks. And should with adults too (screenings, “elective procedures, etc).

  1. A decision that flys in the face of all the current data. There is currently not a single case of student to staff transmission confirmed in the entire world. Student aged children (especially middle school and elementary) have a much higher risk of serious illness from the seasonal flu than COVID. The same teachers that say it is unsafe to be in a classroom with students and safety measures In place are seen in restaurants and bars around town with the same measures in place. So classrooms are unsafe, yet restaurants are not? I am a teacher in Central Oregon and these decisions are shocking. The collateral damage from keeping the schools closed on student’s education and overall health far outweighs any risk associated with COVID. When decisions are made that completely go against the data it smells of political motivation.
    People need to educate themselves and not base decisions on fear driven by the media. Time for parents to stand up and demand we make decisions based on data.

    1. You have repeated many of the talking points I have been trying to hammer home here at Z21- that children are low risk- that the seasonal flu is much more prevalent (has been for decades) but that has never stopped an Oregon Governor from closing down the whole school system- that the long term negative impact on this generation of kids will clearly handicap them for life (other countries are back to school)- and the psychological impact is yet to be known- there is nothing positive about banning children from a certified educator !

      This is a completely irrational decision being mandated by a single individual- a complete and absolute loon named Governor Kate Brown. Sign the recall petition today !

    2. “I am a teacher in Central Oregon”
      What do you teach? Science? Biology? Statistics? As a member of acedemia, why are you linking Fox “news” propaganda?
      POTUS says it’s not safe enough to have an election in NOVEMBER, so why is it safe to resume school NOW?

        1. Everyone can agree that in-person learning is crucial to education. The issue here is that the requirements are unlikely to be met (cleaning, disinfecting, lowering class size, etc) to rationally bring kids back to school. We, as a community, MUST get this virus under control, instead of dancing in and out of restrictions as case numbers rise and fall.
          Yes, it is hard to decide, and I’m glad I don’t bear the responsibility, but I respect those that do. The sooner we can mitigate this outbreak, lower case counts, and effectively contact trace, the sooner we can get in-person learning back without fear of more spread.
          Thank you for the link.

          1. Fair enough. I love a good discussion. I also feel that the ramifications for years for this group will be huge. The risk is minimal based on the current stats, but the educational and social downside is enormous in my opinion.

            1. We have no idea what the risks are. That’s the reason to be conservative. Nobody knows anything about the long term effects of the virus. Early beliefs are being shown to be wrong or incomplete. I agree that the disruption to education is a significant harm, but I can’t fault parents or leaders who want to treat a disease about which we know so little with more than a bit of trepidation.
              E.g., from today: “Researchers find COVID-infected children are major carriers, further complicating the school-reopening debate“

              1. Not calling to treat it with trepidation. Open the schools with the same safety measures and guidelines all other essential places of business have in place. Add some extras if that would make you more comfortable. How is education not an essential business blows my mind. Are you really just hiding in your basement? If not then with safety measures in place it is the same as any other indoor place. In fact it would be safer then the grocery store as the students would be with the same group every day versus different individuals every day you go in.

                1. Again, we have no idea what the risks are, because we have zero insight into the long-term effects of the disease.
                  There’s a huge span between hiding in the basement and sending kids to school with others who may live in situations in which no precautions are being taken. I don’t know what grade you teach, but I’m having a hard time counting on a bunch of second graders to really observe a robust litany of safety protocols. My observation is that many adults aren’t.

              2. The study you referenced looked at the amount of virus in a child not transmission rate which they clearly state. Those are two completely different items that do not always go hand in hand. As of now there is not a single case in the entire world of student to staff transmission. If this was a risk factor that had a probability worth worrying about it would have at least a few confirmed cases, yet it does not.

                1. Family..,You do realize that day care providers are open correct? How is that different than schools? All I am saying is protect the vulnerable and take the correct precautions. In the very least give families a choice. If the family has to send their child to daycare because they work they should have the option to send the same child to school to obviously get much more benefit. Include a online component for those who are at risk or live in a multigenerational household. It’s not complicated.

              3. “We have no idea what the risks are”

                You could apply that to every day yu get out of bed ! So stop living in fear- and let’s stop our Government from forcing their fear upon us all !

                Dr. Fauci said it again today- children are resilient and fight off diseases the best of any age group. Schools should be opened and parents need to go back to work- enough of the shut-down- it’s a proven disaster with the cure being worse than the virus… Again… even with all the fake death certs out there now- CO has had just a handful of deaths since January- where’s the pandemic yer all running from- it sure as hell aint here !

                1. No, I have a pretty idea of the risks of my day-to-day life. That’s not the same thing as knowing with certainty what’s going to happen, yes. But when a big change comes along, I’d like some longer-term info. It’s not about living in fear. When the aliens land, I’m not going to volunteer to be the first guy to let them insert their tentacles into my ear, either.

      1. That’s hilarious!!! So if one is a member of academia, they can’t cite fox? Teachers are only supposed to suck on the cnn spigot? Did you just side with trump?

        1. Fox “news” consistently skews to the extreme right, with their host’s opinions seeming to dominate over any real, factual reporting. This leads to the misconception that any other news source is “liberal”, but only by comparison.
          My point is that anyone who is a learned individual should remain objective, rather than subjective. That doesn’t seem to be the case when consuming Fox “new” propaganda.

          1. You seem to spend a lot of time “analyzing” FOX news coverage- Yeh right !

            Your idea of remaining objective is to hang out here with the CNN crowd- the liberals on your far left.

            One thing I have garnished from your post is the same play on words of “new and news” provided by Mr. Lerten… one and the same perhaps ?

          2. Careful how you assume where people get their news from based on one article cited. I actually watch multiple news outlets and read multiple online sites. Everyone should do the same. If you label Fox (which has the largest audience by the way) as propaganda, you are drastically limiting your openness to differing options and that is when things get bias and skewed.

    3. Well, as a teacher, I’m sure you are aware that those “leading” are the product of the Public School Indoctrination Program. While you are correct in your reasoning, that doesn’t matter one iota, as you don’t have a say. Also remember, the different teachers unions have always financed and supported the party that is in power in Oregon . . . So why you’re crying, your own comrades are part of the force that put them in power. Never mind the Anarchist and Marxist sympathizers here telling you you don’t know better, because what they won’t tell you is that if they get in power, the teachers are the first to go. Unless of course, you chose to continue to teach revisionist history and only what they are willing to let the children learn.

      I was lucky when I was teaching, as the Army was my boss and it would have been illegal for me to join the teachers union, as military instructors are part of the military “union”. Oh yeah, they tried, but I was aware back then what was going on. After that, I destroyed my body serving and when I got out, I had no desire to go back to teaching. To be honest, you can’t really teach Physical Education when your body is broken up.

      By the way, thanks to the Teachers Union, even private schools can’t open or provide classes, as the Governor and Liberals say that would be unfair to the public school kids. While I agree and sympathize with you, realize the agenda that allowed this to happen is supported by the teachers unions and the products of the public education system.

    4. It’s great to hear from a teacher, especially one willing to look actual data vs hype.
      A bit off-topic, but what do you think about the L.A. teachers union’s list of demands to re-open?
      I worked for the LA Unified School District back in the 80’s, and even then it was a liberal hotbed where politics and paychecks came before children and curriculum.

  2. Gee, a global pandemic that will last just until a Presidential election.
    Next day, all will be fine, huh?
    When an impeachment wont work, try a pandemic.
    What a Farce!!!

  3. Please explain the science around the date of November 2? Is Corona virus going to be gone then? Just like the virus can start showing up after 10:00 p.m. and that is why bars must close.

    These people are idiots!

    What’s next – face shield and hazmat suits?

      1. Barney we smart people know this is about the election and nothing else. 99.99% of people will not die from this virus and somehow we are shutting everything down. We have entered the twilight zone along with the CDC who has yet to predict anything accurately. They and the governors are making it up as they go along!

        1. “we smart people”

          Tentative dates are to be expected when a governing body has all but given up on ANY sort of consistent message or action. You “smart” people don’t grasp the most basic of logic.

        2. As I’ve mentioned before- the CDC seems to have come around since the President rattled their financial cage ! Our problem here in Oregon is the “one person-one rule” of law being forced on Oregonians from the Governor’s office- which also has control over the OHA- who is trying to stay neutral- but has clearly been brow beat into making some very suspicious decisions- the biggest was changing the standard ILI to CLI that completely skews the Corona numbers.

          The rest of your post is spot on- this is not “leadership”- this is a “Lost on Patrol” dictatorship ! And it appears many here are content with living under the heavy boot heel of the Governor.

        3. In this episode of the twilight zone we look at peer reviewed journal articles to recognize the effects of covid-19 disease on the human body.

          • Brain Damage:

          A study by researchers at University College London (UCL)described 43 cases of patients with COVID-19 who suffered either temporary brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage or other serious brain effects.

          • Lung damage in asymptomatic individuals:

          The authors also conclude that the absence of symptoms may not imply an absence of harm. CT scans conducted on 54 percent of 76 asymptomatic individuals on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, appear to show significant subclinical lung abnormalities raising the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 infection impacting lung function that might not be immediately apparent.

          • Covid may cause diabetes due to damage to pancreas:

          There is a bidirectional relationship between Covid-19 and diabetes. On the one hand, diabetes is associated with an increased risk of severe Covid-19. On the other hand, new-onset diabetes and severe metabolic complications of preexisting diabetes, including diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolarity for which exceptionally high doses of insulin are warranted, have been observed in patients with Covid-19.

          • Covid causing inflammatory syndrome in children:

          Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a serious condition in which some parts of the body — such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes — become inflamed. Inflammation typically includes swelling, often with redness and pain. Many, but not all, children with MIS-C test negative for a current infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. Yet evidence indicates that many of these children were infected with the COVID-19 virus in the past, as shown by positive antibody test results.

          • Kidney and heart damage:

          Doctors and researchers are finding that this coronavirus — officially called SARS-CoV-2—can also cause severe and lasting harm in other organs, including the heart and kidneys. C. John Sperati, M.D., M.H.S., an expert in kidney health, discusses how the new coronavirus might affect kidney function as the illness develops and afterward as a person recovers.

          • Strokes in young people –

          We report five cases of large-vessel stroke in patients younger than 50 years of age who presented to our health system in New York City. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection was diagnosed in all five patients.
          • Pulmonary embolism and Covid – Thirty-two of 106 (30%, [95%CI 22-40%]) patients with COVID-19 infection were positive for acute pulmonary embolus on pulmonary CT angiograms.

          • Heart problems –

          Coronavirus disease 2019 is associated with a high inflammatory burden that can induce vascular inflammation, myocarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias.

          • Heart damage

          In this cohort study of 416 consecutive patients with confirmed COVID-19, cardiac injury occurred in 19.7% of patients during hospitalization, and it was one independent risk factor for in-hospital mortality.

          • Neurologic manifestations –

          In a case series of 214 patients with coronavirus disease 2019, neurologic symptoms were seen in 36.4% of patients and were more common in patients with severe infection (45.5%) according to their respiratory status, which included acute cerebrovascular events, impaired consciousness, and muscle injury.

          • Male fertility and hormones –

          In this study, we compared the sex-related hormones between 81 reproductive-aged men with SARS-CoV-2 infection and 100 age-matched healthy men, and found that serum luteinizing hormone (LH) was significantly increased, but the ratio of testosterone (T) to LH and the ratio of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to LH were dramatically decreased in males with COVID-19.

          • Lung issues in children –

          In the five to 14-year-olds, when those children are examined, there are changes in the lungs that have occurred, she said. “We have no idea what the long-term effect of this will be. COVID-19 may also affect the lungs of toddlers, according to Alonso. She says doctors are seeing changes in the lungs in chest X-rays, specifically in children ages zero to four.

          • Covid affects the respiratory system, blood, heart, kidneys, digestive system, liver, endocrine system, nervous system, eyes, and skin –

          Our clinical experience and the emerging literature suggest that the hematologic, cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary, endocrinologic, neurologic, ophthalmologic, and dermatologic systems can all be affected

          • Covid is neuroinvasive –

          Reports indicate that 30-60% of patients with COVID-19 suffer from CNS symptoms. Yet, there is no consensus whether the virus can infect the brain, or what the consequences of infection are. Following SARS-CoV-2 infection of human brain organoids, clear evidence of infection was observed, with accompanying metabolic changes in the infected and neighboring neurons.

            1. Straight to the name calling, classy as always KTVZ.

              Here’s a thought; why not post some evidence in support of whatever you believe? I’m talking research, not YouTube trash-tier vids, actual scientific research.

              1. What “actual scientific research” did you provide? Anything that is agenda driven cannot be called research or scientific. And that is all you posted, agenda driven claims based on nothing scientific.

                1. You clearly have no experience with the scientific process and are statistically illiterate. You think you can deem anything that doesn’t fit your reality as ‘agenda driven propaganda’. Just because you believe everything is fake doesn’t make it so.

                  You are not here to present any information supporting your beliefs. You’re only here to bad mouth and spew nonsense. Pathetic.

  4. We actually don’t know what the effects of youth to adults is because they have been out of school since March. Sending kiddos back to school at the same time of the beginning of the flu season could actually prove to be disastrous. So you suggest we just “see” what happens, “see” if our kids get sick? More power to you. Everyone, has “their” researched statistics and is an expert yet not….. Not everyone is out and about. That is a broad generalization that is extremely risky to our children, staff, families etc. It is careless.

            1. Sadly, these days most “progressives” fall back on sniping rather than responding to valid points. Especially if those points are contrary to their narrative.

        1. Did you read the linked article?
          A snippet:
          “the AAP argues that based on the nation’s experience this spring, remote learning is likely to result in severe learning loss and increased social isolation. Social isolation, in turn, can breed serious social, emotional and health issues: “child and adolescent physical or sexual abuse, substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation.”

    1. Let’s see. Here are other statistics to consider. Teen suicides are up across the state and country. Child abuse reporting is down 70%. Teachers, bus drivers, school staff are front line reporters, they see the physical and emotion signs. Also children are stuck at home with abusive parents and suffering. More kids are left home alone unattended because parents have to work ( lots of single parents out there). Physiologists are also reporting that depression is up because unlike adults, kids do crave social interaction. Poorer kids are not getting enough food and care, schools don’t just offer breakfast and lunch, there is also dinner programs. Kids are missing out on physical activity. No gym class and no sports. Kids need to go to school. I’m not saying COVID is not real, however there have been ZERO deaths in Oregon do to COVID vs close to 150 due to suicide and counting.

      Kids are suffering, it’s that simple. It’s that tragic

            1. The CDC told doctors all over the country to LIE and count deaths as Covid-19 even though they knew they were not. The CDC is straight up garbage.

                1. “COVID-19 deaths are identified using a new ICD–10 code. When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death – or when it is listed as a “probable” or “presumed” cause — the death is coded as U07.1. This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation”. -CDC Website-
                  Note that “This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation”. Not what I would consider hard data, just an attempt to make some sense of what’s going on.

        1. it’s pretty obvious the topic is teens- school kids- children- therefore the statement that there have been no corona-covid wuhan bat joe virus deaths of “children” is 100% accurate !

          The youngest death in Oregon was reported to be a female aged 26 two days ago.

          Having said that- after I just chastised you for defending local liberal loon “anyolmouse” for his blatant attempts to backtrack off a stupid comment- we now find you “attacking” one of my Conservative brothers because you misunderstood his post.

          There ya go again- “Mr. do as I say- not as I do” !

        1. Odd- I understood what was being said through total context- seems you lefty liberal half-wits need every damn thing spelled out for you… see “hoax” for a perfect example- the number of times various posters here have tried to get it through your neanderthal skulls that the virus is real- the Demokkkrat response is not- there-in lies your hoax- truly mind-numbing levels of denseness- and you can all thank the local moderator for being part of “that” problem- along with too many others to mention in one sitting !

          1. Where’s your proof of zero deaths in Oregon due to COVID? Oh, that’s right, troll ‘experts’ don’t need proof. And BSwish you are the one that has claimed this virus was a hoax or have you conveniently forgotten that in your ‘mind numbing level of denseness?’ LOL!

            1. Martha let me spell this out for you because obviously you are fixed on something you misread or refuse to understand. I was referring to OREGON TEEN DEATHS FROM COVID vs actual suicide deaths in Oregon.. ZERO TEEN DEATHS IN OREGON DUE TO COVID. Have I found you now?

              Now let’s talk about your other argument. First off let me say this clearly enough for you. ALL TEEN DEATHS ARE TERRIBLE. EVERY SINGLE DEATH. I honestly hate myself for even taking the time to defend this. But I digress.

              You say 138 young deaths in the US this year due to COVID ? Yes that’s correct and terrible. Martha did you know that in 2020 16 young people take their lives EVERY SINGLE DAY? Think about that for a moment. I’ll let you do the awful math.

              Yes teen suicide has been high for years but medical experts ALL AGREE that suicide and depression is currently on the rise and the main reason for the current spike is due to being separated from their support system. THAT MEANS SCHOOL .

              They have no outlet right now or little or no direct contact with humans. They need school. They need the adults that are trained to see the warning signs and act on them. All School district employees have to take classes every year to help them see the warning signs of abuse and depression. School offers so much more than an education. It’s their social structure. Right now they are online more than ever AND home alone with abusive parents. Some are hungry as well.

              Martha I have a 15 year old that burst into tears when I told her school was on hold. She has a good family structure and good friends. Good grades and stays out of trouble. If she is depressed about no school imagine what an at risk teen is going through. No I don’t want her to get COVID. If she wears her mask, washes her hands and stays 6’ apart her chances of getting COVID are very low. The districts were ready for the students. Class rooms were cleared, masks were purchased, hand washing stations were placed everywhere and contract tracing was in place. School was made safe for them.

              None of this is fair. The virus, jobs lost, school cancelled and now on hold. The point is that the statistics tell us that the immediate and future danger for our children right now is not going to school.

              I’m sorry I was not as clear in my original post but I doubt it would have mattered to you.

              PS. BTW. The 16 suicides a day in the US is just the young people who sadly succeeded in taking their young lives. Thank God many fail or that number would be much higher.

              1. Jabronie you’ve articulated your point wonderfully. I agree with everything you’ve said. I feel bad for your daughter. I can see how much it’s effecting young people. It’s really heartbreaking.

  5. The countries that went back to school in May or June did so because they had control of community spread, they had wide testing and contact tracing, and they had strong public adherence to public health guidelines. Here in the U.S., case numbers and death numbers are on the increase, we have shortages of testing and long testing turnaround times, and many people are acting in direct opposition to the public health guidelines of wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. Schools can not open until we have control of community spread, because schools are petri dishes of germs and kids will have greater difficulty following public health protocols than the adults… For an example of a country which opened schools up against public health recommendations, when community spread was not controlled, see Israel:

    1. Meanwhile, children are more subject to depression, suicide, and victimization by abusers and predators. Not to mention even lower levels of education and a decrease in cognitive ability.
      Even adults are at higher risk with the current guidelines. How many early cancers are going undetected? Diabetes? High blood pressure?
      Tough choices, right?

  6. Don’t expect any rebate, voucher or property tax either as government is no longer interested in service but rather pushing nwo agenda throughout all agencies and punishing their enemies no matter the pain inflicted on the sheeple. Oh, and THEY WILL GET PAID!

    1. Democrats have a long history of keeping people of color at a disadvantage.
      Vouchers would hurt the teachers unions, and encourage the segregation of people based on race and income.
      To democrats, black lives matter during an election year. After that, it’s back to the liberal plantation mentality. Even Obama followed the pattern.

        1. Oh gee, it’s even coming from Fox, Mr. ‘Mind Numbing Level of Denseness.’

          Members of the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle had condemned the president’s earlier suggestion that the U.S. could delay the upcoming election over security concerns about mail-in ballots.

          1. So the big bad evil FOX (or is it Faux) is now your “go to” source for confirming CNN fake news and dangerous misinformation… there’s your hypocritical liberal catch 22 for the day.

        2. “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” Trump Tweet, July 30th_
          Trump did throw the idea out there. That’s a fact. Obviously it’s a decision for Congress to make, but I do enjoy how he riles up the left.
          I’ll be voting for Trump again this year, btw, but yes he did float the idea out there.

  7. With schools being closed cases are still rising and will continue to rise. It does not seem to bother anyone, crowds of looters are burning down our cities but when it comes to schools we must shut down the education of the future generation, push them out of all sports activity all while the young generation appears to be unaffected by the pandemic.
    This only makes sense to a complete idiot, since schools are closed since March and did we actually achieve anything…? Zero…!

  8. I think we need to consider that kids need to be in this together. With proper guidelines and positive leadership, they can grow and bond in this new environment. Tackle it together. With people like Redmond and the rest of us.

    1. From the report:
      “The findings in this report are subject to at least three limitations. First, attack rates presented are likely an underestimate because cases might have been missed among persons not tested or whose test results were not reported. Second, given the increasing incidence of COVID-19 in Georgia in June and July, some cases might have resulted from transmission occurring before or after camp attendance.†† Finally, it was not possible to assess individual adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures at camp A, including physical distancing between, and within, cabin cohorts and use of cloth masks, which were not required for campers”
      A tainted study is enough for you to insult someone with a different opinion?
      Look close at limiting factor #3… or did you look at it and not understand the disclaimer?

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