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COVID-19 testing labs at UO, OSU will more than double state’s capacity

COVID-19 testing MGN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The new year will bring Oregon more than double its current COVID-19 testing capacity, as new or expanded labs come online over the next few weeks at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

The $4.5 million lab projects, funded by federal COVID-19 relief dollars and other federal aid approved by state lawmakers this fall, are expected to be in operation by year's end in Corvallis and next month in Eugene, The Oregonian/Oregon Live reported Saturday.

The facilities at the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact in Eugene and the Oregon Veterinary Diagnoistic Laboratory in Corvallis will address an issue seen since the pandemic hit -- Oregon's lack of adequate labs or testing to meet daily demand.

According to state documents, Oregon as of mid-November was completing 18,500 tests a day, but needed 8,000 more. The Oregon Health Authority has reported a rise in testing since then, and the new labs should result in faster results, the newspaper reported.

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    1. Why would increasing STD testing capacity increase the case count?

      More people getting tests would increase case count, as would more cases. But increasing testing capacity does not increase case count.

      What it does do is cut down on the wait time before your results, which is a very good thing.

      1. Cripes BJ- You were so close to asking the pertinent question- then you got side-tracked by the Z21 red herring being dangled in front of your nose. So here’s what everyone should be focusing on- and exactly where the failure of the un-named reporter of this story lies… Just what kind of “testing” are we talking about ? Are these tests to confirm the presence of the virus- or are these tests to confirm the lack of ? Two completely different strategies to combat an outbreak ! According to the OHA data- more than 2.2 million tests have proved negative to the virus- an amazing number considering the total population of the state is only about 4 million ! I find it hard to believe that half the Oregon population has found a need to be tested- and then tested negative. It begs the obvious questions- why are there so many tests- are medical professionals just bad at reading symptoms ? Are people getting tested for precautionary measures- that would be a waste of vital resources. This looks like a money run on the US Government- right up there with your $20,000 dollar toilet seats for NASA based rocket ships ! More evidence of the hoax right in front of your very eyes- should you choose to open them !

  1. Hey BGHW…you who knows all. Why aren’t you in charge of the country. Seems like you’d kick butt and solve all problems since you are so smart/knowledgeable. Not.

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